David Gaines takes US role with Maxus Global

David Gaines


Former CEO of Maxus David Gaines is to take a role with Maxus Global in the US as managing partner and chief planning officer for North America.

He leaves next week to take up the data-focused role in New York.

“The thing that convinced me to go is the strength of Maxus’s data platforms. A lot of the things that were supposed to be the DNA of how an agency is supposed to work are there, it just needs someone to go in there and knit the whole thing together”, said Gaines.

Most recently Gaines was managing partner of insights and data company Edentify but left in October. Gaines was CEO of Maxus Australia between 2009 and 2012. 

“I’m really looking forward to it. There are a lot of people who are collecting data but not many people saying this is what it means and this is what we should do with it,” he said.

“For what I have seen in the US the ability to use that data is going to a lot easier in the coming years because of the platforms that are being created.”


  1. John Grono
    12 Dec 13
    3:16 pm

  2. Gainesy, you still owe me that beer. Looks like it might have to be in NY. Darned shame. Congrats.

  3. Tom K
    12 Dec 13
    8:17 pm

  4. Nice to see you haven’t aged in about 5 years, Mr Gaines.

    Awesome move for Maxus, huge win for N.America planning & New York pub owners. See you soon.

  5. Tim L
    12 Dec 13
    9:04 pm

  6. Nice one Mr Gaines, even if we can’t do anything here in Syd as a result. Enjoy!

  7. LA
    12 Dec 13
    10:19 pm

  8. Well done Gainesy, and welcome back to the Maxus family!

  9. Paul Dovas
    14 Dec 13
    11:31 pm

  10. We are losing one of the best, but very happy for you David. We wish you all the best and hope to see you back here soon!