Toyota ‘she can take a good pounding’ video accused of sexism and having incest overtones

An online backlash is growing against a smutty Toyota ad featuring a girl’s father and boyfriend having an innuendo-laden discussion about taking her virginity and “having her on her back” .


The video – winner of a Toyota-endorsed competition – has been accused of having incestuous overtones and already generated consumer complaints to the car company, which stands by it as “funny and well made”.

The ad was produced, directed and entered by Brisbane-based Play TV, with post production by Graetz Media – and was last week named by Toyota as the winner of its Clever Film Competition, which was organised by Saatchi & Saatchi. The running of the competition was the ad agency’s entry into Toyota’s live social media pitch which saw five social media campaigns being run for the Toyota Yaris. Toyota is due to reveal its agency choice in the next few days.

The entry, “Clean Getaways” – which was selected by a jury after finishing in the top ten most commented upon and viewed videos – also won $7000.

It features a young man who knocks on the door of the girl’s home and introduces himself to her father as “Horny”, before adding: “I’m here to take Jennifer’s virginity out tonight.”

The young woman then walks into shot, wearing a black minidress, calling out “I’m coming!”. The young man mutters: “You will be soon.”

 He then chats to the father about “a couple of nice big air bags to throw my head into” and “traction control for when it gets a bit slippery”. The father then enthusiastically interjects: ‘She can take a good pounding in any direction”.

The girl then adds: “I’m ready to blow”.

The final scene sees the boyfriend inform the father: “I’ll have her on her back by 11”. The dad responds to this news by performing the trademark Toyota jump into the air.

Yaris Clever Film CompThe ad was selected by the jury – whose members haven’t been revealed- from ten finalists. The jury consisted of Saatchi & Saatchi creative staff, Toyota representatives and others from within the Yaris target demographic market.

In the days since the winner was announced on the competition’s Facebook page, the verdict has caused consternation among some members of the group. One commented on the group’s Facebook wall:

“The idea is very offensive and incredibly degrading to women. I am by no means a crazy feminist, I’m just very surprised that a clever ideas agency and a reputable car company would choose the smuttiest entry as the winner. Would Toyota really want to be affiliated with this?

“I highly doubt young men would now choose to drive a Yaris just because they saw a willing young girl sexually objectified in front of her father in this clip. “She can take a good pounding in any direction”. Really quite sick and ridiculous.

Another wrote yesterday: “I have written and lodged a formal complaint with Toyota’s Australian head office regarding this specific competition entry/winner. I would encourage those who feel the same to also write formal complaints to Toyota. This is 2009! Women should not have to be dealing with this vulgar objectification.”

Another said: “The ad features a father and his daughter’s boyfriend agreeing together, in a matey way, that the daughter is going to get a ‘good pounding’. It has incestuous overtones – I’m sure the makers weren’t intending this – but I think most audiences, male or female would be uncomfortable with it.”

Another added: “Being female this was one huge turn off.”

Another comment read: “Demographically this is Toyota shooting itself in the face. This may have won the com, but it won’t go on TV. It would get complaints and be pulled. It’s 2009 and some things never change.”

 Another said: “OH MY GOD! The winning entry is so gross! It was not a clever FILM, but rather a sexist AD! Why was the dad jumping for joy at the end? Was he happy his daughter was going to get a “good pounding”? Every woman and decent man I know would say that this AD was not only juvenile but really disgusting and offensive. Big mistake Saatchi/Toyota.”

Comments have also begun to appear on the YouTube video itself, with one person writing: “Is this a joke? This is the winner! A boyfriend and father degrading a young girl is clever, creative and original? It makes me wonder about the dodgy competition now. Smutty, offensive comments about young girls is not original or creative.”

Advertising blogger Philip O’Neill described it as “abuser-generated content“. He wrote:

“I’ll bet you any sum of money you like you will distance yourself from it. You’ll do it as soon as the complaints start flooding in. You’ll do it as soon as the first staff member with a family and a spine tells you he’s ashamed to work for Toyota. And you’ll most certainly do it when the first women’s group calls for a boycott of Toyota. Perhaps they’ll set up a Facebook page, one I would wager will enlist a few more fans than the number your Yaris efforts managed.”

The ad has also generated vigorous debate on the website.

Todd Connolly, Toyota Australia’s manager of direct marketing and social media, told Mumbrella: “We wouldn’t distance ourselves from it by any means. It’s not an ad that we are putting to air. It’s user generated content. I don’t really see it as an issue. The people on the jury who saw it thought it was funny and well made.”

While conceding that it was the official winner of the Yaris competition and had been selected by a jury that included Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi representatives, he added: “The YouTube group is being run by Saatchi & Saatchi, rather than directly by us.”

Second in the competition was this video from Sydney’s Rufio Media, which won $3000:

The third placed work, winner of $1000, was by Michael Demosthenous:


  1. AK
    13 Dec 09
    4:52 pm

  2. “it’s not an ad that we are putting to air. It’s user generated content. I don’t really see it as an issue.”

    Goes to show how stuck in their own little worlds the judges are… Same goes for the marketing manager.

  3. Carry On Advertising
    13 Dec 09
    5:08 pm

  4. Todd Connolly, Manager of DM and Social Media Toyota Australia.

    How can you possibly say ‘It’s not an ad we’re putting to air’? It’s already gone to air! It’s on I can only conclude you’re either a fool, or an idiot, or both. If you don’t understand what people might find objectionable about ‘Clean Getaways’ then I suggest you forward a copy to the CEO of Toyota Australia [and his wife] and another to your global CEO [and his wife] and maybe they’ll tell you. And as for Saatchis. What sort of Toyota agency would be party to involving the brand with this smut?

    This is much worse than Westpac’s banana disaster. Westpac were just stupid. Todd and Saatchis were stupid and smutty.

  5. Oh what a shocker
    13 Dec 09
    6:00 pm

  6. Just when you thought iSnack 2.0 and Westpac’s banana video would fight it out to be the year’s worst marketing fiasco.

