AAMI suggest there are easier ways to save then sharing bathwater with your parents in new ad

AAMI is focusing on ways to save in a campaign for its Flexi Premiums which features a family of three sharing the same bathwater in an effort to tighten the purse strings.

Created by Ogilvy Melbourne, the ad sees an adult son forced to bathe after his father while his mother patiently awaits her turn, ending with the tagline “There are easier ways to save”.

Richard Riboni, AAMI’s executive manager of marketing said: “We know that in this market, price has become one of the motivating factors for consumers when the time comes to choose their insurer.

“As a result, we have developed a campaign that delivers a strong retail offer with typical AAMI humour grounded in a human truth, to ensure it really resonates with, and appeals to customers.”

Ogilvy Melbourne’s ECD Brendon Guthrie said: “AAMI has a long tradition of character driven advertising and the spots that kick off this campaign are no exception.

“Director Nick Ball has taken the beautifully simple scripts and created quietly funny retail commercials that will deliver AAMI’s message loud and clear.”

The campaign is running across TV and is supported with video content (YouTube and pre-rolls, digital display, outdoor and press.


  • Executive Creative Director: Brendon Guthrie
  • Copywriter: AnnaTara Clark-Sneddon
  • Art Director: Scott Zuliani
  • Agency Producer: Lauren Free
  • Director: Nick Ball
  • Producer: Karen Bryson
  • Production Company: Finch
  • Group Account Director: Matt Rose
  • Senior Account Manager: Toby Gill
  • Media: Starcom


  1. Lysander Spooner
    4 Aug 14
    6:05 pm

  2. “There IS easier WAYS to save”?

    Shouldn’t it be “there ARE easier ways to save”?

  3. Dude
    4 Aug 14
    6:55 pm

  4. Hideous! But i love it

  5. Ralph
    5 Aug 14
    8:29 am

  6. Lysander Spooner – is that a troll comment? The grammar was used correctly in the TVC.

  7. Alex Hayes
    5 Aug 14
    8:32 am

  8. Hi Ralph,

    Lysander was talking about the incorrect use of is instead of are in the headline, not the work itself, so only helping us out.


    Alex – editor, Mumbrella

  9. Gavo
    5 Aug 14
    2:44 pm

  10. I didn’t think this was an ad for AAMI when I saw it… I was slightly disturbed by it, but I think it’s great.

  11. lol
    5 Aug 14
    5:05 pm

  12. I had a genuine laugh out load moment when I saw this ad for the first time (and the 2nd and 3rd time). To be honest I thought the joke was firmly on the adult son still living at home to save money and suffering from both the lack of privacy as well as the house rules (sharing the bath water). This reminded me of when I also knew it was time to leave the nest. Genuinely funny creative work. Love it!!!

  13. Grammar police
    5 Aug 14
    5:14 pm

  14. Your headline “AAMI suggest there are easier ways to save then sharing bathwater with your parents in new ad”

    The use of the word “then” should be “than” if you are comparing the two.

    Just sayin’.