Talking ape replaces Billy Connolly in ING ad

Comedian Billy Connolly has been swapped for a talking orangutan called Charles as the spokesman for ING Direct.

The new campaign, created by Jack Watts Currie, begins today.

Christian Bohlke, ING Direct’s head of branding and communications, said: “Billy has been essential in building ING Direct to become a household brand, through Charles – who will be a customer of ING Direct – we will be able to get more specific about our offers and build on the full range of products and services we have to offer.”

During his association with the brand, Connolly was resistant to directly endorsing ING in the ads, preferring to make comical observations.

Jack Watts Currie MD Rob Currie  said: “in Charles we have a distinctive and consistent brand ambassador who certainly can’t be ignored. It’s brave work for a major financial brand and I applaud ING Direct for backing the new direction.”



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