    Who the hell were these people on the jury who thought it was funny and well made?

    Seriously, I would like to know.

  7. bleeding obvious
    13 Dec 09
    6:21 pm

  8. Someone should explain to Todd Connolly that when his Toyota colleagues make this offensive piece of juvenile crap the winner of a Toyota sponsored film competition then they have given it Toyota’s blessing and it ceases to be just another piece of consumer generated content. Thanks to Todd and his mates its now a Toyota endorsed piece of consumer generated content. All the fathers of teenage girls who work at Toyota must be thrilled. One more thing Todd. A Social Media Manager for Toyota should know how social media works.

  9. Name names!
    13 Dec 09
    6:25 pm

  10. Someone please please please tell us exactly who from Saatchis and Toyota voted this the winner. Please! We have an early Xmas present for them.

  11. Amazed
    13 Dec 09
    6:30 pm

  12. I hope Todd likes a good pounding.

  13. Fine Print
    13 Dec 09
    6:48 pm

  14. Quoting the entry guidelines found here –

    Your film must not:
    – break the law
    – be immoral
    – contain any obscene language
    – portray the Toyota Yaris in a negative manner
    – show reckless or careless driving that is against the law

  15. Name
    13 Dec 09
    7:02 pm

  16. It’s funny. Get over it.

  17. mark
    13 Dec 09
    7:16 pm

  18. Gees there are so many prudes out there without a sense of humour!

    This is a funny, witty concept. Full of double entendres. Its no more offensive than a good Benny Hill skit.

    Besides its not going to air during daytime television.

    Get a life and see the funny side to it.

  19. A Guy
    13 Dec 09
    7:39 pm

  20. its been taken down. No wonder. Sad – really really sad.

    Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi are old boys clubs who would find this funny – but not understand why people find this stuff really really offensive. They just don’t get it.

  21. thewinchester
    13 Dec 09
    7:47 pm

  22. What a surprise, the video’s been removed from YouTube. Give it a few hours, hopefully its been cached somewhere and it’ll be back online.

  23. Sally
    13 Dec 09
    9:05 pm

  24. Interesting. IMO this is witty and clever, and well made short film. Its not even an ad. And not degrading. The girl wasn’t being objectified, if anything the car was. Never even crossed my mind when I watched it. Political correctness has gone too far. It seems lately that people seem to losing their sense of humour. Now that’s really really sad….

  25. Pippa (who by an amazing coincidence shares her IP address with "Sally")
    13 Dec 09
    9:25 pm

  26. I thought it was brilliant! what a shame its been taken down.

  27. tubby
    13 Dec 09
    10:30 pm

  28. One minute Mumbrella and Burrowes are praising advertisers and particularly Toyota, who seem at least to have had a crack in the social media space, then Burrowes is shit-canning them in the next breath. Christ! Get a life! Try creating something for once rather than leeching off others’ ability and criticizing them.

    It must have been a very slow day in the Burrowes household. There are worse things on the net than this. Maybe Tim needs a good pounding, not the creators of this soon to be forgotten video.

  29. Anonymous
    13 Dec 09
    11:13 pm

  30. Evs

  31. me
    13 Dec 09
    11:20 pm

  32. I really do not see what all the fuss is over, it was a competition where entrants were not restricted by the usual constraints of working to commecial television codes of practice. The entrants to the competion could really flex their creativity and in this case make a ‘finger on the pulse’ satirical statement.
    Lets not forget this is for the Toyota Yaris, the baby end of the car market which mostly appeals to young new drivers, yet most the negative comments to this i summise are being made by middle aged Volvo drivers! Lets hear from some of Gen Y & Z and see what their feelings on this are – Im sure they would see the funny side to it!
    Im saddened that this has now been taken off You Tube, it seems like the biggoted censors now have sway over internet content, Be brave Toyota, stick by your convictions and load it back up, we are a free society and the internet is a free media for all to use/see.
    As for all those prudes out there if you dont like it move to China, it should be censored and steralised enough for you.

  33. AdGrunt
    14 Dec 09
    12:20 am

  34. Glad to see that moronic puritanism is continues apace in Australia.

    Get a fucking grip people. Stop shitting yourself every time something slightly outside the moron-microcosm comes along.

  35. mumbrella
    14 Dec 09
    8:21 am

  36. Thanks for your comments, Tubby.

    Just out of interest, are you an impartial observer, or do you have an allegiance to declare?

    I only ask, because you’ve obviously been following our previous coverage of this contest, and you do seem a little cross about it.

    Still, thanks for the offering of a pounding. Do you mean in the Saturday night bar brawl sense, or in the Toyota sense? Just so I know.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  37. The Accountant
    14 Dec 09
    8:21 am

  38. hmmm last 5 comments possibly Saatchi employees with nothing better to do on a Sunday night? the video was clearly offensive.

  39. mumbrella
    14 Dec 09
    8:25 am

  40. Sally,

    I’m curious about how you managed to comment on the video about an hour and a half after it had been taken down.

    I’m also curious about why you share an IP address with Pippa.

    And why the last time you commented on this site you had a man’s name.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  41. Tall
    14 Dec 09
    8:45 am

  42. Hats off to Tim Burrowes. Tubby, you’re an uninformed moron.

  43. simon rush
    14 Dec 09
    8:48 am

  44. Is the “i” in Yaris silent?

  45. Joel Pearson
    14 Dec 09
    8:51 am

  46. Has anyone managed to find another copy of the video online?

    It sounds to me (as someone who has only read commentary) that the video probably is a bit offensive, however you’re all probably over-reacting and need to find better things to do with your time.

    At any rate someone let me know where the video is and I will let you know whether I laugh or get so offended I feel the need to attend confession and wash my eyes out with holy water.

  47. Warlach
    14 Dec 09
    9:00 am

  48. Honestly, it’s not the astroturfing that’s becoming a regular occurrence it’s the fact people seems unable to do it properly – seriously, why not use your mobiles or head to Internet cafes to mask IPs, and sign up fresh emails? It boggles the mind.

