Radio ratings: Syd – Em Rusciano delivers audience growth for 2DayFM; Melb – Smooth claims top FM spot; Bris – Robin Bailey boosts Triple M breakfast

Sydney: Em Rusciano delivers modest audience growth for 2DayFM

2DayFM’s new breakfast duo Em Rusciano and Harley Breen have kicked off 2017 with a modest ratings boost of 0.2 share points to take the struggling show’s audience share to 4%.

Southern Cross Austereo ditched its ailing breakfast show Rove & Sam at the start of the year, replacing them with comedian Rusciano and Breen. Survey one covers January 22 to March 4.

Rove & Sam finished 2016 with an audience share of 3.8%, well behind rival KiisFM’s audience share of 10.5%.

The duo have since moved to 7pm, and in the first survey of 2017, posted an audience share of 3.8%, up 0.6 share points for the time slot.

The result will be celebrated as a win by 2DayFM and Rusciano who yesterday took to Facebook to reflect on the ratings results.

“At the start of this year I took on a huge challenge. I agreed to host a Sydney Breakfast radio show. One that had my full name on it, one that I would have to give up a lot of other things I enjoy doing, to fully commit myself to. Because I don’t do things half arsed, I use my full arse, both cheeks, furiously working, at all times,” she wrote.

“2DayFM said that I could do whatever kind of show I wanted to do, and to their credit they’ve absolutely held up their end of the bargain. They let me pick my co-host (the delicious Harley Breen) and my production and online team.”

Rusciano asserted she is having “the best time”, however “not a lot of that counts for much when it comes to how we’re judged”.
“It’s no secret that since Kyle and Jackie O left 2Day Fm the station has struggled, badly. We are the fourth show in four years, we are currently 6.7 points away from the number one FM show. Which is huge in our world. We inherited the show at a 3.8% audience share, they’re at 10.5,” she said.

“Tomorrow I’ll be happy if we just hold steady. We may even drop (which usually happens when there’s a changing of shows) but either way I’m proud of what we’re doing. Look, if we go down expect to see a lot of dooms day shit in the Sydney press. It’ll mostly be aimed at me and my boss Gemma because: Strong, determined women doing something different.”

Sydney radio ratings survey 1 2017. Total audience share. Source: GfK

The breakfast slot was once again dominated by KiisFM’s  Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson  who maintained their audience share of 10.5%.
Triple M’s breakfast show the Grill Team kicked off the year well, posting audience growth of 2.2 share points to nab second spot with a share of 7.8%.

It pushed WFSM’s Brendan Jones and Amanda Keller into third place with a share of 7.3%, with the duo shedding 1.4 share points.

Just behind them was Nova’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli who delivered an audience share of 7.2%, up 0.1 points on their final 2016 share.

SmoothFM’s Bogart Torelli and Glenn Daniel saw their share slip by 0.5 points to 6.2%.

Moving into drive, it was Nova’s turn to reign supreme with Kate, Tim and Marty claiming the top spot with a share of 10.3%, up 1.2 share points on the previous survey.
The trio bumped KiisFM’s Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek into second place.

KiisFM’s drive duo grabbed a share of 9.1%, down 0.4 share points on the previous survey, while WSFM’s drive show with Jason Staveley boosted its share by 1.2 points to a share of 8.2%.

Triple M’s new drive show Merrickville, hosted by Merrick Watts, posted audience growth, up one share point to a share of 5.8%.

Sydney radio ratings survey 1 2017. Mon-Fri and breakfast audience share. Source: GfK

Overall in the FM heap, WSFM claimed the ratings crown with a Monday to Sunday audience share of 8.4%, up 0.1 share points.

WSFM rival SmoothFM claimed second place with an audience share of 8.3%, down 0.5 share points on the previous survey.

KiisFM claimed third place with an audience share of 8%, while Nova came in fourth with a share of 7%.

Looking at the AM bandwidth, 2GB posted a steady Monday to Friday audience share of 11.3%.

In breakfast, Alan Jones saw his share slide by1.6 points from 14.5% to 12.9%. 2GB’s breakfast presenter has been on indefinite leave since November 21.

In drive, 2GB delivered an audience share of 8.9%.

2UE’s new Talking Lifestyle format, which is heavily supported by branded content, performed well in the breakfast slot, up 1.3 share points to a share of 5.1%.

In drive, the station had a share of 1.8%, up 0.5 share points.

