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Senior Systems Engineer (DevOps)

The Why

As a Senior Systems Engineer (DevOps) you will be working closely with your peers, engineers, data scientists, product managers, designers and leadership to build amazing systems (infrastructure, automation, tooling, CI/CD), delivering services and products to millions of users and business worldwide from small & medium to enterprise.

You will wake up every morning knowing with confidence the systems you build and maintain is powering the livelihood for millions of people worldwide.

Your day to day will focus on infrastructure, automation, CI/CD and architecting the platform for the future.

The What

Design, build and maintain infrastructure for our application platform.

Collaborate with the engineering teams to deliver, operate and monitor services in our platform.

Engage in technical discussion of new solutions and advise on architectural decisions through a deep understanding of systems internals.

Build automation to execute common operations on various AWS services.

Leverage experience to evaluate new offerings from AWS to advise and drive adoption.

Keep an eye out for interesting open source projects the team can leverage to make their platform better.

Contribute to the infrastructure roadmap as they scale their platform towards world domination.

Contribute to and improve test, build & deployment CI pipelines.

Encourage innovation and foster an environment of continuous improvement.

Share technical solutions and product ideas through documentation, design reviews, pair programming, code review and technology discussions

The How

Have hands-on experience with a wide range of AWS services, including Aurora, ElastiCache, Kinesis, SQS, EC2.

Experience with major public cloud provider (e.g: AWS/Google Cloud/Azure) and it’s best practices

Understanding of Unix/Linux

Understanding of Networking, security and tools like tcpdump, nmap and friends.

Understanding of containerisation and their orchestration (i.e: Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Nomad, ECS)

Experience with building infrastructure as code with modern automation tools (e.g: Terraform, CFN, Ansible, Chef, etc)

Proficiency in multiple scripting languages, e.g: Shell/Bash, Python, Ruby, SQL

Experience with CI/CD pipeline (e.g: Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, etc)

Experience with distributed logging, monitoring and alerting (e.g: ELK, Graphite, Statsd, Prometheus, Sumologic, Datadog, NewRelic)

Experience with a range of storage engines (RDBMS, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, RDS offerings) and know when each type is useful

Understanding of how web applications work, from the underlying network protocols (HTTP, TCP) through to application (Apache, Nginx), browser behaviour and everything in between

Effective communication skills, via interactive mediums and documentation


Good Folk


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