We ask the CEOs: what advice can you offer those in your industry today?

Mumbrella had a chat with some of the biggest names behind the key agencies, brands and organisations and we bring to you the second in our two-part series entitled, We Ask The CEOs.

We had a fantastic response to our first We Ask The CEOs piece last week.

In this week’s second part, we’ve added some more CEOs into the mix, and asked the big question: what advice can you offer those in your industry today?

Grant Blackley | CEO & Managing Director – Southern Cross Austereo

Grant Blackley | Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director at Southern Cross Austereo:

Advice: We must all strive to work closer as an industry to achieve shared goals and create new and meaningful growth that is both profitable and sustainable. We must dare to innovate more. Resilience and an inquisitive mind are wonderful attributes and are enormously valuable.

Who – or what – inspires you?

I am inspired every day with stories I hear about the passion, determination, empathy and willingness to overcome both personal and business challenges in the myriad of communities SCA serves across Australia. This can range from communities hit with floods, drought, and fire to personal tragedies.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

On a business front, maximising the inevitable improvement in markets and respective performance. On a personal level – being present, engaged and ensuring our teams become more successful and engaged than they would ever have imagined.

What big industry story are you following this year?

The biggest story I will follow this year will be the pace of our collective return to normality, the resulting changes in the way our customers consume our content, and the opportunities this will afford us to drive even more meaningful engagement and commercial success.

Currently reading: Book – Daniel Silva – The Cellist. After a year of consuming hundreds of complex and detailed business reports, I value the time to personally escape and read a well-crafted story in my quiet time.

Nick Behr | CEO & Founder – Kaimera

Nick Behr | Chief Executive Officer & Founder – Kaimera: 

Advice: It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go as planned. However, the important thing is to learn valuable lessons from your mistakes and move forward quickly. Life is short (given the sad loss of a few great young men in our industry over the last year or two), it’s important that we seize the day, maintain a healthy work/life balance and enjoy the industry we are in. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice — it will help you succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to your colleagues, family, friends, or even a mentor or a coach. Be open-minded and willing to learn from anyone, because all of these people have something valuable to offer you.

Who – or what – inspires you?

Who – My dad inspires me. He’s honest, generous, and has a no-bullshit attitude to people who are full of it. What – The work we do in our industry is inspiring to me. There are a lot of opportunities to learn and grow in the field, but this information must be circulated to the younger generations embarking on a career in advertising and marketing fields. I believe that the media industry is a great place to build a career and make a difference in people’s lives.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

To provide and maintain our current portfolio of clients with immaculate service. Be the best place for people to work and for our business to continue to thrive. We hope to find great people to join us and help us grow.

What big industry story are you following this year?

Attention is a much-underrated metric in the media planning and buying process.

Currently reading: Right now I’m reading One Bright Moon by Andrew Kwong. A story about the recent history of China, how a young boy fled famine for freedom in Australia, written by my father-in-law. In addition, I get my daily news fix from respected mastheads including The Australian, AFR, and The Guardian — content produced by journalists that are experts in their field. This is an important part of my day and enables me to form my own opinions on all matters; whether they be political, cultural, or sporting.

Julie Flynn | CEO – AANA

Julie Flynn, CEO at the Australian Association of National Advertisers:

Advice: Stay focused on your people and develop capability. With values, goals, and core needs being re-evaluated, retaining staff is emerging as one of the key priorities for business in the coming year.

Who – or what – inspires you?
Outstanding women in our industry at every level! It’s great to see the industry taking a lead on diversity, equality, and inclusion issues reflecting the changes in our workforce and the wider community.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?
Our top priority is to generate value for our members through the lens of self-regulation, advocacy, excellence in marketing and professional development through our Capability programs. And we are committed to delivering amazing events to connect and inspire them.

Laura Aldington | CEO – Host/Havas

Laura Aldington, CEO of Host/Havas and h/commerce. Board Member at the Advertising Council Australia:

Advice: The best advice I can offer right now is to work hard and be nice to people. It makes for a pithy mantra whenever deadlines get closer, budgets get tighter, and tongues get sharper. In fact, it sits above my desk in a frame to remind me that, when all is said and done, I think this is the foundation of success, as true in life as it is in business. It is as simple (and as difficult) as that. Is this my best effort and am I being kind? If the answer is yes to both, it’s enough.