    That said, as one of the Gen Y’s that was asked for I can’t really comment as the video was removed before I could see it – but based on the break down, I’m less offended and more just bored by the concept. “Innuendo in a car ad! Brilliant! Like, they’re talking about the car, but like, also about something else! LOL”

    Happy to have my mind changed once someone gets the video back up…

  49. Simon T Small
    14 Dec 09
    9:09 am

  50. Timbo outing fakers, love it! And if it was true then they were working at 9.30 on a Sunday night….?

  51. Gavin
    14 Dec 09
    9:27 am

  52. No I haven’t seen the Video, but judging by the outtakes from the script, it sounds like lame wannabe carry on sort of stuff. It’s all in how you deliver the package, so I hope the actors were better than Sid and Babs. Otherwise, I can imagine it was pretty hideous.
    And Warlach…LOL

  53. version
    14 Dec 09
    10:48 am

  54. If the description of the video in the article is accurate, then those who awarded it the winner, especially Toyota’s representatives are morons.

  55. Mandi
    14 Dec 09
    11:03 am

  56. You know that ad where the guy bought some condoms off a pharmacist who turns out to be the dad of the girl he goes to pick up for a date? I can imagine that was given an example of an ad that was a favourite albeit controversial.

    This ad had the potential to be clever but it really was a little creepy considering the dad’s involvement. Especially his excitement at the end. Ergh. And some of the lines aren’t so much double intendres as bad jokes. I think it’s missed the mark only slightly but anything toeing that thin line between offensive and clever runs that risk.

  57. Daisy
    14 Dec 09
    11:39 am

  58. Sally
    14 Dec 09
    11:47 am

  59. We are not fakers, and i believe allowed to have our own opinions, thanks for asking. What is happening in our country with conspirocy theories and no sense of humour? Geez. Yet then again,The Simpsons, aimed at kids, could be seen as degrading to woman and even shows domestic violence (homer strangling bart), is currently being celebrated for still being on air after 20 years. I guess if its in cartoon form people can take a joke?

  60. Warlach
    14 Dec 09
    11:48 am

  61. Follow up comment, now that I’ve seen it:

    Not offended, just not that impressed. Like I said, innuendo isn’t exactly original, and as someone else said, that kind of humour is all in the delivery for it to either work or flop.

    I imagine a large part of why it won was the fact it looks pretty: which is like saying that a supermodel in a car crash is a good thing.

    Overall, like I said, not offended, just ‘meh’.

  62. Long time listener, first time caller
    14 Dec 09
    11:54 am

  63. I’m with Warlach on this one. Just a bit disappointing after all that hype. Rufio should be feeling the same too right now….

  64. Hmmm
    14 Dec 09
    11:56 am

  65. I’m creative. I’m female. I’m disgusted. Shame on you Saatchi and Toyota.

  66. Analogboy
    14 Dec 09
    12:01 pm

  67. I personally find the content offensive, naturally people have the right to voice there freedom of speech – but when the content in aligned to a brand you have to accept the majority view point of the public.

    Alan Jones would be outraged!

  68. Scott Taylor
    14 Dec 09
    12:06 pm

  69. I quite like second and third…but that doesn’t seem to interest anyone here.

    Does it still count as “user generated” when 2 of the top 3 are made by professional production companies?

  70. Stuart
    14 Dec 09
    12:16 pm

  71. Only Ricky Gervais as the Dad and Steve Merchant as the teenage boy could have saved this one.

  72. Gavin
    14 Dec 09
    12:20 pm

  73. Now I have seen the Video, it’s lame wannabe carry on sort of stuff. It’s all in how you deliver the package, but the actors aren’t as good as Sid and Babs. It was pretty hideous to watch, so I suggest they also work on the script. The beauty of Double Entendre’s is they shouldn’t seem forced, that can’t be said in this case. So that’s what she said doesn’t apply.

  74. Simon T Small
    14 Dec 09
    12:30 pm

  75. Now I’ve seen the vid, MEH so boring.

  76. Lisa
    14 Dec 09
    12:48 pm

  77. I just keep thinking, if this was the best, then the other entries must have been shockers. But 2nd and 3rd, although rather boring, weren’t as stupid and desperate.

    I’m female and I don’t like this ad because it’s unoriginal and definitely disgusting in parts, especially “She can take a good pounding in any direction”.

    I really don’t get why anyone would think this is clever or original?

  78. eek
    14 Dec 09
    1:52 pm

  79. It’s been a big week for smutty, innuendo-laded car adverts winning competitions. First Chrysler now Toyota!

  80. Anon
    14 Dec 09
    1:57 pm

  81. Would like to comment, but interestingly, the video has been removed so I can’t view it! Perhaps Toyota is having second thoughts?

  82. Siobhan
    14 Dec 09
    2:00 pm

  83. We all have choices people …. If you don’t like it don’t watch it!

  84. Mango
    14 Dec 09
    2:03 pm

  85. I don’t think it was funny or clever. Professional looking production – but what would I know.
    I do think it is rather creepy, especially the Dad getting involved in the wisecracks. Clearly none of the makers have a daughter!

  86. Joe
    14 Dec 09
    2:05 pm

  87. curious to see the percentage split on this question. Anyone want to do the tally? Sounds like the blokes loved it and the girls didn’t.

  88. Belinda
    14 Dec 09
    2:06 pm

  89. Yes it’s lame, lazy and predictable humour, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s also offensive to anyone with respect for women. It’s not about our choice to view it, it’s about the fact that a multinational company would endorse this kind of thinking by giving it a prize. (Until a backlash happens, at which point they all of sudden become enlightened and remove it.) Poor form from everyone involved.

  90. Trish
    14 Dec 09
    2:07 pm

  91. After reading all of the disgusted comments here I was expecting to be downright horrified when i saw the video.

    Its just not that bad people. Its not something that I laughed out loud at but really!

