Live blog: The ads of the Super Bowl

As the US celebrates one of the biggest sporting events on earth, the Super Bowl XLVIIISuper_Bowl_XLVIII_logo today, the eyes of the advertising world move to the ad breaks, with 30 second spots on Fox costing $4m a pop.

From 10.30am to 2pm EDST. The Hallway’s managing partner Jules Hall joined Mumbrella for a live blog to give us their thoughts on the new campaigns as they happened.

We posted all the ads we could get our hands on right here, and you can get involved via the comment thread below, or on Twitter using the #MumboSuperBowl hashtag.

For those interested in the football the match pits the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos.

2:10pm: Triumph for the Seahawks but what was the best ad?

There is a lot of love for Budweiser, Doritos and Coca Cola on Twitter. Let us know what you think in the comment thread below.

@elidundas One country, many voices. Coca Cola’s spot might be my fave tonight. #SuperBowl #commercials

@dea7rko 2m Budweiser ‘puppy love’ commercial is the cutest thing ever! I love their commercials every year! #bestbuds #SuperBowl

@KwanzaaKid @SimoneDevi: Doritos always takes it w/ the #SuperBowl commercials Of course if u market using cute kids it’s a win-win. (and cute dogs!)

2:03: Doritos’ final spot for the 2014 Super Bowl features a Cowboy Kid riding his dog like a pony.

1:59: What do you think of GoDaddy’s latest Super Bowl spot? Let us know in the comment thread below.

The DDB Sydney team said: ” One of the better spots so far. Simple, funny to watch, well directed, good use of music, and a shift in overall production values that has made us see Go Daddy in a better light.”

1:56: Twitter is loving Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ commercial.

@Ms_JArce: Cutest commercial ever puppy love by Budweiser #puppy #horse #Bestpals #SuperBowlCommercials
@MachelleGrimes: Budweiser finally came through. #superbowlads #superbowlcommercials
@jdugas627: I’ve watch that @Budweiser commercial like 10 times and it still draws some tears. #socute #labpuppiesrock #SuperBowI

1:53: The Butterfinger ad has made some viewers feel a little, uncomfortable…

‏@Home_Halfway So….Butterfinger wants to bang my wife? @JaydenLee32 That awkward moment when you realize they butterfinger commercial was implying a threesome… @baseballcrank I’d never thought of a Butterfinger as a metaphor for adultery before… @poniewozik That’s the best dirty insinuation you can make about your product? And it’s called “BUTTERFINGER”???
@baseballcrank I’d never thought of a Butterfinger as a metaphor for adultery before… ‏@dannyboi965 Real uncomfortable with the Butterfinger threesome commercial… @TheJWittz Nothing has made me more uncomfortable than this #ButterFinger ad… @struglyfe Butterfinger ad plays on stereotype, power dynamic of wife as emotionally dissatisfied in marriage #NotBuyingIt

1:51: The spot for Dannon Oikos features some of the guys from ‘Full House’.

1:46: T-Mobile follows up its Tebow ads with a more simple ad which features text across a pink background.

@cookiecaloia: Best #superbowlcommercials: T-Mobile (“Break up with your carrier”) All type, quiet, simple. on point. Witty at the end. Broke the clutter.

The DDB Sydney team said: “The simple text on pink background actually stood out for us. The idea of not using a celeb is potentially a very strong way to demonstrate a commitment to paying off people’s contracts but this goes against their earlier commercials.”

1:45: The Heinz ad is a favourite, but apparently they are not employing their own advice when it comes to tapping the ketchup bottle.

Lesley – Mumbrella – Love the simplicity of the Heinz spot – it just made me smile! @Smashleyy_14 The ketchup commercial is still my favorite so far. Although the Full House yogurt one comes in close second. #SuperBowlCommercials ‏@mattapuzzo Thats not even the best way to get ketchup out of the Heinz bottle, according to Heinz. Tap the 57. ‏@JasonFalls And I’m disappointed in Heinz. Real users know you tap the 57s, not the bottom. #knowyourbrand

1:38: Twitter seems to be in a state of shock after viewing the SodaStream commercial featuring Scarlett Johansson.

