Dr Mumbo

Sell me this pen. Okay, don’t

vodafone galaxy noteRemember the days when copywriting for print ads was an artform? Something that a creative team took pride in?

Let’s take a look at this Vodafone ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note3 which ran in the weekend papers.

Dr Mumbo can’t help but visualise the  team taking one look at the brief, realising they had to sell a product with a stylus and basically giving up. Or perhaps the brief came in five minutes before the ad needed to go to press so they didn’t have any time to get an idea or an insight.

Which is ironic, given that a favourite interview question for a sales candidate is “Sell me this pen…”

Still, if you’re a loser with an imaginary girlfriend, then this is totally the phone for you…

vodafone copy

Here’s some help, guys…




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