    Arent Australians supposed to be open minded and less conservative than others? Hmmm

  92. Phil
    14 Dec 09
    2:09 pm

  93. I am confused, ho can intelligent marketers approve of this, you selected it as the winner therefore align yourself with its values.
    I cant say it ofended me but I can say that I would never reconmend a client to align their brand with such crap.
    What a good job you have all made of Toyota’s foray in to social media, the rest of us who do it well just lost a lucrative potential client for at least the next 5 years.
    Well done guys, go get a bananna smoothy with the Westpac guys!

  94. WillemRT
    14 Dec 09
    2:11 pm

  95. I think I’m more offended by the uber-stiff acting performance than anything else.

  96. AK
    14 Dec 09
    2:13 pm

  97. My god…. if you think this is offensive you must not watch TV or go on the net all that often. at least this is obviously a joke….to get a reaction, which it has. May not be a good reaction for Toyota but a reaction none the less! Nice casting on the daughter!!!

  98. Mango
    14 Dec 09
    2:14 pm

  99. I agree about the wooden acting WillemRT – was your pun intended?!

  100. Spunky1972
    14 Dec 09
    2:20 pm

  101. Offensive – not really, a bit rubbish – yes

  102. Lisa Moulton
    14 Dec 09
    2:20 pm

  103. It’s so pathetic! It’s not funny, edgy, witting or even entertaining. Yes it’s a bit tacky but not strong enough to be offensive. What a waste of time watching it. What on earth is the guy from Toyota on?!!!!

  104. Craig "creative-type" Cairn
    14 Dec 09
    2:27 pm

  105. Jokin about bangin ur daughter?lot of well heeled sickos out there…maybe even ur dad. But it’s just a clever joke rite?

  106. Ella
    14 Dec 09
    2:39 pm

  107. I never associated virginity, creepy fathers and ‘good poundings’ with a Yaris before. But there you go. You learn something every day.
    To think I was considering buying a Yaris! Not any more!

  108. alan jones
    14 Dec 09
    2:45 pm

  109. Some naughty person has re-added it to YouTube here.

    Now I’ve seen it, I thought it was well-acted and produced, but so is Eddie Izzard’s “Cake or Death” skit. That doesn’t mean I’d want it representing my brand or my product.

    Good clip, bad judgement. Get used to that banana-and-milk taste.

  110. Joel Pearson
    14 Dec 09
    2:46 pm

  111. Okay, so I have watched the video now.

    I don’t really think its offensive, the comments from the father are clearly directed at the car and they even added the awkward look afterwards. I agree with the above comments around it being tacky and just generally poorly done, really.

  112. MikeyMike
    14 Dec 09
    2:48 pm

  113. How this could greatly offend people is beyond me, the Dad is clearly not ‘happy’ with the date, but is happier to know that he drives a Yaris, and that’s the point I think?. And he is clearly embarassed after his ‘take a good pounding’ comment. I can see how it will mildly offend so agree its not brilliant, but surely this is miles away from sinister/incenstuous/evil.

  114. Kate
    14 Dec 09
    2:52 pm

  115. Oh I love it when brands try to be ‘edgy’ and ‘different’ and the result is BOMBOW

  116. Grant
    14 Dec 09
    3:05 pm

  117. @Mumbrella – Can you put in a spelling and grammar checker please? Or ban people that are incomprehensible? The amount of people in this industry who can’t spell a word like virgin (vurgin) or Entendre (intendre) (no acute available) is appalling. People who can’t write sentences that make any sense at all, or showcase less than 6th grade grammar competencies should probably spend more time on the attention to detail of their day to day work and less time subjecting readers to incomprehensible comments.

    A Pleasure to read: mUmbrella, Carry On Advertising, Oh What a Shocker, Mark (although Benny Hill was from the 1970’s and 80’s)

    Atrocities performed in this post: Many to choose from, but here are a few;

    @AdGrunt – “Glad to see that moronic puritanism is continues apace in Australia” – Does not make any sense at all. Best you focus really hard on your work!

    @JeffD – “I can imagine the only people to complain are either Muslims, 50year old vurgins, or people who think when othe rpeople are dressed they think have boobs asses or penises, and sex is never ever thought of outside of it’s regulatory night so therefore shouldbe be mentioned till that particular night and time.” – Hmmm! Racist with a 4th grade understanding of spelling and grammar – Are you a copywriter?

    @Phil – Spelling please!

    @Lisa Moulton – “It’s not funny, edgy, witting or even entertaining.” – So Lisa, what does witting mean here?

    I’m sure you will make it easier for us all to read in the future.

    FYI – 3rd video fit the bill for me. It should have said no agencies or production houses allowed entries.

    Cheers – Grant

  118. AdGrunt
    14 Dec 09
    3:06 pm

  119. I’ve been called many things before, but never a Saatchi & Saatchi employee.

    What a gratuitous and offensive lie. I am phoning my silk as I write.

  120. Tim Nicholas
    14 Dec 09
    3:15 pm

  121. Shocked. Flabbergasted. Outraged. Really really pissed off.

    As a father of daughters I cannot say how brutally ashamed I feel to work in an industry that produces such god-awful, sexist, puerile and insensitive crap!!!!

    Toyota has overtaken Kraft, Westpac and even the Chaser as being responsible for the most disgusting, rude and ultimately stupid effort to Australian consumers.

    I hope they loose every single female buyer (plus a few blokes as well). And if you have a Yaris now, make a statement and try and sell it (you might be hard pressed to find a buyer tho).

  122. Long time listener, first time caller
    14 Dec 09
    3:17 pm

  123. Tim – seems that Barry at the Age, likes your style of reporting….

  124. Brian
    14 Dec 09
    3:27 pm

  125. Brilliant. Funny. Clever. Talked about. Well edited. Well directed. Sadly for all concerned it’s 2009, not 1979. Political correctness – killing all our fun.