@brittboyse: um, @SodaStreamUSA ? You should have the drunk @jcpenney tweeters write your next commercial. It’d be better. #superbowlcommercials
@nikilikeafox: SodaStream’s the new GoDaddy? #superbowlcommercials

1:30: JC Penny attributed typos in its tweets to “tweeting with mittens”. A twitter follower said: ‏@stefanjbecket I’m tweeting this wearing mittens and it’s not that hard.

JC Penny superbowl tweet


1:25: Here’s some more ads from the first half of the Super Bowl:

1:24: M&M’s teased audiences in the lead-up to to Super Bowl with an ad which saw the Yellow M&M get abducted. This is what happened next.

This is what the DDB Sydney team had to say about the spot: “The best ever M&Ms ad with those M&Ms characters that we’ve seen in an ad for M&Ms!”

1:21: This is what Jules Hall had to say on the Axe commercial: “Make love not war was seen as a surprising change of direction for Axe when it launched a couple of weeks ago. But is the move from sex to romance really such a big move? Or is it just a natural and contemporary evolution?  What’s really nice is the use of the hashtag activation #kissforpeace.  A billboard in Times Square broadcasts the pictures in real time.  Its topical, its compelling – and its clearly resonating with a lot of people.”

1:22: As much as people like the bear, they haven’t forgotten Chobani’s recent recall after 300 people got sick.

@GUNNARSjem: Ummm…isn’t Chobani the yogurt that was recalled for mold last month? #bearygross

@LSchneider_22: Did anyone else notice that the chobani yogurt was not being refrigerated…#superbowl

A bear ‏@A_single_bear: The only time I have eaten @Chobani was when I found it in a dumpster behind @Walgreens. I do not think anyone was watching me. I am a bear.

1:18: Twitter is loving Honda’s ad featuring Bruce Willis in which he suggests viewers need to give their family a hug. Would you hug Bruce Willis?

 ‏@ChariMayo: Confused Bruce Willis #Honda #superbowlcommercials
@KimboNotKimmy: Bruce Willis + Fred Armisen for @Honda = #bromance (or #hugfest if you’re going with the hashtag of their choice)
@Jenea1117: Lol Bruce Willis just gave a bunch of people the perfect flirting opportunity #superbowlcommercials

1.14: Bob Dylan is getting a lot of love on Twitter for the Chobani commercial and the Chrysler ad.

@bradherold: Whoa, now Bob Dylan himself showed up? Move over Chobani, it’s Chrysler!

@erinisasellout: I’ll bet Chobani is kicking themselves for spending all that money on a Dylan song when Chrysler just went ahead and bought Dylan

‏@SiobhanMoroney3: Bob Dylan’s legacy: shilling for Chobani yoghurt and Chrysler.

1:10: Chrysler draws on Bob Dylan for its Super Bowl ad with mixed results for Twitter viewers.

@SportsExec13: Sorry @Chrysler, but Dylan lacked the drama of Eminem and Clint. You just set the bar too high. #superbowlcommercials
@TPLamb: I know I’m biased, but that #chrysler ad is the best so far. #superbowlcommercials
@EEllisThomas: Bob Dylan and Chrysler? Whoa. #superbowlcommercials
‏@hshiau: Bob Dylan in the longest Super Bowl Commercial ever. I took a nap and it was still on. #SuperBowl #superbowlcommercials
The DDB Sydney team said: “We were expecting a little more, given their Super Bowl efforts of recent years.”

1:03: Here’s Jules Hall’s thoughts on the Audi ad: “Interesting outing for Audi US, who have gone for some CGI-led humour to dramatise the lack of ‘compromise’ in their products. Its a somewhat formulaic approach, but it has some memorable visuals. And Twitter is loving it.”

The DDB Sydney team said: “Considering ‘why compromise?’ is a well-trodden path in adland, this isn’t a bad spot at all.”

1:01: Budweiser have gone with an emotional Super Bowl ad this year and it’s getting the appropriate reaction on Twitter.

@talkradio200: “A Hero’s Welcome.” Bravo, @Budweiser #superbowlcommercials
@Swthghheel: One Of The Best #superbowlcommercials #Budweiser Coming Home! #Military
@OutOfTimeProd: #Budweiser is a tearjerker. 7/10 #superbowlcommercials
‏@MokubaCosplayer: Budweiser’s homecoming commercial…it made me tear up…they just unleashed a big onion on me!! #superbowlcommercials

12:59: Heinz have been busy tweeting during the Super Bowl and now here is there ad, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

12:57: Fan of the Matrix? Morpheus made an appearance in an ad for Kia.

