Tom Elliott to replace Derryn Hinch at 3AW

3AW has announced Tom Elliott as its replacement for Derryn Hinch, who was fired by the station earlier this week.

Talking on 3AW’s Mornings with Neil Mitchell, station GM Shane Healy said: “We want to keep positioning 3AW to be the best station in Australia. Not just now, but in three, five and ten years’ time.”Healy said the slot would probably expand to a three hour show.

The axing of the controversial Hinch, whose contract will run until the end of the year came as something of a surprise. At the last survey, 3AW was the market leader in drivetime with 12.6% share.

Elliott, who has filled in for Hinch in the past, is scheduled to take over in the new year.


  1. gfc
    30 Aug 12
    1:10 pm

  2. so hinch is another victim of the gfc.

  3. Golum
    30 Aug 12
    2:00 pm

  4. WTF? isn’t this guy a fund manager?

    why isn’t he in the money managing game anymore?

    did he blow up his funds?

  5. simon lawson
    30 Aug 12
    3:03 pm

  6. Good move AW!

  7. Paul the freelance writer
    30 Aug 12
    3:06 pm

  8. Tom Elliott has been excellent as a weekend lifestyle presenter in the football off-season as well as occasional fill-in for Hinch. Let’s hope he continues to give his father John cameo ‘interviews’.

  9. Meaghan
    30 Aug 12
    3:31 pm

  10. From Hinch’s HumanHeadline website he says “I am in shock. Didn’t see it coming. But had heard five weeks ago that my occasional fill-in Tom Elliott had told people at Channel Ten that this was my last year and he was replacing me. Fairly prescient. I wish him luck.”
    Mr Elliot does not seem to be as moral as Mr Hinch!!

  11. Bitter and Twisted
    30 Aug 12
    4:11 pm

  12. Looking forward to the balanced views of Mr Elliot (member of Liberal Party) when he interviews Julia Gillard.

  13. Stickler
    30 Aug 12
    6:04 pm

  14. With Hinch you either loved him or hated him but you knew what you were going to get and it was great talk radio.

    You can understand AW thinking a generational change was due, but sadly for their audience Elliot consistently broadcasts from a superior intellectual position. He struggles to connect with the audience and it generally makes for painful radio.

  15. Ann
    30 Aug 12
    6:07 pm

  16. Wonder if he will be No 1 as well?

  17. Hunch
    30 Aug 12
    6:57 pm

  18. Did Hinch say he had a hunch this would happen? 3AW is a shocking station- Neil Mitchell has one topic all day and carries on for three hours on the same topic. Has no indepth knowledge of any new topic and acts dumb sometimes. Dennis Walter has no opinion to speak of , Peter Maher who is filling in on now has a gravelly voice.How is that radio friendly?Tom Elliot is boring. Rehashes old topics, is no HInch, is not someone who is passionate about things, or stands up for what he believes in. I guess we wont see anyone else like that in media. Well that is the last for me, I wont be listening to 3AW anymore.

  19. Me
    30 Aug 12
    7:51 pm

  20. Who’s Tom Elliot? Assume he’s not the ex-leader of the Ulster Unionists.

    Never heard of him and neither has my internets :(

  21. The Other Me
    1 Sep 12
    12:43 am

  22. Hey me. Have a little think about some well connected Victorian Elliott’s. If this fosters any ideas and the penny drops then the beers are on me.

    1 Sep 12
    11:09 am

  24. Me
    Tom Elliott is the New Drive Host at 3AW his wife is Elese and his Daughter is Ava. sten tio 3AW late this year to hear Tom and the rest of the 3AW team and tell your Me why don’t you listen toW from late this year tio hear tom and all the rest of the 3AW Team?

    1 Sep 12
    7:24 pm

  26. Me
    Next you might ask who are Jason & Melissa I will introduce us to you and all the other contributers. I am Jason I am 33 Melissa is my grlfriend and sheis 39 and we both listen to 3AW and have done since last October.
    When we started listening to 3AW Tom Elliott was filling inon 3AW Drive fir Derryn Hinch and moren than a year later Tom Elliott ends up replacing Derryn Hinch of the Progarm that he filled in on.

  27. John
    7 Sep 12
    6:36 pm

  28. 25 year fan of 3AW. Won’t be 26 along with many others Iisteners that are shocked and bewildered about Darren’s departure. After the ratings drop and they ask Darren to return so they can get their sponsors to keep paying the managements wages, I hope he has the last laugh and tells them to jump in the lake. They would have been better having Dennis in the 12 to 3:30 slot, Darren in the 3:30 to 5;30 slot and Tom in the 5:30 to 7:00 slot and give the sports boys less time to make the same boring comments and Ill informed opinionated claptrap on the sports show. After all most of us want to hear the issues of the day while we are working or on our way home in the 6:00 to 7:00 slot. You lose me every night when the sports show starts. Now that is where changes are needed.

    12 Sep 12
    6:55 am

  30. Melissa & I will be long term listeners of 3AW we are torn because was are happy that Tom Elliott got the Fulltime Drive Host though we are upset that derryn ddi not get his contract renewed at 3AW. Our Friensd Ashley Miller told me that he wil listen tom 3AW he is 21.

    21 Sep 12
    4:07 pm

  32. Today 3AW has a new listener her name is Carolete she lsiened to Gold 104.3 when 3AW’s recent signings Grubby & Dee Dee worked there.

  33. harry
    23 Sep 12
    7:51 pm

  34. Hey Jason and Melissa-WTF? What does your comment even mean? Who cares if “Today 3AW has a new listener her name is Carolete”. Are we counting 3AW listenenr and are we naming them? Who gives?

    24 Sep 12
    4:47 am

  36. Everyone at 3AW do.

    24 Sep 12
    4:48 am

  38. AW are glad to have4 Carolete onboard.