  126. Nick
    14 Dec 09
    3:33 pm

  127. Sad that people can be so outraged by something as lame as this. We’re turning into the Poms.

    Every joke will outrage someone.

    Ban all non-PC jokes?

    Or grow thicker skin.

  128. Scott
    14 Dec 09
    3:46 pm

  129. Hey Grant, do you mean that the 3rd video “fits” the bill for you?

  130. Stephen Rinaldo
    14 Dec 09
    3:48 pm

  131. Tim I agree, so bad it made me cringe. And supposedly created by leaders in both industries. Doesnt say much does it.

  132. sharon
    14 Dec 09
    3:51 pm

  133. You have got to be kidding me. There is nothing witty, clever or amusing about this (offensive, boorish, unfunny and unoriginal maybe) and thanks, Daisy, for putting up the new link. It sure as eggs wouldn’t make me buy a car–what demographic were they aiming at? Is this the best we can come up with in 2009?

  134. Teehee
    14 Dec 09
    3:58 pm

  135. The Age story is surrounded by a Toyota ad. Oh dear.

  136. Riarn
    14 Dec 09
    4:04 pm

  137. The dialogue is terribly written. I find it amazing that agencies still hire unwitty copywriters such as these creators, who must have come from retail backgrounds (sell sell sell).
    This humour requires a subtle wit to work. “Im ready to blow”, as much as I would like to hear that whispered in my ear from her, reminds me of being told a joke by my 55 yr old boss. Hard and fast, making sure you dont miss the punch line. But I laugh from shock not comedy. Intended?

    Congrats on the socail outrage though, about time the got noticed again..

  138. Tim Nicholas
    14 Dec 09
    4:05 pm

  139. It’s kinda ironic that some commentators here say that those of us (like me) who disapprove of this spot (like me) becoz it’s sexist makes us (me) politically correct.

    This is not a ‘political correctness’ argument, it’s a moral one. It simply offends my moral code and that, if you knew me, is not bound up in some 1970’s time warp.

    There is no father of any religious, ethnic, or geo-political persuasion that would want to be portrayed as encouraging a young man to deflower his daughter. If the scriptwriter had been clever enough to let the young man make all the double entendres without the father picking up on it – well maybe it could have been clever and funny. There are so many ways this could have been done tastefully.

    It really astounds me that a Japanese company of such high moral standing would agree to publish such rubbish.

  140. Grant
    14 Dec 09
    4:16 pm

  141. @Scott – That’s a very good pick-up Scott. Thank you for being so diligent and reading my lengthy post. See how annoying and frustrating it is?

    I will put a self-imposed 24hr ban on comments to mUmBRELLA….After this of course.

    Cheers – Grant

  142. Scott
    14 Dec 09
    4:19 pm

  143. No worries Grant – keep up the good work. Cheers

  144. Sam Granleese
    14 Dec 09
    4:23 pm

  145. Just strikes me as a poorly thought out piece of communications, more than anything.

    Interesting: either the brief failed to mention Yaris’ young-female target audience.. or the creatives ignored it.

  146. Kex
    14 Dec 09
    4:24 pm

  147. I’m female. I’m not overly-sensitive and I love a good double entendre.

    I thought this ad was creepy and grimy. I didn’t find the dialogue witty – just obvious and coarse.

  148. Rachael Lonergan
    14 Dec 09
    4:26 pm

  149. The ad is not as offensive as it is stupid. Not funny or persuasive in any marketing sense. ‘Creepy’ doesn’t sell cars.

    And I agree with @Grant. I mean seriously…”vurgin”? Now thats “vurgin” on the ridiculous!

  150. Andrew F
    14 Dec 09
    4:43 pm

  151. I’ve always wondered why advertising agencies don’t hire comedy writers as freelancers and get them to work on ads with their own creatives. But now I’ve seen this I understand that their definition of funny is so out of sync with public taste that it wouldn’t work. No wonder most ads that try to be funny aren’t.

  152. Con Frantzeskos
    14 Dec 09
    4:44 pm

  153. Tim, well done on exposing shillers and fakers. The real bad guys in social media (or any form of communication for that matter) are people who post under fake names and don’t declare their relationship to parties or clients.

    They erode trust and are always found out.

  154. David@luvyawork
    14 Dec 09
    4:48 pm

  155. I’m not so concerned with the content, grubby and not particularly memorable as it is.

    What I don’t get is how this is user-generated or social media?

    It’s made by an agency, looks like an ad made by an agency. That agency then sends it to the client’s agency for the chance to win money (or, their bill paid)? It wins, they get paid, the ad hits the media.

    Sounds like a regular pitch, score, make, bill flow to me. Not really in the theme of social media, or user-generated.

    Putting an ad on Youtube or a Facebook wall doesn’t make it social media.

    This is a good idea, badly executed. That’s about it.

  156. Warlach
    14 Dec 09
    4:50 pm

  157. People, just for the record, the majority of you do realise this isn’t a Yaris ad, right?

    It was made by Play TV, with post production by Graetz Media, as part of Saatchi & Saatchi’s Clever Film Comp, an entry in the Yaris Social Media pitch.

    I’m not making a comment on the video with this post, but seriously, is it that difficult to read the article before you respond with outrage?

  158. Terry T
    14 Dec 09
    4:52 pm

  159. Playing realpolitik for the moment, the reality is that once this piece of drivel reaches the Daily Telegraph, someone at Toyota is toast. The brand is in for a canning, so tell me how this is good marketing, let alone good business? This is going to spin out of control within hours.

  160. Katie
    14 Dec 09
    4:58 pm

  161. I praise Toyota for jumping into the Social Media space, I really do. Up until the poor choice of winner (marking the downfall of this attempt), the spirit was there.

    As all things social media it is a trial and error process, this just marks a ‘bad practice’ in our notebooks. We’re all in this together, establishing the Aussie- style and approach to new marketing. If we do want to slam, slam the choice not the process please.

