The X Factor polishes the shiny floor with competitors on Monday night

The X Factor: Close to 1.5m

Seven’s The X Factor won Monday night’s ratings as the contestants went into ‘super boot camp’.

The singing show rated 1.469m, more than 240,000 viewers ahead of the second show for the night, Seven News on 1.225m, across the five city metro market according to preliminary ratings from OzTam.Airing at 7.30pm, The X Factor also won in the key advertising demographics of 18-49 and 25-54 but was third in the night behind Big Brother-Live Nominations and Monday’s Big Brother episode in 16-39.

In total viewers, Big Brother Live Nominations rated 1.013m in seventh spot, followed by the weekday show on 1.007m in eighth spot.

Underbelly Badness has dropped below 1m for the first time in its series.

The latest in Nine’s gangster series rated 990,000 and 10th for the evening. Airing at 8:30pm, it did better in the key advertising demographics, placing fourth in 16-39, third in 18-49 and second in 25-54.

Now in its fourth week, the show which is produced by Screentime, did 1.78m on its launch night, 1.233m on its second night,  and 1.037m last week.

ABC1’s top show was ABC News on 1.138m while Ten’s highest sow was Ten news at Five on 783,000.

Ten’s second highest show Can of Worms, rated 600,000 in total viewers and 19th overall. It was a slight improvement on last week’s 582,000.  The show did jump to sixth in 16-39, seventh in 18-49 and 12th in 25-54.

Ten’s 7.30 show Don’t Tell the Bride did 513,000 in total viewers.

Seven won the night on channel share with 22.4% ahead of Nine on 19.4%. The ABC’s Monday line-up of current affairs shows saw the network take 15.6% share while Ten took 10.4%. SBS1 was eighth in share on just 3.7%.

Monday’s Top 15 shows
1. The X Factor – Seven 1.469m
2. Seven News – Seven 1.225m
3. Nine News – Nine 1.220m
4. ABC News – ABC 1.138m
5. Today Tonight – Seven 1.131m
6. A Current Affair – Nine 1.046m
7. Big Brother – Live Nominations – Nine 1.013m
8. Big Brother – Nine 1.007m
9. Home and Away – Seven 0.996m
10. Underbelly: Badness – Nine 0.990m
11. Australian Story – ABC 0.857m
12. Four Corners – ABC 0.844m
13. Ten News – Ten 0.783m
14, 7:30 – ABC 0.773m
15. Media Watch – ABC 0.769m

Monday’s channel share
Seven: 22.4%
Nine: 19.4%
ABC1: 15.6%
Ten: 10.4%
7TWO: 6.3%
ABC2: 5.2%
GO!: 4.4%
SBS1: 3.7%
7mate: 3.1%
Eleven: 2.3%
Gem: 2.2%
One: 2.1%
ABC News 24: 1.2%
ABC3: 0.9%
SBS2: 0.8%


  1. Ellery B
    4 Sep 12
    12:22 pm

  2. Imagine if producing / working on this show was your job.

    Your job. To emotionally manipulate children and make them cry (for entertainment).

    How could you possibly feel proud of how your life turned out?

  3. Tom
    4 Sep 12
    12:28 pm

  4. this show is terrible, Ronan seems to think everyone is an international superstar!
    In 10 years of reality singing shows we have not produced a single “international superstar”

  5. LB
    4 Sep 12
    12:42 pm

  6. Hopefully this will be the last in the Underbelly series. What a load of dross “Badness” is. I tried to watch it, but just couldn’t commit to such a convoluted load of garbage. The first one was brilliant, but ever since then the franchise has been spiraling downwards.

  7. What Reality?
    4 Sep 12
    12:44 pm

  8. Ellery – Imagine if your job was reality tv.
    Any part of it. How could you possibly feel proud of how your life turned out?

    Reality should have a designated network(s) and get out of the way of Australian drama.

  9. RatsRepus
    4 Sep 12
    1:05 pm

  10. @ Ellery B sounds like the ideal job for a perent of Teenagers!!

    This show has so far shown that out of 10,000 people who think they can sing you can find 150 who can really belt out a great tune. And much more entertaining than the Voice.

  11. Marty
    4 Sep 12
    2:42 pm

  12. Ellery B, no need to watch The X Factor to see that! I see it every day at the local coffee shop where parents do the same thing.

  13. lazyphuka
    5 Sep 12
    7:37 am

  14. LB…hate to be the bearer of bad news but underbelly -“squizzy taylor” has begun preproduction in melbourne already.