Westpac tweeter’s day goes from bad to worse

One of the biggest perils of updating Twitter for corporate accounts is that those who take part often have access to several profiles including, usually, their own personal one.  

Yet again, Dr Mumbo was inundated with screen grabs of the latest (in this case relatively minor) corporate faux pas.

The error came on the Westpac Twitter profile. Proving that while ANZ’s Barbara may live in bank world, Westpac’s Tweeter lives somewhere far more down to earth, in a message presumably meant for another profile he revealed: “Oh so very over it today”.

Presumably the stresses of talking up business loans and pushing banana smoothies and the like were too much.

In such a situation there are split seconds available to hit delete.

Unfortunately not in this case, where the posting has since been retweeted something like 100 times. And of course screengrabbed for posterity (for which Dr Mumbo thanks his contributors and urges them to continue in the same vein).

It was eventually deleted, and in its place the following message appeared: “Yes, a case of the multiple account slip, here’s hoping you have a better day tomorrow CT! ..Ean”

Among the Westpac team who sign Westpac tweets is one Carlo. Well done for outing him, Ean…


  1. Monty H
    18 Feb 10
    9:09 pm

  2. Congrats to Ean and Westpac in responding this way, a touch late, but exactly what it’s all about.

    A shame the original post was deleted, but suspect that was on order from higher places.

    BTW… 3hrs after the post, @Westpac had added 200 followers for the day.

  3. Foobar
    18 Feb 10
    10:45 pm

  4. Best reply to this tweet that I saw was from @Rynobi

    “You’re a bank. You made a $1.6 billion first-quarter profit. Cheer up. ”


  5. becx
    18 Feb 10
    11:23 pm

  6. This is what social media is about – presenting human elements of brands and cultivating relationships that are more meaningful than those between suppliers-clients. Clearly I’m not the only one who found this endearing. But the slip does raise the very real risks of corporate tweeting… a less benign statement, or disclosure, could be diastrous. A good reminder of the importance of a policy to guide use of social media. And responses. Well done Westpac and happy Friday.

  7. Karina
    19 Feb 10
    12:37 pm

  8. I loved it! Keep it real Westpac ; )

  9. Jimi
    19 Feb 10
    12:50 pm

  10. Good on westpac for handling it that way…..Tweetdeck is probably the culprit with the tweeter not checking the accounts it was going too!! A shame they ripped it down but as Monty H said, probably from a higher place!!

  11. alison
    19 Feb 10
    2:13 pm

  12. We all loved the post and debated whether it was deliberate or not. We hoped it was the bank showing off a little personality!


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