The people have spoken. And we’ve ignored them. It’s CommsCon. Not Mr Splashy Pants 2013

So yesterday we asked you what you thought of the name CommsCon for our forthcoming PR conference and awards.

Somewhat predictably, Mr Splashy Pants 2013 won by an overwhelming margin.

After careful thought, we’ve decided not to call the event that. It doesn’t entirely capture the gravitas we hope to bring to the occasion.

So we’ll be sticking with calling the communications conference “CommsCon.”

It was pretty much neck-and-neck with CommuniCon, which was the next choice.

commscon vote

However, the process has not been a wasted one. It has reassured me that if you don’t choose an utterly disastrous name, a brand becomes what you built into it. On this occasion, I’ve been reassured that it’s not an utterly disastrous name. So thanks for that and we’ll now set about building the brand.

And as for the person who commented: “This story is just a con to promote the event with new content about a non-existent controversy.”… well, you’re a very cynical person, aren’t you?

Although yes, yesterday’s piece did generate 10.4% of yesterday’s traffic. Thank you, Mr Splashy Pants.

We’ll be publishing our call for entries next week.

Tim Burrowes



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