    No, I don’t work for Saatchi. I’m just a social media enthusiast, optimistic about where it will take us. :)

  162. peta
    14 Dec 09
    4:59 pm

  163. In a year that has seen Australia suffer from obvious violence and lack of respect towards women through the NRL and various other sports organisations Toyota chooses to top it off with this poor decision.

    I doubt there was a female anywhere near this jury.

    The responses to date clearly suggest it is time to back down on this one Toyota!

    And may I suggest an apology to the 10 million plus Australian females that I would have thought were potential Toyota customers!

  164. Warlach
    14 Dec 09
    5:02 pm

  165. …one other thing:

    Taking that this is just the winner in the Saatchi & Saatchi pitch, I assume there’s a good chance, due to this backlash, deserved or otherwise, that they wont be getting the Yaris as a full time account. Combine that with the Population being, well, at ‘Population: 0’ (such a missed chance for a headline there, Tim) I guess it’s now just a three horse race?


    Anyone taking bets?

  166. Andre
    14 Dec 09
    5:21 pm

  167. Was this judged on a Friday afternoon?
    Is the target market guys from the Footy Show?
    Anyone know the brief?

  168. Misha McDonald
    14 Dec 09
    5:38 pm

  169. I am the writer of this ‘Short Film’

    Yeah – It’s getting totally SLAMMED by everyone – But that’s exactly what we wanted it to do.

    Basically we put a $60,000 production behind a 1 minute dodgy ‘Dick Joke’ that looks like an actual ad – and it WON.

    So our ‘Short Film’ is now on the front page of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald getting millions of views and people think it’s a real F%#KING AD!!

    Me and Frazer (the Director) are stoked.

    That’s social media 4 ya – Gotta love it when the big boys get burnt!!

    PS – If anyone is offended by this I’m truly sorry – and suck my dick.


  170. Clinton
    14 Dec 09
    5:41 pm

  171. Well judging by the’outrage’ being reported on all the media (online print, TV, radio), this idea has now gotten the widest reach out of all of them.

  172. Warlach
    14 Dec 09
    5:47 pm

  173. So, just for the record, you spent $53,000 promoting a brand you don’t represent, to demonstrate what you know about making videos?


    Next time I want to be a reportter I should go to Martin Place with an AK-47 and just open fire. I mean, I’m on the news so that’s, like, the first step done, right?

    The video looked OK, really not $60,000 of OK, IMHO, but I’d be hesitant to let you near my brand if your entire strategy was to draw attention to yourselves.

  174. David@luvyawork
    14 Dec 09
    5:48 pm

  175. @Clinton

    Having wide reach doesn’t make a bad thing good, it just spreads the averages….

  176. Craig Ashley Russell
    14 Dec 09
    5:59 pm

  177. It’s over here now.
    Watch it with the sound down – 100 times better.

  178. Oh what a shocker
    14 Dec 09
    6:01 pm

  179. Something for Misha to think about:

    “it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

  180. Adele
    14 Dec 09
    6:11 pm

  181. Its a terrible choice to promote as a winner, with a girl at the centre of it and her dad supporting the easy sexualisation of his daughter. I felt really awkward when watching this because it IS offensive to a young woman like me, especially the thought of my dad talking to some guy like that…and Im hardly offended at most times. This commercial seemed like it should have been made for one of those dodgy cheap sketch shows, not a company advertising a car aimed at women…its the gloss and production value which makes it look better.
    Im just glad its just living a short life in the shallows of the internet.
    To the men who are saying the women are nagging about this and we are all feminists, try looking at it from our perspective of being cheaply objectified as nothing more than a quick f*ck in a car.
    I do have this last thought though…why wasnt it a girl talking to her mum about taking a guy out in her Yaris? Would it have been more contraversal and off putting? Interesting thought…

  182. Juli
    14 Dec 09
    6:14 pm

  183. By its own admission, Toyota did not engage this competition for the winning entry to be the next Yaris product advertisement… yet the reality is that this is exactly what has happened. The social media that Toyota appear to be so unfamiliar with will ensure that Toyota, the Yaris, and this “commercial” are long remembered, and not in any positive way whatsoever.

    Bad taste is bearable in a private setting where you can tell the offending person to stuff it. Bad taste in a public forum leaves a terrible after-taste of disgust, followed by a chaser of subdued shame that in the 21st Century, anyone in the public forum (like S&S very clearly is) would consider incestuous innuendo an acceptable form of media promotion.

    Shame on Toyota for allowing this entry to exist beyond its submission stage in the competition.

    Personally, I think the “ad” is morally bankrupt, and devoid of any redeaming features that could possibly make it appealing to anyone who has a moral copass beyond that of 3 week old vomit pool in a cesspit.

  184. Adele
    14 Dec 09
    6:19 pm

  185. Nice comments Juli. I felt really put off when the young man shakes his head and make that noise…definately vomit worthy.

  186. Doug C.
    14 Dec 09
    6:23 pm

  187. Considering the kind of smut and filth that’s everywhere these days it’s not at all surprising that this would fly. There is no more censorship on this kind of stuff anymore so people should not be appalled when something like this comes up. I mean, just turn on the TV and watch for about fifteen minutes and you’ll see this same kind of thing in programs and commercials. If people truly wanted to stop this kind of thing from happening then they’d appeal for another censorship like there was back in the 60s. Until then it’s just going to get worse.

  188. Not excited
    14 Dec 09
    6:34 pm

  189. I think as an industry we have all learnt a valuable lesson.

    Don’t let anyone from Play TV near your brand…

  190. peta
    14 Dec 09
    6:42 pm

  191. Toyota takes a pounding – Both SMH and The Age run a Holden ad as lead in to the Toyota ‘Sexist’ video coverage on front page of their websites!