Who – or what – inspires you?

I know this sounds like a hollow cliché, but I really mean it. My team. I say it all the time, but it’s because it’s the truth. I reckon I have one of the most tenured, solid, and tight-knit leadership teams in the business, and as a result, one of the most resilient cultures. I’d like to take credit for it but really, I’m just so damn lucky in my role to co-exist with a bunch of talented, kind, and loyal humans who value integrity, respect, and having a laugh. I’ve faced down a bunch of personal and professional challenges in the last few years and they’ve kept me cheerful, focused, driven, and inspired.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

Same as it always is – be indispensable to our clients; deliver world class, effective work; maintain a thriving culture in which the team can outperform (with a strong focus on DE&I); continue to build and diversify our offering; and deliver a strong commercial performance. The basics, done brilliantly.

Sophie Madden | CEO – MFA

Sophie Madden | Chief Executive Officer at Media Federation of Australia:

Advice: I’ve always believed that how you treat people is important. Assuming positive intent, showing kindness and giving respect goes a long way, no matter who you are or your level of seniority. In times like now, when people are feeling extremely stressed and under pressure, a bit of kindness, taking the time to listen, showing empathy and supporting each other is even more important.

Who – or what – inspires you?

Overcoming adversity and using this to help others is incredibly inspirational to me. Individuals like Gill Hicks, one of the survivors of the 2005 London underground bombings, and Dylan Alcott, our 2022 Australian of the Year, are amazing examples of people who are doing great things to make the world better, with a humble grace, kindness and a lot of good humour. And is it too trite to say I’m also inspired and motivated by the people who surround me? I am constantly impressed by how clever, imaginative and versatile the people in our industry are. I feel lucky to be able to work with them.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

The MFA’s three main aims for 2022 are for the people in our industry to be growing and thriving in their careers and ultimately seeing a reduction in the industry vacancy and churn rates; to ensure we are equipped with the best tools, data and ways of working to deliver effective outcomes for clients and operational efficiency; and for agencies to be recognised and valued for the amazing work they do and the contribution they make to growing their clients’ businesses.

What big industry story are you following this year?

I am keeping a close eye on research and reporting that aims to analyse the impact of the pandemic on our economy, ways of working and health, and the impending federal election – all of which can have a significant flow-on effects on businesses and organisations, and all of us as individuals. More specific to our industry, two of the things I’ve always loved about media and marketing are the sheer pace of change and our ability to influence change. So of course, this means a vast number of topics to stay across and new ones always around the corner. Some of the key areas for me at the moment are further developments from the Government’s Digital Advertising Services Inquiries and Privacy reviews, both here and overseas. The outcomes of this work have significant impact on consumers, commerce and our industry operations. Also, I ensure I’m across all new and updated industry audience and effectiveness measurements. Finally, the topic that is on most of our minds at the moment is the challenge of talent attraction and retention. One of the biggest hurdles all businesses face, both here and overseas, is how to look after our people to ensure they are happy, healthy and thriving in their careers.

Currently reading: I’ve just finished reading Educated by Tara Westover. It’s a fascinating and at times shocking memoir of a woman’s life growing up in a fundamentalist Mormon family in Idaho, and her ultimate escape through education. I am in awe of the determination and bravery needed to secretly educate yourself and leave everything you know and those you love behind to start a new life. While it’s impossible to truly know what it was like growing up in that environment, it is an eye-opening read.

Steve O’Connor | CEO – JC Decaux

Steve O’Connor | CEO – JC Decaux:

Advice: A couple of years ago we reviewed our company values to help guide our employees behaviour: Take Ownership Better Together, Bravery Counts and Excellence always. Regardless of if they are your company values or not I think they are 4 very strong principles to help guide the way you work in a big company or small one. My view is if you are true to these it will help you succeed in your roles and help you navigate a successful career.

Who – or what – inspires you?

