Morning Update: Neil Patrick Harris in branded music video for Neuro; Mini kicks off global creative review; Cadbury can boogie in new ad

This is our Morning Update, rounding up international media and marketing news from while you were sleeping.

Creativity-Online: Neil Patrick Harris is crazy for sleep in branded music video for Neuro

“Santa Monica drinks company Neuro is behind this branded music video in which the uber-talented Neil Patrick Harris singssteamily and soulfully about his passion for going to bed and…, sleeping. Harris (who is a personal friend of the Neuro brand’s founder Diana Jenkins) performs in a boudoir-stye silk robe, and the video also features rapper Problem, who hilariously slips out from under the bed to perform a rap-section.”

The Guardian: Daily Mail tops the league of press regulation code breaches

“The Press Complaints Commission has published the statistical breakdown that was requested when its chairman, Lord Hunt, appeared before the commons media and culture select committee two weeks ago.

The PCC has put up two tables on its website. One shows all recorded breaches of the editors’ code of practice for complaints concluded between 2011 and 2013.” Mini kicks off global creative review

“The company has issued an RFI after approaching a number of shops around the world, some of which are based in London.

Mini is asking agencies general questions about client conflicts, their core competencies and whether they would be interested in pitching for international work for Mini in the future. There is not believed to be a specific project in mind.

The process is thought to be procurement-driven and is being run from BMW’s headquarters in Munich. “

AdWeek: Cadbury Can (and Will) Boogie in This Charming Ad

“Cadbury and Fallon London, the pair that brought us the Internet’s legendary drumming gorilla, are back with a charming spot called “Yes Sir, I WILL Boogie in the Office.”

As many of us have likely done while stuck on a call, logistics manager Keith decides to just roll with it and jam out to the hold music, “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” by ’70s disco duo Baccara. “ How digital weighs up against print for UK magazine circulations

“The Audit Bureau for Circulation (ABC) has released the first ever combined print and digital figures for UK consumer magazines in 2013, based on the average number of sales for a digital edition of each issue.

The IPC Media title What’s On TV ranked highest with a combined total circulation of 1,051,129, of which 1,571 were digital editions. Slimming World Magazine placed second with a combined circulation of 458,517 with 7,739 digital editions, while Glamour magazine placed third with a combined total of just over 415,000, supported by 4,778 digital editions.”

The Huffington Post: Cutting Foreign Aid To Help Flood Victims Is ‘Outrageous’ Flood Poverty Experts Say

“Global poverty experts have expressed their shock and anger at the “outrageous” campaign to get Britain to drop its international aid budget in favour of the floods.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK at the Economist’s Feeding the World conference in London, World Vision chief executive Justin Byworth called the Daily Mail’s front page on the 100,000 people who backed their call to slash aid “inexcusable and unforgivable”.”

AdWeek: Ad of the Day: Coca-Cola Brings U.S.-Russia Olympic Rivalry to Space

“Have you heard the one about the astronaut and the cosmonaut watching hockey together in the International Space Station during the Olympics?

The American team scores against the Russian team, and the cosmonaut spills his Coca-Cola in zero gravity. But then he and the astronaut work together to slurp up all the free-floating droplets before they can reach havoc on the vessel’s electronics—because, cue fantasy, Coke brings everyone together. (The cosmonaut, amusingly enough, is the same actor from DirecTV’s “Opulence, I has it” ad—seems the Russian oligarch bought his way to space.)

This ad, from Wieden + Kennedy, is from the sugar-water school of international relations, consisting largely of Coke ads hitting you over the head with a happy hammer. Do you feel good? You’d better.”



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