Bryan Brown and Gregor Jordan announce Open Road Film Festival

A new short film competition created by a prominent Australian director is asking film-makers to create the beginning of a film which already has an ending.

The Open Road Film Festival, sponsored, with naming rights, by Harley Davidson, was created by Two Hands and Ned Kelly director, Gregor Jordan.

Jordan, who shot the final moments of the film called The Queen of Hearts which is billed as a film-noir, likens the competition model to Tropfest.

Jordan told Encore: “We’re hoping it will be an annual event. Tropfest has its prop each year to make sure all films are made exclusively for Tropfest, and ours is probably taking this one step further.

“My dream is to have another film-maker make the ending one year, maybe David Michod,” added Jordan.

With two ways of entering, film-makers can submit a script until July 13 in which five recipients will be awarded $1000 production grant and mentoring by Jordan and Bryan Brown, or they can submit a finished film by September 7 under six minutes long, including the end sequence.

With a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the final scene, and as a major part of the winner’s prize, competing film-makers can access a Harley through the company’s 24 Hour test ride to include in their picture.

However, Jordan, who is also in the director’s stable of TVC production company Finch, said calling the event branded content is ‘cynical’, as the motorcycle company was involved after the competition’s inception.

Jordan told Encore: “This is a legitimate film festival with an interesting premise from the start and we got sponsors which fitted in.”

Other sponsors include Canon, contributing cameras as prizes and the Audio Network supplying free access and clearance to films that need music.

Top Ten films will be screened at an Open Road Film Festival event, similar to a Tropfest, with celebrity judges and screened to an audience and announced on the night.


  1. jean cave
    13 Jun 12
    7:15 pm

  2. Parts of my brain lit up when reading this.

  3. J
    13 Jun 12
    8:05 pm

  4. Interesting idea for a short film festival… only thing is if you don’t win, aren’t you left with a useless (half a) short film? At least with other festivals like tropfest, you can still enter it into other contests.

  5. alan
    20 Jun 12
    4:06 pm

  6. it’s way to advertise HD LOL

  7. Richard Moss
    21 Jun 12
    4:49 pm

  8. I personally find this clip (though somewhat rudimentary) a very good way to start a film. Maybe they should be getting people to write the end and use this clip as the start.

    Much more promising to start a story with a card and a key than to finish one.

    My working title is “Black Stig and the Red Queen”