Edge Loyalty drops ‘loyalty’ and rebrands to Edge

Sales promotions and consumer engagement agency Edge Loyalty has rebranded to Edge, to “better reflect the next generation of promotional solutions” and move beyond a focus on loyalty marketing.

The rebrand will see the agency share the same name as creative content agency Edge although the company’s leadership doesn’t see this a problem as they launch into Asia.

Fergus Koochew, Edge’s managing director, told Mumbrella: “Historically we were very much so about providing reward content and often we were selling that reward content to loyalty providers and direct to clients that were using those reward solutions.

“We have now moved a long way from that, yes we still look after the loyalty aspects of our customers needs but we now also look after customer acquisition, product trial and more on the sale side where customers are looking to get new members or sell more product and putting together both platforms and the reward mechanics together to help our clients achieve that objective,” he said.

Koochew said the Loyalty part of the name was “misleading” as the company has since expanded its capabilities and offerings.

When asked about existing creative content agency Edge, Koochew said he was aware there was another agency with the same name, however, he wanted to keep the heritage of Edge in the name.

“For us it was important to retain the first part of the name because we have a very strong presence in market with a very broad client base that know us as Edge Loyalty, so we did want to recognise the legacy of the Edge name and that comes with something we have worked very hard at over the last 10 years.

“I don’t think it will confuse clients because they know us and they know what we are doing and what we can do and the challenge for us is just to make sure we communicate very clearly with our prospective clients.

“We don’t see it as a major issue it is a big issue it’s around clearly articulating exactly what we do,” he said.

The agency also announced it would be launching into the Asian market with John Jess leading the team.

Jess was the commercial director at Edge Loyalty for two years and four months prior to taking the new position.



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