A Few Best Men to get British distribution

An Australian film centred around Brits Down Under has been picked up for UK and Irish distribution.

Negotiated by Arclight Films, A Few Best Men will be released across Britain and Ireland at the end of August by Buena Vista International.

Directed by Priscilla: Queen of the Desert’s Stephan Elliott, A Few Best Men is about three British best men visiting NSW’s Blue Mountains to support their friend as he marries into a rich Australian political family.

Producer Laurence Malkin said: “It’s great to see a comedy travel so well. The reaction is similar to what we had on Death at a Funeral. Dean, Stephan, and the entire cast and crew have created a hilarious and universal comedy that really speaks to audiences worldwide.”

Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films said: “We’re thrilled at the film’s international success and the box office numbers A Few Best Man is bringing in. We’re looking forward to equally successful openings in Europe and South America soon.”

The film stars Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, Olivia Newton-John and Rebel Wilson.

Globally, the film has taken nearly $US10m so far with Australia taking $US5m of that and $US2.6m from Italy, according to Box Office Mojo.

Locally, the film took $1.8m on opening weekend.



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