A Video Full of Hacks

While Coldplay’s video shoot in Sydney’s Newtown certainly generated some media coverage, Dr Mumbo is starting to wonder how many of the 250 volunteers were actually journos pretending to be fans.

The Daily Telegraph dedicates a page to Eliza Barr’s story of being in the video for A Sky Full of Stars, complete with picture of her hovering (kind of) close to lead singer Chris Martin:


Daily Tele's Eliza Barr hovers top left

Daily Tele’s Eliza Barr hovers top left


And over at The Guardian Australia, reporter Monica Tan is also revealing how she “videobombed” the shoot:


Guardian's Monica Tan at the Coldplay shoot

Guardian’s Monica Tan at the Coldplay shoot


Which just leaves the question: who were the other 248 people?


  1. Eliza
    20 Jun 14
    10:11 am

  2. First off, so excited about being on Mumbrella in any capacity. Thanks for the mention!

    Secondly, everyone else I spoke to was a regular fan. Lots of uni students and young workers, not media. Check out people tagging #coldplaygroup1 on Twitter for a sample.