Tic Tac gets interactive to promote new flavour

Ferrero, the confectionery group, has launched what it claims is the first fully integrated digital campaign in Australia for its Tic Tac mint brand.

The campaign to promote the limited edition yellow and green Citrus Twist Tic Tac flavour is being supported by a new version of the “Shake & Share” iPhone application, online banner ads and a new website featuring a game-based competition.  

The digital campaign was created by digital agency Webling Interactive, with media placement by PHD. Online media placements are running on YouTube, NineMSN, MoshTix, MySpace and The Vine.

The new flavour is also being supported by global creative with the new “Bounce” TV ad. It features an office worker using the mint brand to enliven her working day by bouncing them off her cubicle wall and catching them in her mouth.

The Ferrero Group, founded in 1946, owns brands including Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Surprise and Kinder Bueno.


  1. Nick
    11 Mar 10
    4:23 pm

  2. do they really believe this is the “First fully integrated digital campaign in Australia”? or is it “Tic Tac’s first integrated digital campaign”?

    If the campaign only comprises banners, website, iPhone app – It would be a far stretch to say this is a) a fully integrated digital campaign b) the first in Australia???

    Good to see more consumer goods companies having some fun in the space though.

  3. Camille Alarcon
    11 Mar 10
    4:31 pm

  4. Hi Nick,

    Ferrero has referred to it as “the first fully integrated digital campaign in Australia for its Tic Tac mint brand”. So it’s just referring to Tic Tac – not the entire Australian industry.

    It would be a brave (or stupid) brand to make a claim that big! :)


    Camille – Mumbrella

  5. Anon
    11 Mar 10
    4:40 pm

  6. The game sucks.

  7. Chris
    11 Mar 10
    4:53 pm

  8. Dear Anon. Practice makes perfect…

  9. Riarn
    11 Mar 10
    4:57 pm

  10. This ad would only be funny if it wasnt aimed at getting people to interact with it and do it. At a glance it reminds me of those great skittles commercials, but then interaction is terrible… who would actually do that at work.
    This is an example of taking a qaint idea and making it something its not.
    I do like Tic Tac’s though.

  11. Larry
    11 Mar 10
    5:25 pm

  12. will it sell tic tacs?

  13. Darren Paterson
    12 Mar 10
    1:57 pm

  14. Oh come on Larry.. the ad industry doesn’t aim to sell more product? It aims to make great ads… doesn’t it??