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Do delete

Some bright spark at Sydney’s Ai-Media has hit on a genius email marketing ruse.

Send out DM emails from the sender “DO NOT DELETE”.

Because that will of course deter the average user from deleting their messages as spam.

No doubt the lack of an unsubscribe option in the email is a mere oversight.

January 30 update:

Ping! The following arrives in Dr Mumbo’s inbox…

Dear Subscriber,

On Friday we sent you a message from this account with the sender’s name “DO NOT DELETE”. Contrary to some media speculation, this was not the product of a new ingenious marketing strategy for the Ai-Live 3.2 Launch.

We simply aren’t that clever.

The truth is, we stuffed up on a holiday weekend.

We are in the process of migrating email systems. This account had been marked up with ‘DO NOT DELETE’ as an internal device to ensure we did not delete it during the changeover. Friday’s comms was sent from an out of date template that also did not include the “unsubscribe” option. We failed to send a test email that would have identified the problem.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

And you are always able to unsubscribe by replying with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Yours sincerely

Tony Abrahams

Ai-Media, CEO



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