Mumbrella360 video: Behind the Scenes of Creative Campaigns

In the latest of a series we present highlights from the 2015 Mumbrella360 conference.

Mumbrella360: Behind the Scenes of Creative Campaigns

Mumbrella360: Behind the Scenes of Creative Campaigns

Four key agency talents share the stories behind some of their most successful campaigns – from concept to campaign launch and client pay-off.

The session is hosted by Steve Coll, formerly executive creative director of Droga5 Sydney and now creative partner at With Collective.

It features:

  • Richard Morgan, Executive Creative Director and partner at Lowe303. Campaign: Budget Insurance (Captain Risky, McDonald’s to Maccas)
  • Aden Hepburn, Executive Director at VML. Campaign: Rip Curl Search GPS watch
  • Kieran Ots, creative director at Leo Burnett. Campaign: Shark Dive in the Desert for Samsung Gear VR
  • Justin Drape, co-founder of The Monkeys. Campaign: IKEA + AirBnB

Timeline of session:

0:00 Introduction by Steve Coll, executive director, Droga5.

2:25 Introduction of speaker #1 Richard Morgan

2:27: “Under the bonnet with Captain Risky”

3:00 Morgan quote: “My best received campaigns have often been the hardest to get over the line”.

3:40 Introducing new ideas and why the unfamiliarity of them can lead to resistance

3:40 The challenge of introducing the idea of creative risk to a client used to risk aversion

4:10 Slide #1 – Plays 2 previous ads for Budget Insurance

5:20 How do we restore audience trust in the brand? Morgan quote: “Insurance is a grudge purchase. You only think about it when you get your renewal or you crash your car.”

5:43 The process of elimination: what more can be said about insurance?

6:35 Breaking down the elements of the brief, the company behind it and the goal message

7:00 Slide #2 – client presentation workshop grid of concepts

7:48 Slide shows car crashed on top of two other vehicles with text: ‘Don’t Pay For This Guy’. Client says “there is something in that one”.

8:00 How to deliver the idea that risky behaviour is an appealing selling tool for insurance

8:20 Creating a character that personifies brand anti-values

8:21 Slide #3 – sketches of Captain Risky – the process of evolving a look

9:28 Slide #4 – the artistic evolution of Captain Risky and why he had to be American

9:50 Slide #5 – pitch day. Presenting the final concept to the client

10:30 Slide #6 – the final casting and artwork is presented to the client

11:10 Winning the business – what comes next; earning the client’s trust

11:20 Audience research; polling an older market to see if the concept works

11:50 Slide #7 The final ad – plays ad

13:30 Feedback from client results in client booking cinema advertising

14:30 Slide #8 Consumer market feedback – print and digital editorial coverage of the campaign

15:30 Slide #9 Campaign follow-up of what Captain Risky gets up to after the stunt

15:48 Speaker #1: presentation concludes

15:50 Introduction speaker #2: Aden Hepburn, creator Rip Curl Search GPS watch

16:25 Aden Hepburn discusses history of Rip Curl Search GPS watch product, design and campaign

17:09 Slide #1 The first prototype

17:45 Testing the concept with surfers

18:00 Creating and testing the tech behind behind the product

18:30 Tapping into sport culture to provide a unique insight

18:50 How the Rip Curl Search GPS watch works (commercial video)

20:50 How does the product shape the future of our business? What the product offers the brand

21:44 Greater connectivity: using data to provide information to local councils and environmental groups; help track erosion, provide recommendations to surf with others nearby

21:57 How Facebook is/will be used to provide community to users

22:33 Exploring new brand avenues such as holding global surfing competitions

23:09 Building “the ultimate CRM profile”; assessing the value of your data

23:38 Three critical streams of work: the mobile app; the watch; the tech – timeline

24:00 Developer quotes 8 weeks for project ends up spending 8 weeks on first page: investment

24:35 Testing the tech; shaping the product.

25:15 Working with Rip Curl to design the interface; designing samples; the waterproof test

25:55 The desktop application: the updating, accessing and user experience second phase

26:26 Outsourcing talent – programming satellites while in orbit

27:00 Hiccups – finding the fault in the people and the tech – deadline looms

29:30 Delivering to market – client, consumer and agency feedback

29:40 Speaker #2: presentation concludes

30:01 Introduction speaker #3: Kieran Ots, creative director at Leo Burnett

30:20 Shark Dive in the Desert for Samsung Gear VR campaign

30:33 Slide #1 Looking at enhancing user experience

31:33 Capturing vision off Australia’s Great White Shark location of Port Lincoln

31:42 Slide #2 Sourcing shark content off Neptune Island

33:26 Creating a pop-up Dive Store in Alice Springs to take residents on VR shark dive tour

33:55 Video plays of teaser campaign ending with shark POV

37:37 Campaign is viewed more than 1.8 million times; 10K shares within hours of launch

38:15 Samsung receives one of first 10/10 Relevance scores for content on Facebook

38:39 Speaker #3: presentation concludes

39:00 Introduction speaker #4: Justin Drape, co-founder of The Monkeys

39:46 Video plays of IKEA AirBnB campaign using existing AirBnB hosts

40:54 Zero media spend resulted in PR coverage worth almost 800m across all media

41:00 Client benefits in visits, sales, etc

41:23 Why keeping creative simple is often best. It takes discipline.

43:20 Selecting the right AirBnB clientele to test each room and its looks/theme

44:00 Brand experiences are often overly complicated

44:30 This era of brand collaboration demands the right partnership fit

45:00 Speaker #3: presentation concludes

45:50 Questions from the floor



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