Wildlife Asia seeks five pro-bono agencies

Wildlife protection organisation Wildlife Asia is looking for five pro-bono agencies to partner with its four fundraising brands The Orangutan Project, The Asian Rhino Project, Free the Bears and The Silvery Gibbon Project.

Wildlife Asia is a start-up not-for-profit. Each of the charities represents a single animal, and seeks to protect and preserve that animal’s habitat.

Wildlife Asia’s partnerships manager Scott Lyall told Mumbrella: “Wildlife Asia has five brands, each with their own stories, and there’s a great opportunity for agencies looking to do really innovative work for a client who would be extremely grateful for the support.”


  1. Circling sharks
    26 Jun 12
    10:49 am

  2. Orangutans and Gibbons should go the The Monkeys, surely?

  3. Anonymous
    26 Jun 12
    3:13 pm

  4. Orangutans and Gibbons are apes not monkeys.