@AfroGentei: Seen Morpheus & thought a another matrix was coming. #superbowlcommercials #hopescrushed

12:55: This is what Jules Hall had to say on the Scientology commercial: “I don’t think it would be appropriate to comment….their Sydney HQ is just down the road from the agency.  I wouldn’t want them to misconstrue my views.”

12:54: The bear wants Chobani, so bad he’s willing to pay for it.
Gregg Scott ‏@greggnog @adriennemarie11 Monster Chobani ad. A good minute of Super Bowl exposure.

12:51: What do you think of the Axe commercial? Twitter is fairly divided on this one.

@DarthMode: That @AXE commercial just made me want to commit a hate crime. #SuperBowlXLVIII #SuperBowlCommercials #KissForPeace
@BookHailey: Loved that Axe commercial!!! All the peeps at my house got a huge kick outta that!!!! #GoHawks #SuperBowI #SwagItOut #superbowlcommercials

12:50: Here’s what Jules Hall had to say about Toyota’s ad featuring Terry Crews and The Muppets:

“With the combined charisma of Terry Crews and The Muppets, Toyota could have easily extended their spot to 3 minutes. Instead, the muppets themselves are live tweeting throughout the Super Bowl. Nice coup and one of the more interesting automotive efforts so far.”

12:48: Jules Hall from The Hallway is still with with us, here’s his thoughts on the Pepsi and the Coke ads:

“Two brands that are no stranger to this stage.  And two very different approaches.  Pepsi have built all of their work around their sponsorship of the half time show.  Its about music, its got a bit of edge, its youthful.  And not surprisingly, their hashtag (#halftime) has just taken off…it being half time(!)…the question is does Pepsi “own” half time or is their hashtag just a great way to get some big numbers in their post campaign report?” he said.

 “Coke on the hand has created a modern, multicultural spot but with the controversial twist of a multi–lingual sound track celebrating the diversity of what it means to be American in 2014.  Its a brave approach and its polarising the social interwebs.”

12:45: Twitter loved Tim Tebow’s appearance in the first T Mobile ad and they’re still loving him in the second part of the series.

@meeshbabs2: Who would’ve thought Tim Tebow would be winning the Super Bowl? #lolololololol #superbowlcommercials
@E_NiColeG: Who knew Tim Tebow was funny! #NoContract? I’m still sticking with Sprint though. #superbowlcommercials

12:44: GoldieBlox’s spot during the second half of the Super Bowl has many on Twitter happy.

@jlyn1976: Yes! #goldieblox is the best commercial yet! Love that a quality #kickstarter company is part if the #superbowlcommercials

@KeeshaB: Loved the @goldieblox spot. #whorunstheworld #brandbowl #superbowlcommercials

12:40: Audi’s ‘Dobauaua’ commercial has the seal of approval from Twitter.

@cfrieberg: Lol! Doberwawa! #superbowlcommercials
@WilliamsJohnM: Dobauaua. Best commercial. #SuperbowlCommercials
@BBlankenheim: The @Audi commercial is the best so far. #superbowlcommercials #audicommercial

12:32 Scientology’s choice to take out a commercial during the Super Bowl seems to be confusing most viewers on Twitter:

@soysenoirB: Scientology huh? Somewhere Tom Cruise is rolling in his coffin. #illuminatiAd #superbowlcommercials
@mrdarkk: Did the frigging Church of Scientology really take out a commercial for #SB48 Seriously Tom Cruise???? #superbowlcommercials
@KCBoyd3: OMG A #scientology ad a #superbowlcommercials This is a nutty-nut nation. #religion #craycray

12:28: The DDB Sydney team have been busily watching the ads and here’s some of their thoughts:

“The Radio Shack commercial is a a brand admitting that their stores have become dull and uninspiring which is a pretty brave stance to take so think it could have deserved a slightly better ad when taking this approach.

