Too late for the Bansheegate?

So here’s a winnable fight for the Sack Vile Kyle/ Sack Alan Jones crowd.

Today Ten Breakfast presenter Paul Henry labelled PM Julia Gillard “a raving banshee”.

But if they do want to whip up a campaign to get him fired, they’ll have to move fast.

The show gets axed tomorrow.

Meanwhile, presenter Kathryn Robinson was putting a brave face on the show’s demise today, telling viewers: “We’re down, but not out.”

“No,” corrected Henry. “We are out.”

The end of term spirit went further, with Henry paying tribute to his colleagues: “Let’s face it, some of them are incompetent, but they’re lovely people.”

And newsreader Natarsha Belling? Not as tall as you’d think.

natarsha belling hobbit

The show finished on something of a curious note too, with Paul Henry paying something of a tribute to the deputy leader of the opposition: “I’d like to dedicate the Breakfast program today to Julie Bishop – she’s suffered some slings and arrows but it’s all coming good now, Julie.”


  1. sleemol
    29 Nov 12
    1:43 pm

  2. And if not for this story, a grand total of 11 people (peak audience figure) would’ve known about Henry’s typically insightful comments.

    Good riddance to a truly woeful waste of space. And the show.

  3. A
    29 Nov 12
    2:33 pm

  4. Good riddance. It just goes to show you that idiots can make a very good living – never underestimate the power of stupid in large numbers. Paul Henry for Fox News.

  5. Jacob Hodgman
    29 Nov 12
    11:11 pm

  6. Classy to the end Mr Henry…not.
    I first saw you on NZ TV back in 2008 and we all laughed at the quality of your show then. You could have been great, you could have been fresh, you could have challenged us…if you hadn’t followed the paths of Kyle Sunderland and Alan Jones.
    Booooring, and not at all intelligent.
    Lowest common denominator broadcasting and an attitude that looks down on everyone.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

    PS Kathryn, I hope you aren’t dragged down with him. We can tell you made an effort!

  7. Offal Spokesperson
    30 Nov 12
    12:11 pm

  8. I am the savior for channel 10 – Its simple, with your news, your current affairs, your breakfast shows… everything.

    Just take the “Lefties” side in things. Channels 9 and 7 have wrapped up the 40+, right wing hatemongering.

    Get on the left side, support for refugees, oppose the banks, recognise climate change, report the news..accurately.

    Im actually serious, this could work for ten,

  9. Honey
    3 Dec 12
    2:28 pm

  10. I’ve worked with Paul a few times before he got the arse from Kiwi TV and he was a riot over there. He’s got no sense of decorum at all and speaks first, engages appropriateness filter later. This makes for pretty bloody funny television but I think he got woefully pigeonholed on Aussie TV, tried too hard with the wrong material and just couldn’t carry it off. Such a shame because he’s a very sharp and funny guy when he’s in form.