I watched the Australian of the Year Awards last Tuesday night and I was so inspired by the contribution the nominees and winners (and others) make to the betterment of our society. Its incredible what a massive difference once persons grit and determination can make to making the world a better place. When you get continually bombarded by negative and often dreadful stories in the media its fantastic to see how this is being counterbalanced by these positive acts and gives me faith the world and least in part is heading in the right direction because of these stewards.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

We put a big focus our people and culture in 2021 and that will be continued this year. We want to ensure JC Decaux is a great place to work and stands out as a media employer of choice especially when we’re all facing the so-called Great Resignation. We want our business to attract and retain the best talent and we know that people are looking for more than just paid employment. Last year we announced our updated flexible work policy, we started several employee-driven committees including for charity partnerships, sustainability, diversity and inclusion and our reconciliation action group. Our people are the heart of our business, they provide great customer service to our valued clients and we stay at the top of our game when are our people are happy and feel they have purpose at work beyond a good paycheque.

What big industry story are you following this year?

I think a big story I’m following this year that affects the out-of-home industry and pretty much any business really, is privacy and how businesses are dealing with the death of cookies and possible regulatory changes on the horizon in Australia. Last year Apple’s privacy changes created issues for online advertisers with the move to an opt-in model as opposed to opt out. Brands really felt the impact from this change. Now we see business looking for what that cookie replacement is going to be with tests around everything from opt-in/ first party data models, walled gardens, to handing more money over to Facebook for ads on their platform. It will be very interesting to watch this play out in 2022. What I can say is that for us, we see this as a big advantage – out-of-home will thrive in an era of great change to privacy, data and analytics. The beauty of the public screen in out-of-home media is that it has never relied on authenticating users in the way online advertising does. So for those marketers seeking reach and scale, they know where to look.

Currently reading: There was a show on the ABC narrated by Claudia Karvan recently called The Books That Made Us. There were a couple of classics which I hadn’t read so I decided to do so. I picked up Cloudstreet by Tim Winton. It’s an Australian great and I highly recommend it. I also decided to listen to the audio book Monkey Grip by Helen Garner – another great piece of Australian literature.

Laura Nice |  Co-CEO – OMD Australia

Laura Nice, Co-CEO – OMD Australia:

Advice: Be present with people – your clients, colleagues, friends, family and yourself. This is how we form deep relationships, and it offers us a moment of shared focus and meaning. From a human perspective, we need to look at how we connect with each other more than ever before so we can offer support where it’s needed, in a time that’s needed most. From a business perspective, if you’re constantly distracted then you lose your ability to focus on short and long-term objectives. Being present with your clients means you not only listen to what they say, but also what they’re not saying and how they’re saying it. Often the gold is found in focusing on the latter and gives us the opportunity to curiously ask deeper questions to find out more.

Who – or what – inspires you?

The 600+ OMDers who rally together, support one another and consistently deliver for our clients. They continue to inspire with their ideas, passion and ability to deliver, regardless of the challenges around us.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

Our focus will always be our people – whether that’s supporting them and their families during Covid or evolving their capability to deliver innovative solutions that drive our clients’ businesses forward. Continuing to focus on our product and the integration of this within our agency offering will be core to the plan, but importantly how we build and the deliver the plan together with our people.

Elgar Welch | CEO – Streem

Elgar Welch, CEO at Streem:

Advice: Perfection is the enemy of progress and customers want to know you’re constantly evolving – even if you aren’t doing that perfectly every minute of the day.

Who – or what – inspires you?

Scaling Streem as a business the last few years I took a lot from much bigger brands and organisations who went hard and didn’t look back. I look at very big businesses like Emirates Airlines who have leaders that made those companies into machines that refused to turn down and paid enormous attention to quality while scaling. It’s a pleasure to watch a company perform like that.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?
Our intention is to drive Streem as the #1 choice in our industry – something that hasn’t been done before vs. the legacy monopoly provider. We’ve had a highly productive last few weeks even over the break as we prepare to launch major new products in media monitoring, particularly realtime news measurement and social analytics. I’d like every organisation in Australia to take a good look at Streem and give strong consideration to making the move into something better and that’s a step ahead of its competitors. The team behind Streem are very committed to the comms industry and I think that’s showing in the product we continue to build out each day.

Shona Martyn | CEO – Walkley Foundation

Shona Martyn, CEO at the Walkley Foundation:

Advice: Ensure ethics, accuracy and honesty underpin all your work. Be proud of being a journalist and aspire for quality in all things.

Who – or what – inspires you?

