Plantable postcard for Sydney Wildlife World wins 2011 Postcard of the Year

A postcard that can be used to grow a flower, that will provide pollen for bees, has been chosen as the winner of the 2011 Postcard of the Year awards, organised by Avant Card.

The card, which was embedded with seeds of the native flower Callistemon citrinus, was created inhouse for Sydney Wildlife World by graphic designer Fabian Faraone and marketing executive Vera Vanthavong.

Also part of the winning team were Neema Shah, marketing and communications manager, and Catherine Bocking, marketing and PR executive, both of the Sydney Attractions Group, Sydney Wildlife World’s owner. Media was by Fiona Williams at OMD.

Gerhard Myburgh, creative director at The Campaign Palace Sydney, said of “Bees Needs”, the winner: “The postcard highlights the fact that there is a problem and at the same time becomes a small part of the solution. Can’t argue with that! The interactive nature of it will allow parents/teachers to pass the message onto their kids in a fun way.”

He added: “This is a great example of using the medium in such a way that it strengthens the actual idea. It encourages the target audience to interact with a postcard in a fun, educational, rewarding and relevant way. It delivers the message then it turns into a bunch of flowers!”

Avant Cards – Post Card of the Year – Winner Bees Needs from family videography on Vimeo.

The finalists:

1. 10 Tips To Stress Less – Take Time For Yourself, Mental Health Association NSW

  • Project Manager: Nataly Bovopoulos, Mental Health Promotion Manager
  • Copywriter: Katrina Davis
  • Creative Agency: Avant Card Design Studio
  • Designer: Kris Taifalos, Creative Director

2. Toy Story 3, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Australia

  • Media Manager: Anita Bacarella
  • Media Execuite: Nisha Nair
  • Creative Agency: SAS Creative

3. The Rocks Aroma Festival,  Sydney Harbor Foreshore Authority

  • Marketing Manager: Alecia Wales
  • Media Agency: SHFA in house design studio
  • Creative Director: Michael Donohue
  • Copywriter: Michelle Bowers
  • Designer: Walter Flamenco
  • Photography: Simon Dance and Shane Rozario
  • Photo retouching: Simon Dance

4. Easy A, Sony Pictures

  • Marketing Manager: Libby Rhys-Jones
  • Advertising Manager: Kathy Giam
  • Art Director: Anna Young & Libby Rhys-Jones
  • Copywriter: Anna Young
  • Designer: Demi Hopkins, Carnival Studio

5. Clarence Street Cyclery Womens Store

  • Creative Director: Fiona Cook
  • Art Director: David Cook
  • Photographer: Brett Boardman
  • Copywriter: Chris Herron
  • Illustrator:
  • Designer: Fiona Cook

6. The Weekend Australian ART Sydney – Toby Burrows,  Single Market Events Pty Ltd

  • Marketing Manager: Suz Chambers
  • Art Director: Mark Stott
  • Copywriter: Suz Chambers
  • Designer: Anja Stridsman

7. Travelling with Children, Metlink Melbourne

  • Marketing Manager: Terese Scalise
  • Creative Director: Neil Mallet
  • Art Director: Andrew Grinter
  • Copywriter: Lee Spencer-Michaelson
  • Design: Anita Brooks and Gary Simm
  • Photography: Chris Daile

8. You are here. What will you do?  Victoria University

  • Marketing Manager: Sarah Lawrie
  • Creative Director: Tod O’Reilly
  • Art Director/Designer: Tom Kearney
  • Copywriter: Fiona Maher
  • Finished Artist: Yvonne Manchee
  • Media Agency & Representative: Mindshare, Tonya Goldberg

9. The Wild Duck,  Belvoir St Theatre

  • Marketing Manager: Jenny Robertson / Nathalie Vallejo
  • Media Agency: We used our design agency – Alphabet Studio
  • Art Director/Designer: Tim Kliendienst
  • Copywriter: Belvoir

10. Jack Charles V The Crown,  Belvoir St Theatre

  • Marketing Manager: Justine Lewis
  • Media Agency: We used our design agency – Alphabet Studio
  • Art Director/Designer: Tim Kliendienst
  • Copywriter: Belvoir

11. “Map My Summer” campaign – The ‘thong’ creative,  Screen Australia / You Tube

  • Marketing Manager: Ernesto Soriano, Lucinda Barlow
  • Media Agency: PHD
  • Client Services Manager: Ryan Saunders
  • Creative Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys
  • Creative Director: Leslie Ali
  • Art Director: Kristian Saliba
  • Copywriter: Tim Cairns
  • Designer: Erwin Santoso


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