The Shire down 160,000 viewers on last week

Ten’s ‘dramality’ show The Shire averaged just 375,000 total viewers on Wednesday night, according to preliminary metro ratings from OzTam.

The show, now into its second week against Nine’s Olympics, saw a drop of another 160,000 viewers on last week, when it averaged 537,000, across the five city metro market. This week it moved from a Monday to Wednesday slot.

It’s the second night in a row Ten’s reality series have taken a blow from the Olympics, with Tuesday night’s finale of Being Lara Bingle rating 387,000.

However, like Being Lara Bingle, The Shire has seen strong demand for online video which is not included in the OzTam, ratings. Ten reports the show is averaging  just over 300,000 weekly video views on

In TV viewing, The Shire’s 26th place among all people is one of the lowest a prime time commercial network show is likely to do this year. It was even beaten by 1,000 viewers by Seven’s Sunrise, which took 376,000.

In the key advertising demographics The Shire placed 15th in 16-39, 17th in 18-49 and 22nd in 25-54.

The show shed nearly half its viewers on MasterChef All Stars which ran before it and averaged 745,000.

Meanwhile, Nine’s Olympic coverage continued to dominate. It’s late evening session averaged 1.695m while the early evening session took 1.567m to claim top two spots for the night.

Gruen Sweat, the Olympic-themed version of Gruen Transfer on ABC1 placed eighth for the night and lifted its viewership by 1000 on last week to 794,000. In the key advertising demos, the show was seventh in 16-39, eighth in 18-49 and 10th in 25-54.


  1. David12
    9 Aug 12
    10:34 am

  2. So sad – The Shire was such good quality programming with so much hope. Back to the drawing board. Must be costing Ten a fortune with all these successes.

  3. Teddy
    9 Aug 12
    11:47 am

  4. I watched last nights episode and it was very enjoyable. I’m hooked and I think it deserves better! Hope it lifts post Olympics.

  5. Fing
    9 Aug 12
    2:30 pm

  6. Last nights ep was great. I quite like the show

  7. RatsRepus
    9 Aug 12
    2:45 pm

  8. I hear that Ch9 are so excited about this success that they are planning next year to relaunch Sylvania Waters!

  9. Hoin
    9 Aug 12
    3:16 pm

  10. Glad to see TEN’s astroturf division still posting here. Even gladder to see the public having the final say on this garbage.

  11. Christian Mitchell
    9 Aug 12
    3:35 pm

  12. Do you have any ratings for Sunrise and Breakfast? espically since Breakfast has changed it’s presentation? These ratings used to be put up almost daily on this site, but recently you guys seem to have stopped listing these ratings??

  13. mumbrella
    9 Aug 12
    3:58 pm

  14. Hi Christian,

    Our usual source for the breakfast ratings has had them on hold this week because of the Olympics. But I understand that Breakfast is still stranded in the mid 30s, while Sunrise is holding up well (see above).


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. georgie
    9 Aug 12
    9:47 pm

  16. RatsRepus did you mean Channel Ten or Nine since The Shire is on Ten. The Shire is if anything a cult show and will have a cult following.

  17. Gret
    9 Aug 12
    10:57 pm

  18. Shame about the numbers, it’s a very funny show. Glad the are trying something new

  19. Anonymous
    10 Aug 12
    11:12 am

  20. I agree, it’s sad to see the show isn’t doing well. I really enjoy the show! I can’t wait for the sequel, “The Shire 2: The Centrelink Chronicles”. Please don’t kill the show!

  21. Sally
    10 Aug 12
    8:41 pm

  22. I loved Sylvania Waters – if this is anything like that, I should be watching

  23. John
    11 Aug 12
    4:46 pm

  24. I’m stunned that this steaming pile of a show ever got off the ground.Australia is capable of making great T.V. which begs the question: Why do a third rate imitation of a BAD American concept at all?Have we not gotten sick of the parade of stupid,self obsessed,morons that we now have to have our own morons?
    This obviously scripted (isn’t all “reality” T.V.scripted?) rubbish is so god awful it dosen’t even rate on the it’s so bad it’s good meter.In the ever quest of Australian
    commercial T.V. to do low cost local programming we’ve ended up with one terrible reality concept after another.Please stop it.