Overall 2UE had a Monday to Sunday share of 4.4%, up 0.9 share points.

ABC 702 posted a Monday to Sunday share of 8.7%, down 0.3 share points.

In breakfast, the ABC had a share of 9.1% and in drive it reported a share of 7.3%.

Melbourne: Smooth FM claims top FM spot, knocking Fox FM off its perch

Southern Cross Austereo’s Fox FM has lost its ratings crown in overall audience falling 1.5 points from 10.6% to 9.1% in survey 1 for 2017, with Smooth FM edging ahead thanks to a 0.4 increase to 9.4%.

Last year, Nova Entertainment group program director, Paul Jackson, said SmoothFM could claim back its number one position in survey one in 2017.

“There’s a great chance; we’ve won four out of eight surveys this year, we can do at least that next year.”

“I’m just focusing on Smooth’s number. How we’ll go next year, I think we’ll continue to be a way bit ahead of them,” he said.

Gold 104.3 managed to hold third position, despite falling 0.6 points to 8.0%, while Nova caught up to Triple M tying for fourth position, gaining 0.9 points to 7.3%.

Melbourne radio ratings survey 1 2017. Total audience share. Source: GfK

Meanwhile Kiis FM stayed in sixth position at the bottom of the pack for the FM stations, with a slight drop of 0.1 points to 5.9%.

Nova’s Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown took the top spot in the competitive breakfast battle jumping 1.7 points from the last survey to 8.1%.

Despite falling 0.3 points from last year’s survey, Triple M’s ‘Hot Breakfast Team’ Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy came in second with 7.7%, overtaking last year’s winner Fox FM team of Fifi, Dave, Fev and Byron, which dropped 1.8 points to 7.6%.

Smooth FM’s Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen also saw a jump in audience improving 0.7 points to 7.0% – putting the station in fourth position for breakfast radio.

Meshel Laurie and Matt Tilley managed to jump 0.2 points for Kiis FM, taking them to an audience share of 6.3%, ahead of Gold 104.3’s 6.2%.

Despite its loss in breakfast radio and overall audience share, Fox FM still managed to hold the top spot for its drive program with Hamish and Andy’s 10 years in 10 weeks topping the pile. Despite falling a considerable 3.1 points – the duo still managed an overall audience share of 11.7%.

Melbourne radio ratings survey 1 2017. Mon-Fri and breakfast audience share. Source: GfK

Smooth FM’s Byron Webb crept up 1.9 points coming in second, improving from last survey’s 8.2% to 10.1%.

Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold managed 9.4% for Nova’s drive program jumping 1.4 points, ahead of Gold’s Gavin Miller who managed 7.2%.

Triple M The Rush Hour with JB & Billy dropped 0.2 points to 6.5%, narrowly beating Kiis FM’s Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek’s 6.4%.

The afternoon segment also saw Smooth FM take the top spot jumping 1.1 points to 11.0% ahead of Fox FM’s 10.1%. Gold and Triple M tied for third spot with 9.8% – leaving Kiis FM’s new co-hosts Rebecca Judd and Yumi with 6.8%, down 1.3 points.

The AM battle saw the success of 3AW continue as it managed an overall audience share of 13% despite dropping 0.7 points, while 774 AM jumped 0.2 points in overall audience share to 9.8%.

In breakfast, 3AW held its top spot with a whopping 18.3% although it fell 0.6 points from the last survey, while 774 ABC jumped 0.1 points to 13.3%.

3AW’s success continued in drive although it did drop to 9.4% from 10% last survey, still managing a win over 774 ABC’s 8.7%.

Brisbane: Robin Bailey boosts Triple M breakfast after station switch in Brisbane

Brisbane’s 97.3FM appears to have paid a high price for dumping breakfast host Robin Bailey late last year, with the station losing the breakfast lead in FM to Hit105.

Triple M announced Bailey would join the network late last year

Hit surged three points to a share of 11.9% to win breakfast, but Triple M – which grabbed the jobless Bailey after she was dumped and partnered her with Greg Martin and Ed Kavalee – was not far behind, up 2.9 points to 11.8%.

97.3FM slumped two points from a dominant 13.1% share in the last survey to drop to third place behind Triple M.

Brisbane radio ratings survey 1 2017. Total audience share. Source: GfK

In December Australian National Radio Network content director Duncan Campbell told Mumbrella Bailey would not be a factor in ARN’s failure or success in the next radio ratings survey and he could not “see the fit” for Bailey at her new network.

