Apprentice takes another ratings beating

The audience sank for Nine’s new business reality show The Apprentice on Monday night, falling to 657,000.  

Despite being shorter than the 90 minute first episode, the hour long second instalment – in which ex-agency exec Lynton Pipkorn was fired – failed to perform in the ratings.

The audience number for the Mark Bouris-fronted show was lower than the 692,000 viewers registered by OzTam the week before. However, none of the shows in the same timeslot got above 1m. The Apprentice was beaten in the timeslot by Seven’s Mercy (828,000) and Ten’s Good News Week (857,000) and Little Britain (673,000).

Meanwhile, although it still won the night,  Flash Forward’s audience of just under 1.5m was well below the 1.8m debut of its heavily promoted first episode on Seven last week. Destroyed In Seconds, Seven’s compilation of catastrophes and explosions debuted with a reasonable 1.2m.

Monday’s share:

  • Seven: 28.4
  • Nine: 25.8
  • Ten: 18.2
  • ABC1: 14.5
  • SBS1 8.8
  • GO!: 2.0
  • ABC2: 1.2
  • ONE: 0.9
  • SBS2: 0.3

Monday’s most watched TV shows:

  1. Flash Forward Seven 1.5m
  2. Seven News Seven 1.5m
  3. A Current Affair Nine 1.4m
  4. Today Tonight Seven 1.3m
  5. Two and a Half Men 7pm Nine 1.3m
  6. Highway Patrol Seven 1.3m
  7. Nine News Nine 1.2m
  8. Destroyed in Seconds Seven 1.2m
  9. Home and Away Seven 1.2m
  10. Two and a Half Men – 7:30pm Nine 1.1m
  11. The Big Bang Theory Nine 1.1m
  12. The Mentalist Nine 1.1m
  13. ABC News ABC 1m
  14. Australian Story ABC 0.87m
  15. Top Gear SBS 0.86m


  1. foraggio
    6 Oct 09
    2:08 pm

  2. I didn’t watch Flash Forward this week because thankfully I managed to get a copy over the weekend without an ad-break at the end of every scene. It’s unbearable to watch Aussie commercial TV these days. You’re just getting involved in the story line and then the mood is shattered by someone yelling at you about something to buy.

  3. DD
    6 Oct 09
    3:01 pm

  4. I agree foaggio. They seem to place the ad breaks at the least appropriate points. Still loving Flash Forward though and still not loving the Apprentice. Cringe-tastic

  5. mumbrella
    6 Oct 09
    3:13 pm

  6. I’m a little surprised at the poor showing for the Apprentice last night.

    The 60 minute format worked better, although in terms of story telling, the choice for who to get fired was once again about as predictable as the murderer in an Agatha Christie whodunnit ie entirely random.

    If Nine holds its nerve over timeslot, by guess is that we’ll see it pick up a little next week. I could yet see it winning its timeslot by the end of the run.



  7. Big Gary
    6 Oct 09
    3:51 pm

  8. There is going to be two people less watching The Apprentice with Lynton being fired. Both John and myself are upset with Lynton being fired -he was definitely the cutest and smartest.

  9. Ralph
    6 Oct 09
    5:36 pm

  10. Big Garry you are sooo fake it’s too funny.

  11. Sam
    6 Oct 09
    10:35 pm

  12. The problem is it’s a complete ‘snoozer’. I watched some of last week’s episode and was instantly bored, I mean a gardening challenge? How is that supposed to prime an executive for a 200k middle-manager role?

    Some of the contestants seem a little ‘simple’ as well and totally out of their element with even the simplest of tasks.

    I’m guessing the audience will drop again next week, it really is just boring and I quite enjoyed the first few seasons of the American version.

  13. MsJacobs
    7 Oct 09
    9:33 am

  14. I was enjoying The Apprentice Australia, better than I thought it was going to be. I liked that they pretty much stayed true to the format.

    However, when watching the episode on IQ last night it didn’t record past the ad break before the ‘firing’. I was so pissed off I couldn’t even be bothered going online to find out who was fired. No wonder pirating tv shows is rife!

    7 Oct 09
    10:51 am

  16. It’s the voiceover that kills it for me…so bad. and Mark Bouris is just too soft. he should have them fighting like cats in a bag in the boadroom but its pats on the back all round…

    Also, why don’t ch 9 series link it?

  17. Gee
    7 Oct 09
    12:39 pm

  18. Is the voiceover Andrew Daddo? It sure sounds like him. Also if he’s still contracted to Nine (after the mess that was This Afternoon) it would make sense!

  19. Big Gary
    7 Oct 09
    4:54 pm

  20. Ralph re your comments – I can’t fight it .. Lynton is sexy. Don’t you think?

  21. Gezza
    8 Oct 09
    9:38 am

  22. Finally saw an episode last night. I think this show has potential – the talent are a good mix of all the aussie stereoptypes we love/hate. The cheeky kid, the older bogan with peroxide bad hair, the unemployed dad, the cute young female exec, the office bitch, etc.

    Bouris has a salt of the earth approach similar to Sugar and likely once he realaxes will improve. Having only seen one episode what’s missing is more personal conflict between contestants and Bouris needs to stir this up in the boardroom. I expect he will try and pit some of the women against each other to get a bit of fur flying.

    If Lynton was somehow a representative for marketing then its a relief he’s gone. Not at all random in my view , he was egotistical, untalented, unnatractive and for someone who supposedly knows about marketing completely wooden. I smell a rat here, we need some people who know him to verify his credentials. Sorry Lynton if you’re reading this you did not come across well.

    Part of the great success of Trump’s show was his exec’s telling it like it was so Trump would not get suckered.

    Don’t blow it Ch9, this show could still be a sleeper.

  23. Nathan
    8 Oct 09
    12:20 pm

  24. I really am dissapointed at it to be honest. In the boardroom there is NO confrontation at all, at an opportunity Mark has to stir the pot, and dig deeper with his questioning he simply just says okay, and moves on.

    I think last night he asked if they thought the PM (I forget her name now, Miss World wanna be 2006) was a good project manager, he went straight to Carmen and asked her, and she said “No, I think the result would have been the same on our own without her” PERFECT chance for him to get some confrontation happening and he simply says “Okay….. now for the winners”

    Its lame, its the boardroom that ruins it if you asks me…. a crap attempt to build it up, actually does the opposite. The boardroom in the Amercian Apprenctice is sit on the edge of your seat style boardroom. Its worth watching.

    I am going to give it one last shot next week.

  25. richard
    12 Oct 09
    7:25 pm

  26. Another tired old show folowing a tired old format.
    Why not add some spice to the show with a bunch of con men trying to ripoff the punters of the most amount, and the winner gets a job with the government.

    The wannabes could be given a copy of all government legislation, taxation laws, and ACCC rules and regulations, and the team that manages to circumvent the rules the best is the winner.


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