Tiger Airways returns to TV advertising to woo wintering Aussies

Eight months after Tiger Airways returned to advertising in Australia, the airline has hit the airwaves with a TV offensive to encourage Aussies to escape the winter.

Tiger Airways was grounded for six weeks last year over safety concerns, and advertising resumed in October. The Singapore Airlines-backed carrier’s ‘Fly cheaper’ line was since dropped and Tiger was repositioned as “fun, colloquial, honest and real”.

The agency behind the campaign was McCann, with production by Goodstuff. McCann inherited the account after merging with Smart in reverse take over in September last year.

Hat-tip: Best ads on TV


  1. Kieran
    5 Jul 12
    11:17 am

  2. Nice – good one guys!

  3. Peter A
    5 Jul 12
    11:18 am

  4. When I saw this on television, it certainly grabbed my attention.
    Good brand recognition and good fun.
    It should work well for Tiger.

  5. Beery
    5 Jul 12
    11:24 am

  6. Nice and warm and fuzzy. But won’t woo back anyone who has had the miserable experience of using this orgnaisation.

  7. katea
    5 Jul 12
    11:41 am

  8. I really like this – the only promise it makes is to take you somewhere warm – which most of us want at the moment.
    It shows the cramped plane, having to walk and queue on the tarmac before boarding – but plays on just getting away – noice.

  9. Hmmm
    5 Jul 12
    11:42 am

  10. I think it will work – people have short memories

  11. tricia clarke
    8 Jul 12
    9:20 pm

  12. great catchy add. loved the song, then looked again at the add.
    this is the only add at the moment i don’t mute.great add.

  13. Frances Smyth
    8 Jul 12
    10:57 pm

  14. After 8 1/2 hours of delays at Sydney airport and Tiger refusing to change return flight without a $120 fee no tv ad could change my mind. Would have been nice to get away on time but charging to extend a 3 day trip after 8 1/2 hour delay? Come on.

  15. Carly
    10 Jul 12
    1:04 pm

  16. Can anyone give me the name of the song used – it’s so familiar, but I cannot quite place it – Cheers

  17. Hmmmm...
    11 Jul 12
    11:58 am

  18. The song’s Concrete and Clay.

  19. hamhamham
    11 Jul 12
    9:08 pm

  20. I keep seeing this ad and it bewilders me – what is supposed to be happening and who are these people? I guess I remember it in that it’s now annoyed me enough to start googling to find an answer…