:The Wonderful Pistachios – Maybe not overly wonderful, but so far, it appears as one of the best of a somewhat ordinary bunch this year

“The Coke commercial is a bit overly sentimental but is not a bad way to effectively capture the cultural diversity of today’s America”

Do you agree? Let us know in the comment thread below.

12:27 Twitter users still remain unimpressed with 2014’s Super Bowl ads.

@AugieHolekamp: Disappointed in the commercials so far #superbowlcommercials
@trixy17: So far these #superbowlcommercials get a D. They suck so far.
@DerekZwick: These commercials are terrible! The only one that has impressed me so far is Transformers #Dinobots #ageofextinction #superbowlcommercials
@bryantcs: The same fucking commercials over and over. They’re not even that good. #superbowlcommercials #SuperBowl #SuperBowlXLVIII

12:23: Heinz is getting in on the Super Bowl action with a number of strategic Tweets during the game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.25.30 PM

12:21: Twitter are still talking about this one…perhaps its because it features David Beckham in his underwear.

12:16: As Bruno Mars entertains the crowd and viewers, here’s some more Twitter feedback on the ads of the Super Bowl for 2014.

@SSnatter: Had to rewind multiple times to see the Seinfeld commercial. Is B. mars done yet? #SuperBowl #superbowlcommercials #getalife
@Jodi_BioCyber: Halftime, and I must say I am very disappointed with the commercials so far. #superbowlcommercials
@MsModelMouse: These #superbowlcommercials suck! $3million for what?!
@ChrisMarieGreen: Some of these companies should have used the ad agency on The Crazy Ones… #superbowlcommercials

12:13: Jerry Seinfeld appears in a commercial for the new Acura.

Here’s some of the Twitter feedback on this ad and the others:

@TweeterSchmeter: So far, best #superbowlcommercials was Seinfeld! Hands down.
 ‏@susanbking: 5 best #superbowlcommercials at halftime: Cheerios, Coke, Pistachios, H&M (oh hey David Beckham) and… these have all been pretty weak.
@cpkinney: That was what all the Seinfeld hype was about? A commercial about nothing. #superbowlcommercials
@thatmikehill: What’s more expensive, price of the air time or paying some of these stars to be in the #superbowlcommercials @TheEllenShow @JerrySeinfeld

12:06: Jeep’s Super Bowl ad is getting some positive feedback from viewers on Twitter.

@MLEcatalano:Wow- Great copy writing in that #jeep ad. Best script so far I think. #superbowlcommercials #brandbowl

12:00pm: Who doesn’t love The Muppets? According to Twitter, no one.

@highwater7483: @TheMuppets + @RealTerryCrews = Best commercial yet. #superbowlcommercials
@mellowfury: Terry Crews + Electric Mayhem = perfection. #superbowlcommercials
Well, one person hates the Muppets but seemed to still love the ad: @james_slote Tweeted: “I hate the muppets. But that Terry Crews Toyota commercial was funny #superbowlcommercials

11:58: Here’s what Jules Hall has to say on the VW ‘Wings’ commercial: “It’s unlikely anything will ever beat Darth Vader Kid as far as VW Super Bowl efforts, but this year’s ‘Wings’ has some funny bits. Strange though, that all VW’s engineers appear to be men – and twitter has noticed.”

11:54: Coke’s commercial has made some on Twitter cry, did you react in the same way?

@bubbaradilloThis coke commerical tugging on my heart strings #NoJoke #superbowlcommercials
@dougmcoleTerrible Coke, just terrible. #superbowlcommercials
@hipsfish: @CocaColaCo Nice job! #superbowlcommercials #SB48
 ‏@Maxwyfe: Coke plays the patriotic card #superbowlcommercials
@joerac1: Hey @CocaColaCo thanks for that, you just ensured that I will be drinking @pepsi from now on #sb48 #superbowlcommercials

11:52: On the Radioshack commercial Jules Hall said: “Quite a bold strategy for RadioShack to address the perception they’re from 1988, but what a way to bring that strategy to life! Hulk Hogan, Cliff from Cheers, Teen Wolf, Dee Snider and even a Delorean make it into their cast of 80s icons. Fitting soundtrack too.”

11:47: Twitter is busy laughing at the Wonderful Pistachio spots featuring Stephen Colbert.

