‘Fantabulous’ Psychic Expo ad cleared of sexualising young girl

'Not overtly sexualised' says ASB

An ad for a psychic event has been cleared by the Ad Standards Bureau for sexualising children.

The ad, which ran on Seven on Queensland, features a young girl in a dress deemed by some viewers to be too revealing for a girl of her age.

One complaint read: “I would never allow my daughter on national TV so uncovered – it is unacceptable and disgraceful.”

Another read: “I believe it highly inappropriate that the child in question is wearing an extremely low cut dress that shows practically all her chest area.”

Some members of the ASB board considered that the images of the young girl “were of concern” and that she is dressed in an outfit that has a very low V-neck line that “exposes a greater portion of her chest than some other styles may have.”

But the majority of the board concluded that the ad depicts a family business that portrays the mother and daughter “in an extraverted manner” to reflect the excitement of the event, and did not overtly sexualise the girl.



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