Family Feud grows audience with 719,000 viewers on second airing

Family FeudTen’s Family Feud has improved its audience on its second airing pulling 719,000 viewers across the three channels, Ten, Eleven and One, an improvement on its debut which got an audience of 690,000 viewers.

In Sydney, Family Feud beat Seven News with the game show drawing 253,000 viewers compared with 224,000 viewers for the news bulletin, which was the third most-watched show nationally for the evening. Broken down figures for each of the individual channels’ viewers for the gameshow are not being made available this week.

However this performance did not stop Ten’s audience share from dropping on the back of falls in audience for Masterchef (973,000) and Under the Dome (520,000), which saw the network have a 14.4 per cent share down 0.2 share points on last week.

Seven’s The X Factor enjoyed a resurgence after its worst ever performance on Monday night to win the evening entertainment battle with 1.245m, the second best performing show of the night overall.

In the battle of the news bulletins Nine News has the largest audience of the night with an audience of 1.25m while Seven News drew 1.206m.

Nine’s Hamish & Andy’s South American Gap Year was up on last week with an audience of 1.014m compared with 967,000, but its special Inside Story on the conviction of Gerard Baden Clay performing badly with just 551,000 viewers nationally.

The later slot for the debut of the second season of Arrow on Nine appears to have hurt its audience with the show drawing just 342,000 viewers, well down on its performance for episode one last season where it drew 1.32m in the 8.30pm slot.

On the main channels Seven had the largest audience share on the back of The X Factor with 23.7 per cent (up 5.4 per cent on last week), Nine had 18.3 per cent (down 2 per cent), the ABC had 9.5 per cent (up 0.6 per cent).

Nic Christensen 

Top 15 Shows 
1.Nine News – Nine – 1.25m
2. The X Factor – Seven – 1.24m
3. Seven News – Seven – 1.20m
4. Nine News 6.30 – Nine – 1.09m
5. Seven News 6.30 – Seven 1.08m
6. Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year – Nine – 1.01m
7. A Current Affair – Nine – 991,000
8. Masterchef – Ten 973,000
9.Home and Away – Seven – 957,000
10. Winners and Losers – Seven – 952,000
11. ABC News – ABC 1 – 838,000
12. Ten Eyewitness News – Ten – 723,000
13. Family Feud – Ten, Eleven and One – 719,000
14. The Project – Ten – 716,000
15. Hot Seat – Nine – 712,000

Audience Share
Network 7 23.7%
Network 9 18.3%
Network TEN 14.4%
Network ABC1 9.5%
Network SBS ONE 6.0%
Network Gem 5.0%
Network GO! 4.5%
Network 7mate 4.1%
Network 7TWO 3.4%
Network ONE 3.3%
Network ABC2 3.0%
Network ELEVEN 2.6%
Network ABC3 0.9%
Network ABC News 24 0.8%
Network SBS 2 0.4%
Network NITV 0.1%

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  1. Another Agency
    16 Jul 14
    10:39 am

  2. Good for them. Well done Ten, nice to have you (briefly) back in the game.

  3. stan the man
    16 Jul 14
    12:52 pm

  4. Who woulda thunk?

  5. Siri
    16 Jul 14
    3:33 pm

  6. Why won’t Ten separate the ratings for Family Feud – what is to hide ?

  7. Georgie
    16 Jul 14
    3:39 pm

  8. Stab the man I was going to say that!

  9. In The Know
    16 Jul 14
    8:13 pm

  10. Simulcasts are consolidated. The are the same signal so are added together.

  11. BriznEyland
    16 Jul 14
    9:27 pm

  12. Yay for TEN. Watch the haters come and bag it though. I for one say well played. Competition is good for the market, good for clients, and might let some of the poor TEN sales execs around the country for once have a brief moment in the sun. Can only imagine working there when every single phone call is some trumped-up trader baying for make goods. Good on yers.

  13. David Lee
    17 Jul 14
    9:09 am

  14. Well done, Ten! For getting 719,000 people to tune in to watch Family Feud and I’m glad it’s back on our screens after 18 years. I just hope you’ll keep it going for a few more years. You should give Grant a contract to keep him on the show.
    Because he deserves to host it.
    Now, bring back Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, and Australia’s Got Talent.

  15. David Lee
    17 Jul 14
    9:23 am

  16. Shouldn’t season one be season 18? Because the original Family Feud that ran from 1977-1984 on Channel 9 and 1988-1996 on Channel 7 ran for 17 seasons.

  17. David Lee
    24 Jul 14
    7:40 am

  18. Dear Network Ten

    Can you please get Eleven or One to make Family Feud spin-off game show based on Celebrity Family Feud and All Star Family Fortunes?
    Because if you do, why don’t you call it “All Star Family Feud” or just “Celebrity Family Feud” here in Australia? I like All Star Family Feud better.