Cadbury decks out steam train for next phase of Joyville campaign

cadbury steam trainA steam train bedecked in Cadbury’s colours today patrolled Sydney’s railway lines as Saatchi & Saatchi filmed the next stage of the chocolate brand’s Joyville campaign.

The ad, being produced by Jungleboys, will go through a rapid turnaround and be aired on Sunday.

The stunt saw the train stop at three different stations in Sydney’s CBD, presenting commuters with free chocolate at each stop.

The train was masterminded by experiential agency Wonder. The steam train is a 1916 locomotive express based at the the NSW Rail Transport Museum. Its makeover took 12 months.

Ben Wicks, Cadbury’s GM of chocolate marketing told Mumbrella: “The idea comes from the question ‘how do we bring more joy to the world?’ It’s all a bit gloomy and dim these days so how do we lighten up lives and make people smile?” he said.

The Joyville Steam Train, follows the Cadbury Purple Roundabout, and Marvellous Creations TV ads earlier this year.

Wicks said: “We are bringing to life a mythical place where Cadbury Dairy Milk is made. It’s a bit like chapters in a story. There are at least another two or three chapters to come.”

The execution will be supported by a interactive Facebook app, where consumers can upload their photos and videos to a digital train.

The large scale experiential stunt follows similar ones earlier this year from Arnotts brand Tim Tam, which put the snack on trees in Sydney’s Martin Place, and Lego which created a life size forest in the same spot.


  • Advertising – Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
  • Production: Jungleboys
  • Post Production: Jungleboys
  • Experiential: Wonder
  • Digital: Visual Jazz
  • Media: Carat
  • PR: Royce


  1. David Quamby
    28 Jun 12
    3:03 pm

  2. Great marketing idea. What a shame their chocolate is infested with both GM ingredients and Nano Tech Bots. If I owned a robot I’d feed it Cadbury but seeing as I am human, I’ll decline to eat the stuff, even if I am impressed with their marketing efforts (which I am). Perhaps Frankenfoodville would be more of an appropriate title to their campaign than ‘Joyville’.

    Oh! Didnt you know about the Nanotech Bots in Cadbury chocolate? Well then please read here:

    Check out Page 52 of this ‘Friends of the Earth’ report on Cadbury and Nanotech…

    Oh! And you didn’t know that Cadbury ALSO putting Genetically Modified ingredients in their chocolate As well as Nano tech?

    Well then you better check out this handy True Foods Guide by Greenpeace and check out the Lollies and Chocolate section…

    Insidious Marketing Hey?

  3. blc1981
    28 Jun 12
    3:37 pm

  4. Awesome campaign but unless it finishes with an actual magical Joyville place that chocoholics can visit (read: dive bomb into a pool of chocolate from a chocolate diving board) I’ll be gutted.

  5. Goodone
    28 Jun 12
    4:58 pm

  6. great idea, and well brought to life.

    Let’s hope it leads somewhere awesome!

  7. Jason
    28 Jun 12
    5:37 pm

  8. hmmm, yummy nanobots…

  9. Bill
    28 Jun 12
    6:47 pm

  10. Great to see somthing Joyfull for everybody including the fee the RTM would receive to help maintain our rail heritage if you ever need a real steam roller let me know

  11. Cadbury Australia
    29 Jun 12
    9:17 am

  12. @ David Quamby We can confirm that Cadbury Australia does not use GM ingredients or nano technology in our products. If you have any further queries please contact our Consumer Advisory Team on 1800 250 260.

  13. archie
    29 Jun 12
    10:03 am

  14. speak for yourself David Quamby some of us love a chocolate covered nano tech bot. I was first put onto them by Robot from Lost in Space.

  15. Rob Dabank
    29 Jun 12
    10:24 am

  16. @ Cadbury Australia can you confirm that you will be taking legal action against Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to dispute these misleading, libellous and unfounded and PUBLISHED claims?

  17. bob is a rabbit
    29 Jun 12
    10:37 am

  18. Such a ‘joyful’ response @Cadbury Australia. Surely corporate comms could communicate a little more light-heartedly and still get the point across.

  19. MT
    29 Jun 12
    11:57 am

  20. It’s Experiential, about creating an experience – achieved. When was advertising ever about facts? It’s not the government.. oh wait.

  21. JG
    29 Jun 12
    3:44 pm

  22. I hope the budget ran to re-painting the train back to its 1916 colours – if not it’s advertising vandalism.

  23. dave
    29 Jun 12
    10:35 pm

  24. Steam trains, nun’s eating chocolate – brilliant

  25. M
    1 Jul 12
    10:24 pm

  26. I think the train looks better now than it ever did

  27. KP
    2 Jul 12
    12:24 pm

  28. Great execution. I’m not a fan of Cadbury chocolate, yet they stopped me in my digital tracks last night. Well done to all involved.

  29. GreatStrategy
    2 Jul 12
    12:45 pm

  30. Awesome idea. Experimental ads definitely produce an element of good will and has good social media potential

  31. daviddon
    2 Jul 12
    12:52 pm

  32. They need to reach the steam train buffs before they feel stolen from, but presume that is in hand

  33. shocked
    5 Jul 12
    11:43 am

  34. @bob is a rabbit – how else should Cadbury have responded to potentially defamatory claims??? I think it was simple and straight to the point…said what it needed to say in a no BS way! Geez the continual bitchiness of mumbrella readers against PRs and communication types is a wee bit annoying…

  35. Wild Oscar
    12 Jul 12
    4:06 pm

  36. I prefer Haigh’s