The Monkeys launches billboard drag race for Ice Break

Just under a year after The Monkeys added a motor to a couch in a stunt for client Ice Break, the agency has staged a billboard drag race for the iced coffee brand.

The billboard race took place at Sydney Motorsport Park, and the winning billboard will now tour Australia as part of a new campaign for Ice Break, Ice Break Extra Shot and Ice Break No Added Sugar.

Janice Maree, senior product manager, Ice Break Parmalat Australia, said: “Last year we decided to make a couch into a race car, but it didn’t have anything to race against! So this year we’ve one-upped our couch race by racing not one, but two of our own billboards against each other!”

Micah Walker, creative partner, The Monkeys said: “You certainly don’t get to decide which billboard you’re going to run in a national campaign by drag racing them very often, but I can assure you it was as fun as it sounds. Big thanks to everyone involved in helping us put this together…can’t wait to share the rest of campaign as it rolls out.”

In a separate marketing push, Ice Break has announced today that it will give away four classic ‘muscle’ cars in the coming months as part of a summer promotion. Each car will be customised and used to settle conflicts via a drag race.


  • Agency: The Monkeys
  • Executive Creative Director: Justin Drape
  • Creative Partner: Micah Walker
  • Digital Creative Director: Jay Gelardi
  • Art Director: Jed DePyper
  • Copywriter: Carlos Savage
  • Producer: Jade Wannell
  • Client Services Director: Dan Beaumont
  • Content Director: Gini Sinclair
  • Director: The Glue Society – Matt Devine
  • Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
  • Production Company – Will O’Rourke
  • Head of Projects – Josh Mullens
  • Producer – Adrian Shapiro
  • DOP – Stephan Duscio
  • Client Credits
  • David Waugh – General Manager, Marketing
  • Jenni Booth – Marketing Manager, Beverages
  • Janice Maree – Senior Product Manager, Ice Break
  • Kimberley Dixson – Marketing Assistant, Beverages


  1. doug
    3 Oct 12
    2:56 pm

  2. really? clever, fun, but…
    will it make people say… i have to run tot he corner shop to buy an Ice Break?
    the couch was clever-er-er

  3. Crazy with a K
    3 Oct 12
    3:05 pm

  4. The difference between Clients and Agencies?

    Exclamation marks.

  5. Why?
    3 Oct 12
    6:43 pm

  6. Why?

  7. Beth
    3 Oct 12
    9:57 pm

  8. Soft drink brand???

  9. NJK
    4 Oct 12
    9:56 am

  10. Those exclamation marks are getting me really excited about this product.

  11. MJ
    4 Oct 12
    1:46 pm

  12. So Ice Break is for bogans and encourages hooning…

    Any decent marketing person would just decide which billboard they like and run that. Other than a couple of obligatory trade pieces, how much coverage has this stunt got?

  13. Eric A Blair
    4 Oct 12
    2:57 pm

  14. Grief. A futile creative effort to spend clients money.

    Who signed this off!?!!?!!!!!?!!!!! !

  15. Goldfish
    4 Oct 12
    3:05 pm

  16. The media agency needs to learn about frequency capping. It’s been pretty much the only pre-roll on youtube for the last few days. It went from a decent ad, to annoying in about 4 videos.