Ex-Publicis Mojo Melbourne boss Sue Perry launches agency with former L’Oréal client Damon Garrett

Sue Perry

Damon Garrett

Sue Perry, who led Publicis Mojo Melbourne through happier times as managing partner in the mid-2000s, has launched her own agency – with her former L’Oréal client Damon Garrett as co-founding partner.

Joining the duo on certain projects will be Grant Rutherford, the former ECD of DDB Melbourne, who left to work for cancer charity Snowdome Foundation in July.

Also part of the launch team is former M&C Saatchi Melbourne ECD Paul Taylor, of creative agency day&age.

Called 1der, the Melbourne agency starts up with The Heat Group, Billabong and Moxie as founding clients, with projects already completed for new brand franchises for Tennis Australia.

Garrett told Mumbrella: “Sue and I started 1der because we were proud of the working relationship we had built together at L’Oréal. Many of the ideas we were working on, from launching Garnier into Australia developed from really forward-thinking lifestyle projects, and this became an opportun ity to collaborate together again.”

“We’ve also been lucky to invite some really talented friends to help out as we get started. Both Paul Taylor and Grant Rutherford have been part of the mix.”

1der, which is based in Burnley Street Studios in Richmond, is positioned as a boutique creative agency collective doing brave work, building a tight-knit network among Melbourne’s creative industries.

Garrett explained: “1der offers all the benefits of a full service agency, using the talents of a tight-knit group of highly credentialed independent (and essentially freelance) members.”

“The office space we have found is a natural complement to this idea. Housed in an active artists’ studio in Richmond, and already built within a community of creative individuals and businesses – among them a master glassmaker and an industrial designer (and winner of the 2011 James Dyson Award). 1der has the physical room to grow, it’s now just a matter of finding the right mix of personalities and skills to help develop the idea into something really exciting,” he said.

Garrett added: “We have seen our clients change; we have seen the type of work we’re doing change; and yet, there’s so much resistance to change here inside the advertising industry. A market like Melbourne doesn’t have to remain this conservative. We’re not pretending to offer the panacea, but we are trying to work the way that feels right for us given the results we’re being expected to deliver.”

The agency shares its name with Sydney-based branded content shop Wonder, but Perry and Garrett said they were unaware of Wonder’s existence while planning their venture.


  1. Connie Schulz
    9 Oct 12
    5:25 pm

  2. Congratulations Sue and Damon — we need another great agency to work with in Melbourne. Great talent to call on with Paul and Grant too. Bring it on! :)

  3. Old ad guy
    9 Oct 12
    8:59 pm

  4. Great news. Good luck to all.
    Paul and Rubber are great talents;
    as are their partners.

  5. KK
    10 Oct 12
    9:16 am

  6. Awesome news. Melbourne needs a new agency and Sue is one of the best.

  7. bob is a rabbit
    10 Oct 12
    9:18 am

  8. Good luck.

  9. Hmmmm...
    10 Oct 12
    9:23 am

  10. Couldn’t have looked very hard if they were unaware of Wonder

  11. David
    10 Oct 12
    4:11 pm

  12. >> Melbourne needs a new agency

    Really? I don’t understand anything about advertising agencies but it seems like several open and close every week. Can Mumbrella explain in plain language what they actually do and why Australia needs so many of them?

  13. Philippe Batters
    10 Oct 12
    8:37 pm

  14. Fantastic news !
    Congratulations and every success for a wizard future

  15. PB
    10 Oct 12
    9:25 pm

  16. Well done Sue! No one better for the job!

  17. Andy
    25 Oct 12
    11:11 pm

  18. Congrats Sue, look forward to seeing more of your great work.:)