I am inspired by the many women and men who are speaking up about bad things that have happened. Truth-telling is essential for change. The media has a vital responsibility in its coverage here.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

As the new CEO, I will be working with the board to build on the Walkley Foundation’s core mission of celebrating and supporting the best of Australian journalism while tackling the multitude of issues that face our industry from diversity to the challenges facing rural and regional journalism to the changing world in which we operate.

Damian Keogh | CEO – The Hoyts Group

Damian Keogh, CEO Hoyts Group – includes Val Morgan Cinema, Outdoor and Digital:

Advice: Developing skills and increasing knowledge and experience are keys to successful careers in every field. You can work on these individually but placing yourself in a workplace environment and culture that actively develops these is where you want to be investing your time.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m incredibly impressed with the resilience and positivity of our people across Hoyts and Val Morgan through a couple of challenging years. Equally our new and young talent in the business is really inspiring. As leaders we need to harness this talent in a positive way for their development and for good business outcomes into the future.

What is your businesses main aim for 2022?

Amid the pandemic our focus on the safety, wellbeing and flexibility for our people has been at the forefront. Building on that we want to double down on learning and development across the business in 2022. We are investing more in online video learning as well as getting back to conference situations to build culture and provide focused learning environments. We know good people are going to be a more precious commodity in the short term. We have strong confidence in our business recovery as seen by the December box office led by Spiderman exceeding pre pandemic numbers. At the same time we will need to continue to be agile as we navigate some uncertainty ahead.

Peter Bosilkovski | Ex-CEO – Clemenger BBDO Sydney, Leo Burnett

Pete Bosilkovski, Ex-CEO Clemenger BBDO Sydney:

Advice: Have more guts. Creativity is a brand’s unfair advantage in the world, and at times we dilute it, water it down, adding to the pollution. We work in such an amazing industry and when we push the envelope, we have the ability to create engaging, moving, provocative and entertaining ideas that make brands famous. Unfortunately fear and risk are two words that tend to dominate most decisions. It would be nice to see more brands, doing more interesting work that people talk about.

Who – or what – inspires you?

My wife Jen. She is a force. Her successful events business of 7 years disappeared in two weeks due to COVID. It was gut-wrenching and incredibly tough seeing her go through those times, however, I’ve learnt that a person’s character isn’t defined by the great times, it’s defined by how one responds when the chips are down. We have two beautiful fearless girls, Harper 8 and Taylor 12, and I’m so glad they have got to experience Jen’s incredible, optimistic attitude, resilience and ethos on life. Although Jen’s business has disappeared, the experience has changed her, it’s made her stronger. And her influence on our two girls, has been unbelievable.

Richard Brett | CEO – Ogilvy Network

Richard Brett, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy Network:

Advice: Keep learning and keep being curious. Everything is changing so fast. So keep ensuring that you are plugged into the trends, the latest technologies and the new thinking. It’s harder and harder to be a generalist as our industry gets more and more complicated, so decide which industry, or specialist area of marketing, you love, and work hard to be an absolute expert in that area.

Who – or what – inspires you?

I’ve been extremely interested in all the advances we are making in space technology and exploration recently; whether that be the James Webb Telescope, the latest ‘moonrush’ or our ambitions into the outer solar system. With all the bad news out there are at the moment, these advances remind us all of what humanity really can achieve. This next decade will be a really exciting time, as these new scientific tools and adventures potentially answer some very fundamental questions about our reality. Professor Brian Cox I think is a fascinating individual, who takes mind-blowing concepts about the universe and our existence and makes them incredibly engaging. In essence he is a great storyteller, which is essential to our craft.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

Our main aim is to keep ensuring that Ogilvy is a happy and rewarding place to work with a strong collaborative culture, great flexibility and outstanding benefits – a place where people come to learn, grow and work on some of the most exciting and progressive brands locally and internationally. We have to navigate the new world of work; embrace a hybrid approach, but ensure a great culture and sense of connection to colleagues. We will work hard to keep our best talent and to attract fantastic new candidates as we hire and expand the team as we grow out of the pandemic.

