Weight Watchers wades into obesity debate

Weight Watchers have launched a new campaign to create debate around Australia’s attitude to food, exercise and obesity.

Featuring celebrity chef Pete Evans, the Plate of our Nation campaign will centre around an online platform that includes video tips and ideas on nurition, exercise, psychology and obesity research.    

Joseph Saad, Weight Watchers Australasia managing director, said: “Put simply we created the Plate of our Nation movement to bring the obesity epidemic to the fore and the integrated campaign explains this in a simple and engaging way but most importantly, puts debate and the nation’s opinion at its core.”

Pete Evans, celebrity chef added: “I am truly delighted to lead the Weight Watcher’s Plate of our Nation movement, to rally the nation and positively influence this issue and the growing obesity epidemic in this country.”

The campaign will be supported by social media and print where QR codes will direct consumers to the Plate of our Nation mobile site.


  • Client: Weight Watchers
  • Creative: BMF
  • Planning: Naked
  • Digital: Reactive
  • PR and Social Media: One Green Bean
  • Media: OMD


  1. The Million $ Man
    10 Oct 12
    12:11 pm

  2. Really nice!

  3. Frances
    10 Oct 12
    3:36 pm

  4. “The stigmatization of obesity, the overstatement of health risks, and the pervasive influence of the lucrative diet industry have maintained public demand for dietary treatment. However, much evidence suggests that maintenance of high but stable weight is safer than weight fluctuation.” – http://psycnet.apa.org/index.c.....-13614-001

  5. Big Mac
    11 Oct 12
    2:31 pm

  6. @ Frances, that’s the biggest load of crap. There is being comfortable with your body, and there is being buried in an oversize casket when you are 40.

    Isn’t this just about helping people find some balance with some easy steps?

    And I’m pretty sure nobody is suggesting fluctuating weight to the point of cussing ones self harm.

    Would you like fries with that?