The best comments of 2012

In this roundup from the Encore and Mumbrella Annual, we look back at the seven best comments from the last 12 months.

1. “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Trollolololo on Coles’ remix of Normie Rowe: February 3

2. “I know this is going to get slammed but I bloody love it. It’s gone beyond sellout, beyond ironic and into some new realm of meta-advertising. It’s post-Cannesian.”

Cognitively Dissonant on Coles’ use of Status Quo: July 11

3. “I had the sad misfortune to have worked at one of these sites. The conduct, the unscrupulous behaviour, the desperation to make budget was something I’d never encountered. We were constantly in trouble with the ACCC, contravening counterfeit laws, grey importing etc. I can’t remember any customer ever being happy.”

Kudos offers a view from inside the bursting group buying bubble: November 14

4. “I took the iPad into the bathroom and read the comments and found it the most satisfying bathroom read ever. At almost 60 years of age… finding a nearby toilet is second only to finding things to read whilst in it and doubling the pleasure of the experience.”

Bobby Galinsky enjoys the battle between aspiring writer Matt Smith and The Daily Telegraph’s Joe Hildebrand: October 9

5. “I like to take advantage of my rights as a taxi passenger and ask every cab driver who has 2GB on the radio subliminally destroying their intellect and narrowing their minds to change channel. That’s really all the difference I can make. However, knowing that Alan Jones continues to broadcast under an ACMA licence makes me wonder what the hell ACMA is doing.”

EP on 2GB’s Alan Jones: September 12

6. “If you want to watch ‘broadcast-quality’ content – SOMEONE has to pay for it BEFORE it is made. Judging by the comments about how eager people are to get TV content within hours of original broadcast (or before), or to watch a decent Olympics broadcast, demand for quality content is still there if not greater than ever (not bad for a dead or doomed medium).”

John Grono on the copyright debate: August 6

7.  “Market researchers are fine, they take great pride in the rigour of their work. I have not met a shyster yet. Client side? Another story. Ignoring huge findings because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Adding two numbers together because they didn’t like the real one.”

Fred on the smoke and mirrors of market research: June 13

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