Roadshow Entertainment to distribute BBC Worldwide DVD’s

BBC Worldwide has appointed Roadshow Entertainment to promote and distribute its DVD business in Australasia, in a five year contract  starting July 1 2012. 

The announcement:


Under the terms of the new deal, Roadshow will be the exclusive distributor of the entire BBC Worldwide DVD and Blu-ray catalogue in Australia and New Zealand for the next five years from 1 July 2012, as well as holding non-exclusive rights to BBC Worldwide DVDs in other parts of Australasia. Roadshow will also be responsible for the marketing and publicity of the product and will be re-teamed with the ABC to support the vast line up of BBC programs that appear on the national broadcaster’s channels

The agreement ensures that Australian and New Zealand audiences can continue to access the best of British programs across all genres held in the BBC catalogue. Recent top selling titles include Frozen Planet, Doctor Who, Sherlock, the Royal Wedding, Planet Earth and Life (also winner of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association award for best specialist title).

The relationship with Roadshow will be managed by Amanda McGregor, BBC Worldwide Australia’s Director of Brands, Consumers and New Ventures.

Says Amanda McGregor: ‘DVDs are an extremely important part of our business in Australasia, and we’re delighted to be continuing our relationship with Roadshow, who have proved that the DVD business is very healthy if you have a quality product and distribute it with expertise and flair. Roadshow is a trusted partner with a deep passion for our programming and strong empathy with the BBC’s values. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Roadshow in creating engaging and innovative ways to extend consumers’ enjoyment of our brands’.

Says Chris Chard, Roadshow Entertainment’s Managing Director: ‘The sustained growth of the BBC label across Australasia is one of the great success stories in the Home Entertainment industry and our new agreement signals the start of the next exciting chapter in our relationship with BBC Worldwide. I am particularly pleased that we will be also be teaming with the ABC again, as our collaborative efforts have provided a unique and strategic platform upon which the BBC label has grown.’

Lynley Marshall of ABC Commercial adds: ‘ABC Commercial is pleased to be again teaming with Roadshow Entertainment to promote the BBC label in the territory. This is a continuation of the ABC’s extensive relationship with the BBC which has flourished over many years.’

Source: BBC Worldwide press release



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