Vuki Vujasinovic | CEO – Sling & Stone

Vuki Vujasinovic | CEO, Sling & Stone:

Advice: Focus — pick a lane, and focus on it. Don’t try and be all things to all people.
Care — give a stuff about who you work for and with. There are too many people in our industry who shrug when you ask them what companies or causes they want to represent.
Flex — more than ever, if you try and do things the way they’ve always been done, ‘just because’, you’ll be limiting the impact of your work, the success of your clients, and your career. Adaptability will win.

Who – or what – inspires you?

The leaders of the new group we’ve joined, who we’re already learning so much from. Joanne Parker at VCCP Business, David Parkinson at Method, Ellie Thompson at Harvard, and Robin Hamilton at inEvidence. They’ve created something special and we’re excited to be building and growing the next great global tech agency together with them.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

We had 30 incredible new teammates join Sling & Stone last year across our four countries — Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Singapore. We’re going to hire at least that amount this year so we’re very focused on bringing in the best talent, and nurturing our existing team of Slingers with the best career and growth opportunities they can get. New global opportunities for everyone, world class clients, paid parental leave, a focus on mental wellness and lots more.

Anthony Svirskis | CEO – Tribe

Anthony Svirskis, CEO at Tribe:

Advice: I think most people are accepting that the pandemic will some become an endemic. If you are still using energy pushing against it, it’s time to spend that energy being agile with it.

Who – or what – inspires you?
The staff at Tribe provide continual motivation, energy and inspiration. I love reading slack threads about the various challenges, wins and ideas that come from our amazing teams around the world.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?
Continued growth in the US. Tribe entered that market a couple of years ago, and the team we have and traction we’re seeing is extremely pleasing. The headroom in that market is huge and our US customers approach technology and innovation in a different way to our other markets. It’s a truly exciting opportunity for the business.

Michael Fishwick | CEO – VMG

Michael Fishwick | CEO – VMG:

Don’t take it all too seriously, learn your craft and cast a wide net. We all have a tendency to hyper focus on our chosen craft, but it’s a really diverse industry. I’d love for our industry to be taken a little more seriously outside of itself, especially in relation to modern-day boardrooms.

Who – or what – inspires you?
I try and take inspiration from as many areas as possible. I’m a big believer in trying to maintain a growth mindset and learning from others or the experience of others. By doing so, I believe you naturally find inspiration in who or what you surround yourself with. As I write this piece, one of our clients at our talent agency Aspire, Dylan Alcott finished his tennis career. While Dylan unfortunately didn’t get the AO finals win he’d hoped for, the manner in which he carried himself last night and throughout his life is inspiring. I do also tend to reference or use themes from people and things that have inspired me since I was young. For example JFK, the Apollo Space Program, football of all codes or just sport in general!

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

The main themes for VMG as a group in 2022 are stability, refinement and growth. We’ve acquired a few businesses over the last couple of years which has been exciting, but with COVID and new way of working it will be nice to stabilise a little, refine our craft and create new opportunities for growth across our brands and clients. But you never know what is to come so remaining flexible and open to opportunity is also key for us as a group.

What big industry story are you following this year?

At a macro level I’m certainly trying to keep an eye on equity markets, the impact of inflationary pressures and how supply chain issues will impact our industry across 2022 and 2023. There is plenty of positivity in the ad market at this stage and even with volatility in the markets, most are predicting ad spends to increase. Will it last? I hope so! The talent economy is also a big story for this year that we are all watching closely. The general consensus among my peers is that it’s been hard to retain and recruit… and will remain so, especially with most indicating they are in a period of growth. Longer term, I’m intrigued by how blockchain technology and NFTs will live within our industry long-term. It’s an exciting space that I believe will have a major influence on how we all operate day-to-day. But it is also my opinion that it’s VERY early days and 95% of projects out there are bullshit.

Currently reading: The Choice by Edith Eger. It’s an amazing story of hope, courage and strength in the midst of unimaginable evil. Edith Eger was a sixteen year-old ballerina who was sent to Auschwitz. Her outlook on life is inspiring. I just finished The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. It explores how people think about money but is told in a way that anyone can understand. A good quick read that you can knock off on a couple of Sydney to Melbourne flights.

Chris Ellis | CEO – Finder Australia

Chris Ellis, CEO at Finder:

Advice: A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. Those who are committed to driving results are more opportunity focused than risk focused, because they see the outcome as the reason to get moving and the thing to run towards more than something dangerous to run away from.

