CarsGuide launches in-house content agency, Joyride Studios

CarsGuide have launched a new in-house content agency, creating content based on insights from its own platform.

The announcement:

The next evolution of CarsGuide editorial has arrived with the launch of its new in-house content Agency, Joyride Studios.

Joyride will break with the conventions of the category and create content that puts the driver first, not the car. By creating content based on insights from its own platform, Joyride will be well placed to offer automotive manufacturers and other clients a unique perspective and creative product connecting them with in-market car buyers.

CarsGuide is one of Australia’s leading automotive publishers, providing Aussies intending to purchase a vehicle an opportunity to research their decision before they make it. It’s the sites traffic and CarsGuide’s unique understanding of its audience that positions it perfectly to create a content Agency that delivers more meaningful and engaging content for the vast spread of car shoppers visiting the site.

“We’re eager to demonstrate to our clients how we can create content that adds to their buyers’ lives, not simply content for contents sake” said Jamie Clift, Head of Joyride Studios. “There’s enough bad content out there already, we don’t want to add to that”.

Jamie Clift comes to Joyride with a wealth of experience in some of Australia’s and the UK’s most respected advertising agencies. Prior to Joyride, Jamie spent 6 years at Droga5 and 15 years in the Saatchi&Saatchi network.

“CarsGuide’s editorial team will continue to produce outstanding and informative car reviews in the country. Joyride will create ideas that live outside the traditional review and give our audience additional ways to engage with our clients’ brands”.

Joyride will draw on a combination of in-house and external talent to develop and execute its campaigns, depending on the challenge at hand. “We’ll be casting the net wide in order to ensure we’re presenting the best ideas to clients whilst we establish the business model and working with trusted production partners to execute at the highest standard”, said Clift.

Joyride will offer its unique creative service to existing CarsGuide clients and those keen to engage in a conversation with car purchasers. Operations begin immediately.

Source: CarsGuide



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