Dr Mumbo

How do I get my crush to like me?

Parody pranksters Stuntbear managed to wangle themselves a spot amongst the reporters on the red carpet at last night’s Aria awards, but of course it was never going to be a straightforward interview.

Instead of the usual inane questions about fans, new albums and whether the stars hope to win, the pair dressed in tweed with colourful decorative corsages and posed as a pair of virgins, fumbling their way through a series of interviews with artists like Alicia Keys, Claire Bowditch, Birds of Tokyo and Gossling.

The most cringe-worthy moment comes as they stutter over a question for Harrison Craig, who himself suffers with a stutter.

Another comes when they ask Keys: “So you have worked with global stars like Bono, Jay-Z and President Barack Obama – how do I get my crush to like me?”



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