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Christmas is cancelled at Agency X

scroogeThe following leaving message has been circulating widely within the industry in the last couple of days. For legal reasons we’ve removed the Australian agency’s name and we’re not saying what type of agency they are. For the same reason, we’ve switched off comments on this post only.

What a complete joke. As a final hurrah, just to ensure that I have absolutely ZERO good feelings left about the place where I spent two years of my life and which I once loved… THANKYOU XXXXXX for now ruining my Christmas as well as the abominable treatment I received in my leaving days. I have presents waiting to picked up in shops that I can’t pay for and celebration plans made at my home on Christmas day that I now can’t buy food for.

I also now have $120 worth of dishonour fees from various payments scheduled to come out of my account in the days after ‘pay day’. I would try and insist that XXXXXX reimburses me for those but I’ve been down that track many times with you people before and I know it’s a losing battle so I won’t even bother. Worst thing is I know I’m probably not in the worst position of all the people there. At least I don’t have a mortgage to pay (though my real estate called me this morning as my rent is now overdue), children to feed or travel plans made. WHEN will you be PAYING your staff? A date and time please. I rang XXXX on Tuesday and was told… “aaaah… maybe today, maybe tomorrow…”

It’s pathetic. As pathetic as bringing in fake staff members to make the place look like it is full of staff who can be kept on board and who are happy and prosperous. As pathetic as lying to clients about staff members “going on holidays, and I promise they’ll be back” when really, they have quit and will never be back. As pathetic as lying to your own staff about “how very well the company is going” when really, there isn’t even enough money in the account to pay them. As pathetic as thinking after the (latter) point has happened time and time and time again, that your staff are stupid enough to still believe your lies. As pathetic as hiring someone to take over your position running the company but then being too stupid, egotistical, pig-headed and stubborn to be able to back off and admit the elements of the job you’re no good at and let the person you hired who is good at those things actually do them. As pathetic as still believing that each of the dozens and dozens of people who leaves is the one who is fucked and it has nothing to do with you. As pathetic as spreading vicious rumours about aforementioned leavers because you are apparently a school child who can’t stand the idea of acknowledging, “hey, maybe I’m doing something wrong here?!”

XXXXXX is a company based on bullshit, subterfuge, smoke and mirrors; run by a person who is a compulsive and pathological liar of epic proportions and an egotistical, stubborn, self-important narcissist to boot. One day, the place will sink back into the proverbial swamp from whence it was spawned. Till then, I just hope all the wonderful people who still work there have the sense to see the place for what it is, just as so so so many wonderful people before them have, and get the hell out of there. It took me way, way too long to do it myself.


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