Dr Mumbo

The bad news: Brit adland comedy has a cliché Aussie. The really bad news: He’s played by a Kiwi

The inevitable arrival in a few months time on Australian TV of UK-made adland sitcom The Persuasionists is going to be an interesting one.

Not least because whichever lucky network gets to show it (and being BBC-made that makes the ABC the likely candidate) is going to face a tricky one in how they promote the central Aussie character.

As Dr Mumbo reported a few days ago, the Australian agency boss is something of a cliche.

It probably doesn’t help that he’s played by Kiwi comedian Jarred Christmas. Somewhat unapologetically, he tells TNT magazine:

“I quite enjoyed it because they take the piss out of the Australian a bit and I keep my Kiwi accent, so I get the best of both worlds. It’s my little fuck-you to the Aussies, y’know, playing an Aussie but keeping the same accent. Maybe Aussies will kick up a fuss cos that’s what they do.”

However, he may have slightly more to apologise for in the writing. A sample:

“Australia is not ordinary. It’s God’s own country. It’s the Yorkshire of the Pacific Ocean.

“Have you ever worn shorts to a funeral? Have you ever seen a spider that could use a cash machine? Because that is Australia.

“Have you got a mate called Kangaroo Dick? On your fifth birthday did your dad give you a car door? Becasue that is Australia.

“You first summer job – did it involve punching a horse? Have you ever got so drunk you raped a crocodile? Does anyone in your family have a fencepost embedded in their skull? Have you ever been hit by a drunk driver while still asleep in bed? Because all of that is Australia.”



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