Colgate launches design your own toothbrush contest through MCN

Dental care brand Colgate has launched a campaign for its new kids’ toothbrush Colgate Design-it.

The integrated campaign, exclusively through Multi Channel Network, centres on a competition for kids to design their own toothbrush.

Over 10 weeks young viewers of channels the Cartoon Network and Boomerang can enter a design-your-own-toothbrush using a branded ‘drag and drop’ game.

The game aims to reflect the way children can personalise their Design-it toothbrush with stickers. Kids can win prizes including an LCD TV, Xbox with XBox Kinnect.

The campaign also includes a TVC that features cartoons members of Ben 10 and the Powerpuff Girls. The spot will run across MCN channels Arena, E! LifestyleYOU, FOX8 and 111Hits.

Launched at Westfield Parramatta, an experiential extension saw a games area with two three-metre high toothbrushes and a dentist on hand to answer dental hygiene questions from parents.

Elizabeth Minogue, Multi Channel Network strategic integration director said: “As a leader in its category, Colgate’s latest innovation is a fun and interactive product that’s a perfect fit for Cartoon Network and Boomerang’s energetic audience of five to twelve year olds.”

“The campaign to promote the Colgate Design-it engages kids with fun activities in settings they’re most comfortable in – shopping with their parents, watching their favourite TV shows and playing games online. The activity in Westfield also allowed parents to get involved while promoting Colgate’s message that you’re never too young to start practising good dental hygiene.”


  1. Connor ward
    26 Apr 12
    2:14 pm

  2. hi colgate i love brushing because then i do not have to go to the dentis because it is painful. that is why i don’t

  3. connor czapracki
    26 Apr 12
    6:19 pm

  4. Hi colgate i love brushing my teeh because it keeps my teeh clean and i don’t have to go to the dentis because it is painful and it is good havig a fersh smelling mouth

  5. Eliza F.
    28 Apr 12
    7:51 am

  6. Hi Colgate,

    I am 9 years old and I like brushing my teeth because I often listen to music while doing it, and brush to the rythm or beat. Also, it is good just to have clean, fresh teeth.

  7. I wonder
    28 Apr 12
    3:48 pm

  8. Hi Colgate,

    I am 7 and I like brushing my teeth because my parents can’t afford dental health care in Australia and i’m too young to fly to Thailand.

    Love I wonder.

  9. Emily Turnbull
    29 Apr 12
    6:53 pm

  10. hi Colgate
    i love to brush my teeth because then i dont have yellow teeth or gross breathe.

  11. Teake.P
    1 May 12
    4:59 pm

  12. Hi Colgate

    i brush my teeth in the morning and night because you will only get one pear of teeth and it is important to brush your teeth because i love my teeth i have only ever use Colgate it has more stuff in it that is better then normal tooth past i love you Colgate

  13. mitchell c
    1 May 12
    8:25 pm

  14. Hi Colgate

    I like brushing my teeth because when you brush your teeth well you don’t have to go to the dentist and get fillings.
    I also like to brush my teeth heaps so i can make my teeth squeak im shore if everyone brushes their teeth they will enjoy nice clean teeth and having a fresh breath.

  15. Brandon Lowe
    2 May 12
    4:06 pm

  16. I am 7 and i like to brush my teeth with my little sister infront of the mirrow so we can laught at each because we look like funny clowns with tooth paste all around our mouths. I like to brush my teeth so i dont have sore teeth and dont have to go to the dentist, the dentist said i have really good teeth.

  17. Holly.R
    2 May 12
    5:59 pm

  18. Hi Colgate-
    I’m 12 years old & i love brushing my teeth because when you brush your teeth you can be in your own little world & you can imagine about anything. Besides not much people going to the Dentist & it’s just nice to have a fresh breath and healthy teeth.

  19. Mollie Zacharchuk
    3 May 12
    7:05 pm

  20. I am ten and I love to brush my teeth so I don’t have to go to the dentist! It is also cool because if you have a song in your head you can brush the rhythm! I also like the tooth paste because it always astes nice.
    The dentist says that my teeth are healthy

  21. Archie
    3 May 12
    8:21 pm

  22. Aren’t their laws against child labor that colgate and it’s agencies must be breaking

  23. Chantelle
    3 May 12
    8:27 pm

  24. my dentist says my teeth are healthy because i eat lots and lots of fruit.

  25. joe p
    4 May 12
    9:20 am

  26. Hi Colgate,

    I love brushing my teeth too and Colgate is my favouritest brand!!! I’ve named my Colgate toothpaste “Albert”, after Albert V, Duke of Bavaria. I like to tell Albert about my day and he is a good listener. I also have a tube of Macleans (his name is Joachim), but I don’t like Joachim because he is scary, he once took my dog for a walk and when he came back, the dog was missing, and when I asked him where the dog was, he just looked at me with empty eyes and said “He’s gone to a better place.” And whenever I go past the bathroom to the toilet Joachim is always staring at me without saying anything, it really freaks me out. Albert says he once saw Joachim mumbling satanic verses when I was sleeping.

    Anyway this is why I like Colgate toothpastes, they have a better personality and are not strange like Macleans. I hope your next Colgate toothpaste is just as fun as Albert!

  27. tom veitch
    4 May 12
    7:03 pm

  28. I like brushing when the thooth paste goose all bubbly in my mouth and i make funny noises

  29. jana haddad
    7 May 12
    4:04 pm

  30. how do you desing a tooth brush.

  31. jana haddad
    7 May 12
    4:05 pm

  32. do you design a tooth brush like putting stikers

  33. SERPS loves Mumbrella
    8 May 12
    5:35 pm

  34. Hi Colgate. I drink too much cola; it might have been a result of Coke’s “share a coke campaign”, who knows?

    Anyhow, as a result of chucking back too much cola my teeth and cactus. Do you make a tooth saving Colgate paste?

    Is there any way I could use Colgate more than twice a day?

    Do you sell Colgate gum? If not why not? In fact you should do; I would buy it over Extra, who claim they help me with my teeth…


  35. SERPS loves Mumbrella
    8 May 12
    5:36 pm

  36. are cactus*…

  37. Lorraine Hughes
    11 May 12
    7:49 pm

  38. Where in the hell can we get one of these toothbrushes. Our 7 year old grandson has seen in continually advertised on Foxtel for purchase at Woolworths but we cannot locate one anywhere on the Central Coast NSW.

  39. Justin Check
    13 May 12
    12:43 pm

  40. I love brushing my teeth because then I know i’m not going to be the kid with no teeth and I dont have to go to the dentists reguarly.