News launches anti-street violence campaign has launched an anti-street violence campaign called Real Heroes Walk Away.

The campaign aims to create national awareness among 16-25 year-olds of the impact street violence can have, and how to remove themselves from the scenario.

The campaign also aims to get Australians to sign’s social media petition for an education program against random acts of violence and examine the ‘one-punch’ laws that have been introduced in some states, and how they can be made uniformly across the country.

Luke McIlveen, editor of, said in a statement: “Our message is simple – when trouble starts, be the bigger person and walk away. As we’ve seen too often, it only takes one punch to end a life. So many young men don’t feel like they’ve had a good night unless they’ve been in a punch-up. Real Heroes Walk Away is about making them aware that a split-second decision to throw a punch could kill someone – and ruin their own lives. Violence erupts in country towns and cities across Australia every night of the week and there needs to be a national conversation.”

The campaign is using the Twitter hashtag #heroeswalkaway and is on Facebook at

The campaign will also include real life stories posted daily on from victims and their families, beat police and doctors about how street violence has impacted their lives.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has shown her support of the campaign. She said: “I’m proud to give my support to the Real Heroes Walk Away campaign. Too often we’ve seen senseless violence end young lives. As a community, we need to do everything we can to stop it. Part of the solution is making sure young people stop and think about what they are about to do and think of the consequences not only for themselves, but their potential victim.”



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