Material specifications for iPad editions.

Image formats:   JPEG, PNG or PDF.
Max file size: 200KB.   RGB.

Portrait: 3:4 = 768 pixels wide x 1024 pixels high.
Landscape: 4:3 =  1024 pixels wide  x 768 pixels high.
Margins: 50px left, right, top and 100px bottom. (minimum req: 36px left & right, 50px top & 75 bottom) for both landscape and portrait.
Resolution: 132DPI
(For best user experience, please supply both landscape and portrait versions)

Creative restrictions

– No tappable hyperlinks or hotspots within 50 pixels of the edges of the screen.
– Do not use any creative that depends on the hover function in HTML.
– HTML5 allowed.
– No flash.

Rich media

Tablet advertising combines the best of print, digital and TV with a strong call to action.  Using video in your advertisement can be an excellent way to communicate your message.

Video file size should no greater than 10MB. Preferred format is mp4. The iPad screen is 1024×768 (horizontal) or 768×1024 (vertical) – this is an aspect of 4:3 (or 3:4) – like ‘ole fashion TV’.

Widescreen video for ‘new’ TV is 16:9. The iPad can show 16:9 video but it will have black bars top and bottom.
The 16:9 video can be cropped to be 4:3 BUT the video should be framed so that the left and right edges will be chopped off.

Our iPad edition of Encore has some great examples of rich media creative.    You can download the latest edition for free here – http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/encore-magazine/id500590348?mt=8

For more information on designing content for the iPad visit Oomph wiki:  http://www.oomphhq.com/wiki/ or call our designer, David Fairs on (02) 8296 0208

Other enquiries to:  Sean McKeown, e: sean@focalattractions.com.au or 61 8296 0219.



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