  192. ray
    14 Dec 09
    6:48 pm

  193. Terrible attitude to people shown in the Toyota ad, and yet some people don’t get it? Geez.

  194. Tim Nicholas
    14 Dec 09
    6:53 pm

  195. Misha McDonald from Play TV really covers herself in glory (read “shit”) here, with the “suck my dick” comment.

    Seriously, Toyota and S&S must be even more embarrassed and distressed by this Brisbane outfit. Are they in Fortitude Valley?? And do they really expect to be taken seriously by any major brand advertisers anymore? So much for their web site claim that they produce commercials with innovation (no innovative here), imagination (nothing left to the imagination here) and enjoyment (maybe it’ll be enjoyed by 14 yr old, hormone-inflamed school boys).

    #socialmediafail – big time.

  196. Big Mishtake
    14 Dec 09
    6:57 pm

  197. 1] Just for Warlach.

    We know its not an ad commissioned by Toyota. We also know it was entered into a Saatchi&Saatchi competition. Unfortunately, for Todd Connolly, Toyota Marketing and Saatchi’s, we also know it was judged the winner by members of theToyota Marketing Department and Saatchi’s, a Toyota agency. That means it now comes with Toyota’s and Saatchi’s endorsement. In fact, Toyota and Saatchis were so thrilled with how Yaris had been portrayed, Saatchi’s gave the winners $7,000. I’m sure Kevin Roberts would love to see what Saatchi’s Sydney spend their money on.

    Tim, why not put an end to this arguement here and now by forwarding Clean Getaway to the CEO of Toyota Australia and see if he shares Warlach’s, Todd’s, Saatchi’s and Misha McDonald’s point of view?

    2] Just for Misha.

    Grow up. If getting noticed was the sole barometer of success then I’ll start the Blow Job Candle Company tomorrow. If you think it’s so good, take it home and show it to your mum and dad. I’m sure they’ll be very proud to see what you do for a living.

    3] Just for Todd.

    Any professional marketer reading your comments could only conclude you’re out of your depth.

  198. Ren
    14 Dec 09
    7:04 pm

  199. Finally got to see it – and that’s what the fuss has been about? Wait till you get the Internet!

    It’s not really different to when you listen to a bunch of guys talking. It’s on the same level as those old British sex comedies.

    My only problem is these type of cars are bought by females! If the main protagonist was female would there be sexism claims? A lot of fuss about nothing!

  200. Lisa Moulton
    14 Dec 09
    7:20 pm

  201. No thanks Misha, I hear it’s miniscule.

    Size does matter.

    PS – If anyone is offended by this I’m truly sorry – and suck my dick.

  202. Lisa Moulton
    14 Dec 09
    7:23 pm

  203. So it’s getting a lot of attention, a “social media” success. What exactly is the benefit of this? ZIP. All it’s done is make Toyota look like fools. And the creators idiots.

    Even when a campaign is really great, which this for sure is not, attracting a lot of viewers/attention does not equal success. And if ad agencies think it does then they are absolutely off track with objectives.

  204. Laytszar
    14 Dec 09
    7:47 pm

  205. Without a doubt all those who need to loudly express their disgust at the use of simile and entendre in this funny add identify there own insecurities and inability to see humour rather than tiresome political correctness. If you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  206. Carl Panczak
    14 Dec 09
    7:53 pm


  208. Brian
    14 Dec 09
    8:07 pm

  209. Good to see the RALPH boys have moved into ads. Couldn’t be any worse than the current mob doing them.

  210. Honest Opinion
    14 Dec 09
    8:25 pm

  211. After viewing the 2nd and 3rd place ‘winners’, now I know y the ad won – WAKE UP ADVERTISERS! User submitted content for competitions does NOT work in this market – the entries are always HORRIBLE

  212. Tim Nicholas
    14 Dec 09
    9:09 pm

  213. To everyone who says this is no big deal, why fuss, the Internet has far more dirty bits, etc. etc. – YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT.

    Here we have a major global advertiser (Toyota), and a major global ad agency (Saatchi & Saatchi), publishing online a consumer communication that makes fun of a scenario whereby a FATHER is complicit in his DAUGHTER losing her virginity. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

    My guess is that not a single person commenting on this blog in support of the video is a parent, and certainly not a father of a teenage girl.

    It’s also instructional to see that the supposed ‘supporters’ of the video do not identify themselves by full name or link. Why are they ‘hiding’ behind the anonymity of blog comments? Is it because they don’t want to be seen to support such low-life work, or do they work for/with one of the party’s involved with its production, or do they submit inflammatory comments just to be shit-stirrers???

    Go on Tim – dump all the anonymous posts and just show real people’s comments.

  214. AdGrunt
    14 Dec 09
    9:37 pm


  216. Father of a girl
    14 Dec 09
    10:24 pm

  217. Perhaps it is the time to turn the tide. Perhaps it is time to get real. People want to make love and whn they do it does not exactly happen in Germaine fashion, yet it happens every minute and usually by eager and consenting adults to be, of one or both genders.

    Australia, wake up, Queen VIC has been dead for some time!

  218. Craig Ashley Russell
    15 Dec 09
    12:26 am

  219. A guy I know who knows a guy who knows a guy in Tokyo says there have been lots of unhappy meetings at Toyota City today. That probably means there’s going to be unhappy phone call Wednesday morning to Caringbah and a really unhappy phone call shortly after to The Rocks.

  220. AdGrunt
    15 Dec 09
    12:30 am

  221. Is that guy reputable?

  222. B.B.
    15 Dec 09
    3:07 am

  223. Ahh, yet another example why to never read the comments. No matter how offensive, appalling, or digusting an ad is, the same old arguments are trotted out – you have no humour, the world is too PC, it’s no big deal, my female/black/gay friend found it funny, people who criticise are boring/lame/insecure/femnazis, censorship, blah blah blah.

    It’s like a ridiculous track record that plays every single time. Frankly, it’s the lot of you that need to pull your heads out.

  224. L.B.
    15 Dec 09
    8:08 am

  225. Oh wow utilising rape culture to sell products is just SO original and cutting edge! Nobody’s EVER thought of it before!

