DJ Sampology breaks down the legal matter in Creationistas campaign for copyright reform

A campaign to relax Australian copyright laws to promote creativity in the digital space has been launched through funding from the Australian Digital Alliance.

Creationistas calls for Australian copyright laws to be changed from Fair Dealing to Fair Use, to permit the reuse of material in any capacity providing it does not take revenue away from copyright owners or harm them in any other way.

Currently Australian copyright law is up for review, and Creationistas is calling for people to sign a petition that would bring Australian law in line with that of the US.

In a video created for the campaign by Dan Ilic of Downwind Media, Australian live audio visual DJ Sampology explains: “This is not about piracy, this is about culture. Piracy is about stealing, culture is about creation. Creativity is no longer something that’s packaged, sold and thrown away. Digital places breed ferocious creativity and encourage the collision of ideas that create many works of culture that aren’t made for commercial purposes but made by amateurs for the love of it.”

Fair Dealing law makes it illegal to reproduce or modify creative work unless in the context of reporting the news, study or research, satirising, parodying, critiquing content, or giving legal advice.

Ilic said: “Currently Australia’s Fair Dealing laws make operating in a digital space fairly impossible. Everyone is an outlaw when viewed by the Australian copyright law, unless they meet six restrictive criteria.”

Creationistas have launched a petition and called on creatives to post work they have made for non-commercial use in support of the campaign, which has been timed to coincide with the Australian Law Reform Commission review of copyright reform over the next six months.

Digital agency The Nest created the campaign’s digital platform and Ilic’s production team was made up almost exclusively of former Hungry Beast employees including Luke Harris and Duncan Elms, he said.

Megan Reynolds



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