“It’s very much at odds with the Triple M format and their content offering, up against Formula 1, cricket and NRL. I just don’t see the fit but maybe I’m missing something,” Campbell said.

The Nova breakfast team of Ash Bradnam, Kip Wightman and David Lutteral were joined by Susie O’Neill for 2017 but the revamp failed to inspire with the station down 1.5 points in breakfast to a 10.7% share.

ABC 612 tied with Hit 105 for breakfast share, with its audience stagnant on 11.9%.

Brisbane radio ratings survey 1 2017. Mon-Fri and breakfast audience share. Source: GfK

97.3FM’s woes continued in drive down 1.9 points to 11.5%, while Hamish and Andy on Hit105 moved ahead of Nova’s Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold with a 0.5 point increase to take the top spot with a 14.7% share.

Despite the losses in breakfast, drive and evenings, 97.5FM managed to hold on to the number one slot overall, finishing the survey with a 12.5% share, down 1.2 points. Hit105 came in second with a share of 11.2% (up 0.8 points) and Nova managed to hold on to third place, despite a drop of 1.6 points to 11%. Triple M’s overall share was up 1.3 points to 10.6%.

Adelaide: Mix’s drive time climbs back to third place

Mix102.3’s drive program with Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek has returned to third place with a share of 12.1% behind Triple J’s 12.2% and Nova91.9’s 12.7%.

Hughes and Langebroek – who were in the top spot August last year, but finished the last survey of 2016 in fourth position – gained 2.7 ratings points in survey one of 2017, while Triple J had a 4.6 point increase.

Adelaide radio ratings survey 1 2017. Total audience share. Source: GfK

Mix’s breakfast program with Jodie & Soda showed a slight increase, gaining 0.3 points to bring its share to 11.5%.

The new addition of Hayley Pearson to Nova’s breakfast show with Lewis & Lowe helped the station increase by 0.7 points to a 9.4% share.

Nova’s latest breakfast results are equal to Triple M’s breakfast program Roo & Ditts, who slipped 0.3 points to a 9.4% share.

Triple J’s new breakfast offering, Ben & Liam helped the station gain 2.3 ratings points, to bring their share to 8.2%.

Adelaide radio ratings survey 1 2017. Mon-Fri and breakfast audience share. Source: GfK

While Mix’s overall share dropped 0.9 points to 12%, it still managed to hold the top spot ahead of Nova’s 10.3%, Triple J’s 9.2% and Triple M’s share of 9.2%.

ABC 891 slipped by 1.0 points in survey one, bringing its audience share to 10.9%. The station saw a 0.5 decline a loss of 3.3 ratings points in drive time.

Perth: Mix wins first survey, but Nova dominates in drive

The first survey of the year has left Mix 94.5 ahead of competitors Nova 93.7 and Hit 92.9, despite an overall 1.4 share point decline.

However, due to Mix’s slip in drive, Nova’s Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold have nabbed the top spot.

Perth radio ratings survey 1 2017. Total audience share. Source: GfK

Mix’s 14.3% share was down by 1.4 points from the seventh survey of 2016 – where the station commanded a share of 15.7% – but remained ahead of Nova’s 12.4% share and Hit’s 9.4% share.

Nova was the only one of the three biggest competitors to show an increase in ratings, gaining 0.6 points.

Mix’s drive program with Lisa and Pete dropped 2.6 ratings points, with a total share of 14%.

The seventh survey of 2016 saw Lisa and Pete lose 1.8 points, slipping to a share of 16.6%.

Mix’s ongoing decline in drive-time ratings has put Nova just ahead of Mix, with Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold achieving a share of 14.1% following a 0.4 point increase in ratings.

Perth radio ratings survey 1 2017. Mon-Fri and breakfast audience share. Source: GfK

Despite the loss in drive, Mix’s Clairsy, Matt & Kymba held the top spot ahead of Nova and Hit at breakfast, with a 1.3 ratings point increase for the first survey of the year.

The breakfast program had a total share of 13.8%, just ahead of Nova’s 12.7% and Hit’s share of 8.6%.

Hit’s breakfast offering with Heidi, Will and Woody saw a 1.8 point loss while Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun showed grew by 0.4, shortening the gap with Mix.

On AM, ABC 720 dominated with a 1.6 ratings point increase, bringing its share to 10.7%. 6PR suffered a slight drop, losing 0.9 points. The slip brought the channel’s share to 7.3%.


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