@ChelseaPompeani2m: “HAHA #stephencolbert #wonderfulpistachio#SuperBowlCommercials

@retrohippie953m: “Lmao that pistachio

11:45: @fractech2m: “My favorite #superbowlcommercials ? The VW angel wings commercial is winning. #SuperBowl”

11:41: On the Cheerios ad, Jules Hall said: “I’m sure there was an idea in there at some stage – just seems to have been misplaced somewhere between the concept presentation and going to air.”

11:38: While many on Twitter are loving this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads, there is a number of users tweeting their disappointement.

@EDuvalljr1m: WTH happened to the good #SuperBowlCommercials thus far not too impressive
@edsiegel2m: Yes!! RT @amaranthinekm: commercials suck! #superbowlcommercials
@LeAnn02175m: So far disappointed with the #superbowlcommercials

11:36: Jules Hall said: “As GoDaddy’s ad goes to air, Newcastle Brown Ale follow up with their storyboard of how they would have made it”.

 “You’ve got to hand it to them, this is a smart way of piggy backing the SuperBowl without paying the big bucks,” Hall said.


11:31: Twitter has reacted positively to T Mobile’s Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow.

@KaitKDevine3m: “OK Tim Tebow, that was pretty funny, you might not be so bad #superbowlcommercials

@kris_mares7m: “Tim Tebow using his unemployment as the funny of a commercial. Nothing like laughing at yourself! #SuperBowlCommercials

11:28: @SocialSimmy3m Tweeted: “I miss the outrageous and entertaining @GoDaddy that we used to know. #Advertising #SuperBowlXLVIII #superbowlcommercials

11.23: Mumbrella reader holds head in hands expresses his disappointment that the Australia Doritos ad was beaten. He said: “that shit beat Finger Cleaner? There truly is no justice.”

11.20: Jules Hall said: “Newkie brown continue to build the hype on twitter…directly calling out brands and the fact they’ll be re-working their ads….but nothing live, as yet, on their website –“.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 11.22.38 AM


11:19: On Twitter: @BenDeLoach13m: “I love that Cheerios put the same interracial couple on another commercial for the Super Bowl! #cheerios #bold” and @SAGriffinMusic4m: “Love that #cherrios commercial, little girl was so cute! #superbowlcommercials“.

11:18: @Fay_gan3m Tweeted: “And good commercial by RadioShack. struggling to rebrand, but maybe this’ll be their year. #superbowlcommercials

@McLean_Don1m: “Seeing Alf in a commercial made my night! Thank you @RadioShack! #superbowlcommercials

11.14:  Jules Hall speculates on the theme of story telling in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. He said: “With a multi-part series we get to follow a bloke who gets picked up by girl…she gives him a Budlight and a choice…the story plays out throughout the match.  But, you have to ask…is our man Ian really (really, really?) not an actor???”

11.11: @chelseasj2m Tweeted about the Beats Music commercial: “How #beatsmusic got @TheEllenShow to wear a headband with a bow is what I want to know #toofunny #superbowlcommercials


11:04: Jules Hall said: “The winner of the Doritos ad contest has been decided, and its no joy for Australia’s Thomas Noakes and his ‘Finger Cleaner’ – pipped at the post by ‘Time Machine’’ (despite ‘Finger Cleaner’ having scored 2.8million views on YouTube vs ‘Time Machines’ 1.2million).  Gutted for you Thomas, but awesome achievement to have got so close.”

On Twitter the reaction was positive for the Doritos ad. @MissMeggs883m  Tweeted: “Best commercial so far? Doritos. Damn them and their crunchy goodness. #superbowlcommercials #SuperBowlXLVIII #newyearsdiet”

‏@TheJaneMcGarry1m Tweeted: “LOVE that Maserati commercial. #superbowlcommercials”

Twitter is appreciating the Turbo Tax commercial.
@datalexcdoe tweeted: “Well done @turbotax. Your commercial was on point. #onpoint #SuperBowlSunday #superbowlcommercials #SuperBowl”

10.28AM: Jules Hall: “As we get ready for the start of the match, Newcastle Brown Ale continue to build the anticipation…are we going to be seeing a new level of real-time activity this year?  The benchmark last year was Oreos (you can still dunk in the dark).  Is it about to be surpassed???”



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