TAC stunt reminds Victorians of those who won’t be at Christmas lunch this year

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission launched an experiential campaign at Melbourne’s Southbank today, featuring people who have been injured or lost loved ones in car crashes.

The centrepiece is a 60-metre long table with 257 place settings, representing the number of people who won’t be at Christmas lunch this year – because they have died on Victorian roads.

The campaign is a plea to the community to drive safely this Christmas and to share that message with the hashtag #aplacetoremember. Among those involved in the campaign were those affected by road accidents, who congregated at Ballarat Bridge Mall at a tribute site branded A Place to Remember.

The agencies behind the campaign were Grey Melbourne and experiential arm Graffiti.

Grey Melbourne’s ECD Michael Knox said: “The road toll can be a faceless statistic. We talk about it in numbers only. Maybe if we personalise it, maybe if we put it somewhere you can’t ignore, maybe then the message of drive safely this holiday season will sink in a little deeper.”



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