Who – or what – inspires you?

People who have courage and an unwavering belief in their ambition and their convictions, and remain resilient and true to those in the face of adversity. Leaders who have grit and endurance far beyond what others think is reasonable.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

Developing a mastery in web3 – which means that we will help even more people make better financial decisions and help our members get ahead of the curve in understanding and investing in new financial offerings such as crypto. We’re going to do that by fostering and nurturing an unbelievable environment where world-class talent can come and do their career-best work.

Kurt McGuiness | CEO – Primal Storytelling

Kurt McGuiness, CEO at Primal Storytelling:

Advice: Be authentic. We all feel pressure to try to be someone we think others want us to, but our true value in business lies in our ability to offer our unique perspectives and experiences.

Who – or what – inspires you?

My wife. After almost a decade as a corporate high-flyer in the banking sector, she developed debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome four years ago and had to wave goodbye to her former life – not that she let that stop her. Today, she manages with grace the unpredictable symptoms of her condition, a part-time job AND supports me with Primal; acting as our financial advisor and chief pragmatist, which we often need.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

Pretty simple, really: launch and grow. Primal’s whole philosophy is around being different, and we can only do that by practising what we preach. In 2022, I’d like to see our little shop grow its client roster and attract a stable of brands that also want to do things differently. If we can work with brands who share our vision and prove to the industry that you can be creative and sustainable at the same time this year, I’ll be happy.

Rich Curtis | CEO – Futurebrand Australia

Rich Curtis, Chief Executive Officer at FutureBrand Australia:

Advice: Only take advice from people who take their own advice. If you do want to take advice, find at least two people to take it from. Assume that half the advice you will be given will be wrong.

Who – or what – inspires you?
My dog, honestly. Unlike many of us, dogs (and indeed many other animals too) have the ability to sit and watch and sit and wait and watch and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I find myself sitting and watching my dog sitting and watching. It’s not necessarily inspiring but it is relaxing, and it is a useful reminder on a daily basis that not everyone and everything is caught up in the crazed rush of modern (corporate) life that seems to sweep us along.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?
Stick with the same strategy that’s guided us for the past couple of years, one where we manage, monitor and measure both the client experience and the employee experience. Every quarter, every team member gets to see the metrics and reflect on our strategy openly, transparently – that way we can all together contribute to the shape of things to come.

Darren Woolley | CEO – Trinity P3 Global Marketing Management Consultants

Darren Woolley, Founder & Global CEO at Trinity P3 Global Marketing Management Consultants:

Advice: We are in the profession leading social change and creating new perceptions to support new realities. Time to turn this super power on our own industry to be leaders in business and society and not just followers.

Who – or what – inspires you?

People who are making a stand for the change we need. Locally, Belinda Noble on Climate Action and Anne Miles on advertising stereotypes. Globally, Cindy Gallop on gender equality and Jane Evans and her Uninvisibility Project. Change happens when people make a stand. And these people are fearlessly making a stand against inequality and injustice.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

As advisors to major brands, this year we are particularly focused on the implication of achieving the UN Sustainability Goals and the role we play in assisting marketers achieve their commercials goals as they transition to the future.

Phil Benedictus | CEO – Benedictus Media

Phil Benedictus, CEO at Benedictus Media and Co-Founder of Net Zero Media:

Advice: I’d be thinking about Agility, Care and Action in particular. Be as Agile as possible in these unpredictable times. Care: show your staff you value them, show clients you care, respect your environment, eco-systems and not least your fellow humans in the work you do and how your company behaves. Act! This is a year to get busy! A year for Carpe Diem in business and to act now on climate before it’s too late! And this isn’t just ideology on the climate/do good piece – there are huge opportunities in everything from renewable energy to eco-almost-anything.

Who – or what – inspires you?

Personally: music, family, nature, history. At work: the ideal of Business for Good, profit for purpose. Ben Peacock from Republic of Everyone would be the person who has been most inspirational in my journey regarding Business for Good.

What is your business’ main aim for 2022?

To maintain growth at a sustainable rate and consistently deliver positive outcomes for our clients. I know, it’s a really boring answer, but it’s what we need to keep on doing. I don’t see 2022 as a year for getting carried away on flights of fancy!


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