Commercial Radio Australia asks state governments to up regional adspend

The body representing the Australian commercial radio industry has written to all state premiers to increase governmental adspend in regional areas, following a move by the Victorian government’s increase from 10 to 15%.

The announcement:

The commercial radio industry has written to all State Premiers and Chief Ministers throughout Australia urging them to consider a regional communications policy, similar to that recently announced by the Victorian State Government.

Chief executive of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner said the recently announced Victorian  Regional Communication Policy was a good step in more actively engaging with regional media outlets  to communicate critical information to local communities.

“Regional media plays an important role in the lives of many Australians. Regional commercial radio stations, in particular, have a unique relationship with the nearly 80% of Australians who listen to commercial radio.”

Ms Warner said around 6.9 million Australians listen to commercial radio in regional Australia each week and one in five are heavy listeners of radio.

“Part of the new policy in Victoria requires government advertisers to increase expenditure in regional media outlets from 10 per cent to 15 per cent of their total campaign spend.

“The commercial radio industry believes this is good policy given commercial radio’s reach into local communities across regional Australia, as well as its localism, which allows both general information to be heard across regional areas, as well as targeting messages on a local level.

Ms Warner said commercial radio in regional areas had been under economic pressure over the past decade with increased operating costs and regulations and new media all affecting the bottom line. A number of regional stations have failed to make a profit in this time.

“Regional Australians use radio to keep them informed and entertained – regional radio is a vital and integral part of each local community and should be supported, “Ms Warner said.

She said regional radio was also important in providing information for emergency services with MOUS now existing in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Source: Commercial Radio Australia



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