  226. AdGrunt
    15 Dec 09
    8:11 am

  227. Rape culture? That’s the best strawman so far. You win $5 and a 6 pack of Cruiser.

  228. adiebaby
    15 Dec 09
    8:53 am

  229. a distinct lack of class

  230. Mango
    15 Dec 09
    10:32 am

  231. Grant, I notice that the Collins, Merriam-Websters and Macquarie dictionaries all spell the word as ‘entendre’. I think ‘intendre’ is the obsolete form from the Latin. Entendre is quite acceptable!

  232. Pom
    15 Dec 09
    11:24 am

  233. I don’t get it, the 2nd & 3rd place ads were way way better.

    And to agree with previous commments- since when did degrading young girls become a new and innovative idea??

    Sex may sell to men, but you’re alienating half the population with that ad.

    Not an original idea in the least.

  234. Community College
    15 Dec 09
    11:46 am

  235. I don’t think it’s really that offensive, well it is but let’s face it: it’s no worse than you’re average evening of ‘Two and a Half Men’ (now THAT my friends is some thinly veiled misogynist bullshit if I ever saw it) but I do think the ad is pretty well…shit. What the hell is going on in it??? I don’t get how some of it is innuendo and then some of it is blatant. “I’m ready to blow” ??? It’s just a crap ad. And the writing is absurd. I would be pretty pissed if I was an entrant and saw this was the winner. What a load of shit.

  236. Goji
    15 Dec 09
    10:17 pm

  237. How this could greatly offend people is beyond me, the Dad is clearly not ‘happy’ with the date, but is happier to know that he drives a Yaris, and that’s the point I think?. And he is clearly embarrassed after his ‘take a good pounding’ comment. I can see how it will mildly offend so agree its not brilliant, but surely this is miles away from sinister/incestuous/evil.

  238. deepthroat
    16 Dec 09
    2:30 am

  239. inside job anyone?

  240. L.B.
    16 Dec 09
    8:16 am

  241. AdGrunt – the woman’s voice/perspective/humanity are absent from the narrative. She is a prop, a thing, a penetrable orifice. There is no question of issues of consent here, therefore they are technically conspiring to facilitate her rape.

    Community College, agreed re ‘Two and a Half Men’ and all the other ‘hilarious’ comedic rape narratives on tv. This crap is everywhere – as a society we are saturated in it.

  242. AdGrunt
    16 Dec 09
    9:03 am

  243. So her saying “I want to blow” having previously had a grin from ear-to-ear isn’t eager consent in this surreal parallel world?

    This is like the Coke Zero thing all over again.

  244. chris Kamen
    16 Dec 09
    10:47 am

  245. the third place winner clearly was the best one.

  246. deepthroat
    16 Dec 09
    11:35 am

  247. chris karmen

    i agree

  248. actiongirl
    16 Dec 09
    3:05 pm

  249. Dear Corporate Marketeers, if you are going to play in the social media circle… remember this is social media…. it is emotional. Liken it to being in “a group” at school- ie. in a circle of “friends” – one week you’re “popular” and next week you’re not. Forget about trying to be social big companies and spend a decent amount to achieve results in traditional media…… or give it a proper go and make something brilliant like the Evian Babies – then you can deemed worthy of viral! We’re fickle out here in social cirlces…. because we’re allowed to be. If you’re not cool, stay at home.

  250. Karl Roche
    17 Dec 09
    4:23 am

  251. Poor 1970’s rip-off.

    The biggest fail here is using an agency and calling it user generated – the content itself can be taken by stupid people to be offensive, but don’t we all know it’s an ad trying to be funny and win a prize?

    Yes, it could be seen as a bit sexist, but have you ever been to a motor show?

    Mostly it is a bit crap and naff. If you want to do innuendo, do it properly.

    S&S should have pleaded “learning experience” and looked to partner with someone else in future. Take the hit, hold your hands up, and talk about it. People will respect you more.

  252. Anonymous
    17 Dec 09
    10:18 am

  253. 126
    It won’t be winning any prizes Karl.

  254. anothermous
    17 Dec 09
    12:12 pm

  255. I guess it is easy to take a potshot at an obvious douche like Misha.. but let’s not forget bad clients spawn bad advertising whether social media, ATL, digital or DM .. so a special shout out must go to, Todd Connolly, Toyota Australia’s manager of direct marketing and social media. Take a big bow buddy …. you rock!!!

  256. Larry
    17 Dec 09
    12:20 pm

  257. this is the most discussed $75k marketing investment ever

    most if not all of these experiments have been shockers … so much so you have to wonder what role Toyota have played in it all …

    shit in, shit out?

  258. Simon T Small
    17 Dec 09
    1:08 pm

  259. Larry,

    Great question, Toyota have also been growing their Facebook fan base with very intensive advertising, yet at the same time they’ve got a Facebook app ‘Toyota Promise Forest’ that STILLLLL doesn’t work (4/5 months since I first found it)

    More background on Toyota’s strange social media strategy here:

    Here’s the Facebook app that’s clearly half built:;ref=nf

    All very disjointed in my opinion.

  260. Simon T Small
    17 Dec 09
    1:09 pm

  261. Oh, and if they were genuine about social media they’d be getting involved in all the discussions.

  262. Mark
    17 Dec 09
    11:39 pm

  263. Maybe next time Toyota should take a look at how Fiat incorporates a little sex into it’s marketing.

    Time to get your own car

  264. Bluey66
    18 Dec 09
    9:54 am

  265. People need to take a chill pill in this over the top politically correct world we live in……… Doesnt anyone have a sense of humour anymore……get over it !

  266. Ridsy
    18 Dec 09
    2:56 pm

  267. Shes Hot – I would definately take her for a ride

  268. Erm... guys...
    30 Dec 09
    3:58 pm

  269. Judging by the quality of the work – you had to give it to the first one.

    The last one was shocking.

  270. john
    5 Jan 10
    2:34 pm

  271. Saatchis and Toyota you should be ashamed! Sexiest, old and stuffy men that run both companies. Steve Bak you should be fired for this


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