Dr Mumbo

Devine retribution

Twitter can sometimes offer an intriguing insight into journo-PR relations that would otherwise fly under the radar.

Take today’s exchange between Ogilvy PR’s Nathalie Swainston and strident Fairfax columnist Miranda Devine.  

Swainston started the ball rolling with a tweet declaring her hatred of Devine, possibly forgetting that Devine is herself on Twitter and in fact (although Dr Mumbo has always considered her to be a satirical creation) a real person who might see it.

Devine sternly responded: “You need to seek professional help. Hating someone because they express an opinion you don’t like is not healthy.”

At which Swainston caved, responding: “You’re right, I don’t hate you, sorry. Bad choice of words. I just strongly disagree with your opinions. Very strongly.”

And with that, she deleted her original tweet…

A narrow points victory for the passive aggressive climate change sceptic, Dr Mumbo thinks.



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