Ellen heads to Australia

Two years after Australia went into a frenzy over a visit from talkshow host Oprah Winfrey, the country is to host another queen of  US daytime television – Ellen DeGeneres.

ellen kidman swisse

Kidman and DeGeneres announce the Swisse deal on the show today

DeGeneres will visit in Australia in March and record several segments for the show while she is here. She announced the visit during an interview with Nicole Kidman. The announcement will be shown on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show fast-tracked by Arena to be broadcast tomorrow night.

The visit of Oprah Winfrey was seen as a significant coup for Tourism Australia. Four Australian episodes of the show were broadcast in the US and in 145 other countries in December 2010 and repeated in 2011. It led to more than 86,000 media articles globally and

In the first 10 months of 2012, visitor numbers from the US rose by 4.6% over the last 12 months – the highest growth since the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Mumbrella understands that Tourism Australia was not involved in the Ellen deal. Supporting organisations include Destination News South Wales, Tourism Victoria, Qantas and vitamin brand Swisse. Kidman is Swisse’s global ambassador. The brand is about to launch in the US.

The announcement is the first major initiative since Qantas was reported to have severed its ties with Tourism Australia as part of a boardroom row.

Tourism Australia MD Andrew McEvoy welcomed the visit. He said: “It’s terrific that Ellen is coming to Australia. It is great news for Australia and compliments to Swisse on the initiative.

“Ellen has huge appeal within the United States, a key market for us, and will do a fantastic job in shining the media spotlight on the whole country, just as Oprah did for us in 2010.

“As with Oprah, she’ll be sending a big audience across, and a lot of Australian tourism operators will reap the benefits as they get to explore the tourism delights of NSW and Victoria.

“Oprah said her visit was about planting the seed and, with the resurgence in US arrivals in the past twelve months, I’d argue she did that pretty well. I have no doubt that Ellen’s visit will see those seeds grow quite a bit stronger, and maintain that great momentum and reignite US interest in Australia.”

ellen australia qantas

Like the Oprah trip, DeGeneres created hysteria in her audience when she said they could come to Australia too.


  1. Deson
    11 Jan 13
    6:21 pm

  2. Great news.
    Can someone start a book as to which media outlet will * hilariously* make her eat Vegemite?

  3. Ugh.
    11 Jan 13
    7:36 pm

  4. In the QANTAS handbook under “What to do if Oprah retires”

  5. Hoin
    12 Jan 13
    11:32 am

  6. Just in time for Mardi Gras …

  7. Cringe
    12 Jan 13
    8:24 pm

  8. Can someone explain what the heck The Daly Tele is doing with that embarrassing Aussie dance for Ellen!?!?

  9. WD
    13 Jan 13
    12:33 pm

  10. I bet the audience is already looking forward to the schnitzels and boys choir…

  11. Just A Suggestion
    13 Jan 13
    8:32 pm

  12. Can we swan Ellen for Rove, forever?

  13. Officer Krupke
    14 Jan 13
    9:01 am

  14. How many people does 4.6% represent exactly?

  15. Lucio
    14 Jan 13
    9:39 am

  16. @ WD: Frankly, I’d much prefer she went to Austria.

  17. Pascoe
    14 Jan 13
    10:56 am

  18. Another in the smart (& what seems to be increasingly diversified) marketing plays from Swisse.

  19. Rodney A Smith
    14 Jan 13
    3:27 pm

  20. Good idea Qantas and partners. Happy people are always a great advertisement for Australia and who would not be happy to get a free trip to Sydney & Melbourne. A simple idea with lots of exposure.

  21. Bonzo
    14 Jan 13
    3:31 pm

  22. Can’t they just get every American chat host to get on the same plane and bring them on masse ? Surely more cost effective than one at a time?

  23. marcus.hudswell
    14 Jan 13
    3:45 pm

  24. WOW. thats a big plane she holding onto in that picture, where can I get one of them?

  25. Idea
    14 Jan 13
    5:24 pm

  26. Love Ellen D, she’ll have a great time holidaying in Australia.

    Idea #Swisse: What I’d like to see in the future is prominent Aussie BRANDS like Swisse forgo high profile celebs to endorse products and try on true blue Aussies for size.
    #Project :Why not give first Australians a trial of Swisse products and monitor their journey towards optimal health. In light of the fact Aboriginal Health lags behind non- indigenous Australians, why not run a trial?. In my view, this approach represents a true endorsement of a products quality and capability. I’m aware supplements work in conjunction with other elements pertaining to a healthy lifestyle and not in isolation.
    Would this idea be too hard to implement because it’s financially viable for manufacturers ?
    Why give already wealthy celebs more perks?

  27. marcus.hudswell
    14 Jan 13
    5:56 pm

  28. Idea,

    Its about the money- its all about the money, take the money away, you have nothing and no one. (my opinion is)The only way your idea would come into fruition would be if a PR company or ad agency came up with your idea, and it recieved exposure as a cleverly disguised goodwill gesture, even then the sincerity would be lost. The primary focus is market share, followed by brand profile, which explains the celeb endorsements.

  29. the truth teller
    15 Jan 13
    8:25 am

  30. could someone tell me was there an increase in Australian tourism from the Americans after Oprah visited? Or did it just fizzle out? Just because a different tv host is coming with their audience does not mean more tourist dollars being generated!

  31. JoeC
    15 Jan 13
    12:26 pm

  32. Actually there was a 3.7% decline in US tourism after Oprah. Seems like just a ploy from swisse to crack the lucrative US supplements market, rather than for any real tourism benefit. The partnership with QANTAS was really just about latching their unknown (ie unknown in america) brand to a known one to give it some trust and authority with the market.