Is it the viewer or advertisers TV is putting first, asks Youi marketing boss

The head of insurance brand Youi has challenged TV networks to think about the experience they provide to viewers and work out whether it is them or the advertisers who are their primary customers.

Schreuder: Is TV paying enough attention to the viewer experience?

Schreuder: Is TV paying enough attention to the viewer experience?

Speaking on a marketing panel at the Rethink TV event yesterday Hugo Schreuder told a room of network executives and ad buyers: “This might be a little bit controversial. For everyone in business we keep on challenging ourselves in putting the customer first and doing the right thing for the customer all the time.

“I sometimes wonder looking at TV networks who is the customer they are putting first? Is it us as the advertisers, which we appreciate, or is it the person sitting there watching the content they are producing? Because I think the content is brilliant but I sometimes do think that the experience is not that great. How do you fix that? I don’t know.”

Speaking with Mumbrella after the event ThinkTV chairman and Network Ten executive Russel Howcroft described it as “somewhat of a chicken or egg discussion”.

“Of course they are serving both. Commercial TV exists for commerce and for entertainment as well. If you’re not entertaining and you haven’t got the audience then you haven’t got anything to sell. It’s somewhat of a chicken and egg discussion really.

“Having said that let’s understand that we’re in the commercial TV business and it’s our role in life to help people that advertise be more successful, and that’s what ThinkTV is about, to help advertisers get the most out of TV. And in return the TV stations have to make sure they’ve got the audiences. You can’t answer that question in a black and white fashion as both are vital to the business.”

Asked whether the volume of ads shown during prime time was sustainable, Howcroft replied: “Of course it is. If we discover that the volume of advertising is causing us a decline in audiences we would look at that. And I think the public understand they are watching commercial television and they understand the contract, and when did we last talk about the contract? They know they are getting $20m of shiny floor show for free, and they know part of that is watching the ads.”

He also pointed to research in which people said they appreciated advertising.

During the same panel Telstra CMO, Joe Pollard, called for TV networks to “re-engineer” its sales models to work out how they sell across both the main screen and their digital platforms.

“I think there’s got to be a realisation that television networks are content companies that produce great content that is funded in a lot of instances by ad dollars that needs to be distributed on as many platforms as possible so advertisers like us can get aggregated eyeballs,” she said.

“I think in a world of disruption that has happened with the digital players the way TV is viewed in the commercial model, including the length of the ad breaks, has not changed.

“We know from, Telstra TV that the aggregated viewership of the catch up services on Telstra TV is bigger than, say, Netflix and Youtube but I have to buy all that secondarily. I don’t think the model of how you aggregate those models and serve them up to us is right, it needs to be re-engineered.”

Founder of Seven Network-backed tech platform, AirTasker, Tim Fung, told the room TV should work harder to give more context to advertisers around the exact content of the programming their messages were going out in, saying the context is “powerful” for the brands.


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