When Axe did nostalgia

Putting the controversy about the Lynx / Axe clean balls ad aside, Dr Mumbo was genuinely delighted by this gorgeous new piece of work for Axe in the U.S.

The ad features Kiefer Sutherland wishing he’d done things differently when he was at high school. It reminds Dr Mumbo of the dreamy quality of Sofia Coppola’s the Virgin Suicides…

Based on present form, Dr Mumbo looks forward to seeing the local version reach Australia in about two years time, starring Gary Sweet.


  1. Goodone
    18 Jul 12
    8:57 am

  2. Wow. That’s good. Why are Australian TVC’s sooooooooooo bad? And please, no-one blame the clients….

  3. leisai
    18 Jul 12
    10:37 am

  4. absolutely lovely.

  5. Lucio
    18 Jul 12
    10:47 am

  6. I suspect the demo for Lynx in Aust simply wouldn’t get it.

  7. Shabbadu
    18 Jul 12
    12:04 pm

  8. Brilliant writing. Dedicated storytelling. Not a word is wasted. Brilliant.

  9. AdGrunt
    18 Jul 12
    12:22 pm

  10. Wow.

    So that isn’t aimed at spotty teenagers.

    It smells more like a repositioning. Like Old Spice in reverse sorta thing.

    Great production.

  11. A
    18 Jul 12
    1:35 pm

  12. In a word: Awesome.

    The next instalment should feature Jack Bauer in a retirement – If I could do it again, I would shoot the terrorist and save the girl.

  13. Why goodone?
    19 Jul 12
    11:31 am

  14. I hate generalist comments, especially when it’s opportunistic, why take a swipe?

    And… if a bad piece of work gets up, or good work doesn’t get up, why should the client take no responsibility (what you call blame)?

    If it’s bad, the final approver shouldn’t have approved it, they should have a look back at their brief, and insisted on better. If it’s good and doesn’t get made, who else but the client would have stopped it?

    It’s a team game, everyone plays a hand and everyone should take responsibility.

    So why goodone?