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Page 2 of Today’s The Australian

Dr Mumbo congratulates The Australian on its comprehensive coverage of the independent media and public broadcasting space in today’s newspaper.

The newspaper doubled down on its ABC salary scoop from yesterday dedicating most of page 2 today to the important national issue of how much ABC journalists are paid.

By Dr Mumbo’s count we are now up to story number eight, once you count: yesterday’s original exclusive, the reaction, the opinion piece about the reaction, a republishing of Mark Scott’s email to staff, plus today’s front page exclusive on how we don’t know what Kerry O’Brien is paid via his production company, ABC staff are paid more in Sydney than elsewhere, commercial news directors anonymously mocking the ABC salaries oh and of course for good measure an editorial. 

But for Dr Mumbo’s money he is just relieved the plethora of ABC stories isn’t crowding out other media news stories, like negative stories involving the proprietor of the newspaper… 

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 8.55.28 AMThe Australian has also found time to critique former Herald-Sun editor Bruce Guthrie’s new operation The New Daily.

Indeed, Judith Sloan has lent her critical analysis skills to the topic in both The Weekend Australian and also today’s The Australian.

Is it just Dr Mumbo or do they seem similar?

Weekend Australia op-ed

Weekend Australia op-ed

Today's Op ed

Today’s Op ed

Either way you certainly can’t accuse The Australian of not being comprehensive…

UPDATE: Dr Mumbo would like to apologise to The Australian’s Strewth columnist James Jeffrey who has correctly pointed out the national broadsheet has not done eight stories on the ABC salaries but rather nine.

Unfortunately he neglected to count this recap of Mark Scott’s misdial, where instead of ringing David Pendelton the ABC chief operating officer about the story he rang David Penberthy the News Corp Australia editor of the Sunday Mail.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.41.59 AMJeffrey’s précis of the conversation is well worth a read.



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